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November 19, 2020

Kratom Country

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Ships from: Carlsbad, California, USA
Ships to: United States

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Vendor Description

Dating back to 2009, Kratom Country proudly parades itself as one of the oldest kratom vendors in existence. The 13-year old operation offers an extensive array of kratom products that includes both capsules, loose leaf, and powders.

Interestingly however, the long-running business doesn’t get a lot of feedback outside of their own website. While you might think a vendor the same age as a pre-teen would have a pretty big consumer-generated footprint online, Kratom Country maintains a relatively low profile.


Kratom Country Product and Service Overview

A quick visit to the Kratom Country website proves that they’re anything but a small start-up. The vendor’s online store touts professionally designed layouts and well thought-out colorways that bolster their branding. Products arrive pristinely packaged in similarly designed standing, resealable mylar bags.

To streamline your shopping experience, Kratom Country lets you browse their products in three different ways — by strain, by form, or by strain levels. This third option brings you to three different categories namely silver, gold, and platinum.

The vendor categorizes their kratom products into these levels depending on the potency of their chemical composition. Stronger kratom obviously falls into the platinum category. These higher quality blends allegedly fit the tolerance and standards of more experience kratom users.

Based on information posted on their website, Kratom Country uses in-house milling facilities that allow them to process their own kratom. They do this to limit the time between harvest and processing, and in effect, improve on their product’s freshness.

The vendor also claims to perform a five-step lab testing process. This doesn’t only detect adulterants in the product, but also lets them measure mitragynine content. Alkaloid content leves then guide the vendor in categorizing their products.

Powders at Kratom Country go from 28g up to 1020g. And although their prices might not be too cheap, they manage to get quite a lot of reviews for their products through their website.

However as mentioned previously, it seems that Kratom Country doesn’t get too much publicity outside of their own domain. And being one of the oldest vendors on the scene, this inevitably raises a few questions about their reputation.


Kratom Country Product Cost and Price Comparison

Powders at Kratom Country come packed in weights of 28g, 56g, 112g, 255g, 510g, and 1020g. They also sell capsules in the same package weights. As with any other vendor, prices per gram become cheaper as you buy larger bags. But even then, Kratom Country’s products shape up to be a little on the expensive side.

Powders Starts at $6.99 for 28g Starts at $12.64 for 30g Starts at $5.99 for 20g
$69.99 for 510g $22.27 for 100g $35.99 for 250g
$99.99 for 1020g $75.57 for 1000g $65.99 for 500g
$119.99 for 510g $59.99 for 112g
$199.99 for 1020g

To really picture out how much Kratom Country will cost you, it’s important to calculate their price per gram. Given the prices listed above, you’ll pay between 0.25¢ and 0.10¢ per gram. It’s important to mention though that the prices listed in this table represent their silver line of kratom powders.

If you want to upgrade to their platinum line, you’ll expect to pay between 0.34¢ and 0.16¢. For context, other vendors sell their product for as low as 0.06¢ to 0.07¢ per gram.  That means when you buy Kratom Country’s platinum line, you’re paying more than triple the price that other vendors offer.


Kratom Country Customer Reviews

There’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that Kratom Country has tons of positive reviews online. The bad news is that most of these reviews exist only on their website. Nonetheless, they might be able to give you an idea of the experiences that other buyers have had with the brand.

“Awesome product. From packaging to pricing and quality kratom I was very happy with my purchase.” – Kratom Country website

“So far I’m impressed. Helps wonders with my anxiety[.] I have found it tastes better in orange juice. Prices are good and I will be getting my product from here on out.” – Kratom Country website

“The shipping is great. Over night and they mean it. Only place that actually ships on time, sometimes before also! I have been with KC for 6 years now. Dont plan on going else where.” – Kratom Country website

“This is a good quality product. The company also has very good deals and discounts. Highly recommend.” – Kratom Country website

“I had an order from Kratom Country (Bali) and found it to be on par or better than any other place I’ve ever ordered from.” – Reddit user

“This was my first vendor back in 2010 when I started using kratom. It was good back then.” – Reddit user


Kratom Country Complaints

As expected, Kratom Country’s products rarely ever get average ratings less than 4.5 stars. But even then, there are a few negative comments that manage to slip through the cracks. And these interesting insights provide some information on the other side of the customer experience.

“Third company I’ve tried and did not even compete.” – Kratom Country website

“Not very strong – maybe an old batch.” – Kratom Country website

“After I received the confirmation email, there was nothing. I got no shipping notification. After a week, I both left a voicemail & email, and still haven’t ever gotten a response from anyone. Absolutely horrible service! Never ordering from here again!” – Kratom Country website

“Recently ordered your powder . I didn’t even get it . At first shipment was delayed and I paid 20+$ for overnight shipping . Now they couldn’t reach me , I have no idea why and I still didn’t get the product.” – Kratom Country website

“[Prices] are outrageous. I would suggest shopping around more.” – Reddit user


Kratom Country Discount Codes and Coupons

To help you cut back on your kratom haul, Kratom Country imposes a free shipping offer on all orders. Purchases that exceed $199 however automatically qualify for free overnight shipping.

Another way to save up on your order is their Loyalty Program. This lets buyers earn points for every purchase they make, which they can then use to unlock exclusive discounts along the way.

Finally, Kratom Country makes it easier for customers to find their latest deals by designating a specific tab for all of their discounted offers. Aside from their weekly deals, they also have exclusive monthly specials that give customers access to deeply discounted products.


Kratom Country Lab Testing

One buyer expressed their disappointment upon finding that the Kratom Country product he purchased didn’t seem to pass lab testing. The customer backed his suspicions by stating that the packaging didn’t indicate that the products had gone through lab assessments.

To this, the vendor responded:

“When you receive your bag of premium kratom, you will see a sticker on the back with a Batch ID that identifies the batch series, strain, and date. This batch ID makes it possible for us to ensure the raw materials and blended batches meet our standards of quality and cleanliness. “

Moreover, the vendor also provides scans of their lab reports. These can be found through their Lab Testing page on their website.


American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Association or AKA functions as the regulatory body for kratom vendors. The consumer-led initiative aims to make the kratom market safer for buyers while empowering kratom legislature.

Nowhere on their website does Kratom Country indicate that they’re an AKA-affiliated vendor. This means that they do not possess Good Manufacturing Practices certification to prove that their facilities, machines, and procedures limit the risk of contamination.


Is Kratom Country Legit?

Definitely. Despite the seeming lack of organic consumer generated content about the brand on sites like Reddit and Facebook, there’s really no reason to believe that Kratom Country is anything less than a legitimate source of kratom. Aside from the fact that their products have never been recalled, they also have no history of legal issues.


Should You Buy From Kratom Country?

With a wide selection, excellent customer service, and seemingly reliable consistency and quality, Kratom Country shows that what more than a decade of experience looks like. The vendor has managed to stay relevant against the tidal wave of new, trendy kratom brands, and their strong patronage proves that.

But then again, their products might not be the cheapest, and their curious lack of feedback outside of their website might raise a brow. Nonetheless, if you’re just looking for something new to try, Kratom Country isn’t likely to disappoint.

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