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November 03, 2020

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Not to be confused with The Kratom Connection, Kratom Connect is an established brand with quite a bit of feedback online. The vendor offers a modest range of kratom powders and capsules which they sell at reasonably low prices.

With quite a large accumulation of positive reviews on their website, Kratom Connect boasts a trusted reputation despite not being quite as popular as other vendors. How do we say that? Well, although customers seem to like the brand based on website reviews, Kratom Connect’s name sees zero mentions elsewhere on the net.


Kratom Connect Product and Service Overview

For most visitors seeing the Kratom Connect website for the first time, there are definitely surprises in store. Given, the website isn’t the best online kratom store front thus far. But even then, they provide a clean, easy shopping experience that lets you navigate with ease.

Their products fall into neat categories, segregated by type or by strain. As of writing, the vendor sells both powders and capsules. They sell powders in weights of 50g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g. If you’re copping a capsule haul, the vendor offers bottles of 25g, 100g, and 500g.

On the Kratom Connect website, you’ll find hundreds of product reviews that they verify through Cusrev. Presently, the vendor has amassed 106 reviews on Cusrve, with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.

Interestingly however, there seems to be no mention of Kratom Connect anywhere else on the internet. What makes this such a curiosity is the fact that kratom customers are known to share their experiences across various platforms like Reddit and Double M Herbals, especially if they deserve to be mentioned.

To give Kratom Connect the benefit of the doubt, we have to acknowledge that they’re not too popular. But even then, you would expect that a vendor with over a hundred reviews on their own website should see even just a smidge of attention on other places throughout the internet.


Kratom Connect Product Cost and Price Comparison

Based on the prices on their website, you might say that Kratom Connect is one of the cheaper vendors on the scene. To be fair though, they advertise all of their products as being on sale. This seems to be a marketing ploy to reel customers in by giving the illusion of a discount since the vendor’s prices remain ‘on sale’ year round.


Starts at $10 for 50g Starts at $3.50 for 25g Starts at $17 for 100g
$30 for 250g $35 for 500g $79 for 1kg
$45 for 500g $60 for 1000g
$70 for 1000g
$25 for 100g $60 for 500ct $160 for 1000g
$75 for 500g $100 for 1000ct


At first glance, Kratom Connect’s prices look pretty reasonable without comparison. And to be frank, they are. At just $10 for 50g, their smallest packets sell for a price of 0.2¢ per gram. They also offer kilograms for the low cost of just 0.07¢ per gram, or $70 per bag.

Those aren’t the lowest prices we’ve ever seen however. Some vendors manage to go as low as 0.06¢ per gram with their kilos, allowing customers to save a hair in their bulk expense.

Do note however that the prices listed here are the advertised ‘sale prices’ for the Kratom Connect line-up. Based on their product listing, regular prices for their powders start at $20 up to $129 per bag of powder.

However it’s also worth mentioning that these ‘sale’ prices seem to be nothing more than a marketing tactic. That is, the sale prices reflect the actual cost of their products. But just to make customers feel like they’re ‘saving’ on their purchase, the vendor displays alleged regular prices.


Kratom Connect Customer Reviews

On their Cusrev page, Kratom Connect touts a collection of over 100 reviews for both their services and their products. And with a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, this vendor definitely proves that they offer their customers kratom that almost always matches (or even exceeds) expectations.

“This website is extremely easy to navigate, and I appreciate how organized and professional it is. More importantly, the shipping was lightning fast- I couldn’t believe how quickly my order was filled, shipped, and arrived at my door to be enjoyed. Thank you!!” – Cusrev

“Awesome quality and price!” – Cusrev

“Have use numerous vendors and Kratom Connect hands-down provides best bang for the buck and fast shipping.”- Cusrev

“Great pain relief and energy for me, for my wife it soothes joint pain for a restful nights sleep.” – Cusrev

“The low price is almost scary, but their products deliver, at least as well or better than kratom I’ve spent twice as much for.” – Cusrev


Kratom Connect Complaints

One of the landmarks of a reliable vendor is that they make zero efforts to try to censor their detractors. While Kratom Connect definitely enjoys the positivity of the majority of their customers, they also have their fair share of critical reviews.

On the plus side, the vendor doesn’t make any attempts to silence customers with less than satisfying experiences. But then again, the content of their negative reviews and the seeming lack of response or attempts at resolve them might make a few customers second guess a transaction.

“My order never arrived.” – Cusrev

“My order never came!! Are you a scam? I have emailed multiple times.” – Cusrev

“Seems to be a little bit on the weak side.” – Cusrev

“I have not received this even though I ordered [weeks ago.] – Cusrev

“Still waiting on delivery.” – Cusrev

It’s worth mentioning that although the vendor has received numerous allegations of unfulfilled orders, all of these complaints come from just three different customers.


Kratom Connect Discount Codes and Coupons

Sadly for bargain hunters who just love to see how far they can dial down a vendor’s prices, Kratom Connect makes it near impossible to get a price cut. The vendor has no newsletter, no socials, and no rewards program.

On top of that, their website has no dedicated pages for coupons, for discount codes, promotional offers, and sale items (since everything seems to be on sale all the time.) So as far as discount codes and coupons go, customers are stumped on how to get any price cuts at Kratom Connect.


Kratom Connect Lab Testing

Here’s another facet of the kratom business basics that Kratom Connect seems to lack. The vendor makes zero mentions of lab testing on their website. They don’t talk about how they can guarantee the quality of their product despite making promises about quality.

This can be problematic for a few good reasons. For one thing, you can never know if the product you’re buying don’t contain harmful contaminants. The second issue is that untested product never tells you what to expect in terms of effects. So although they might be advertised as potent, there’s no way to prove it without lab reports.


American Kratom Association Membership

A big hurdle that gets in the way of kratom legislature comes in the form of regulation. Local governments often shy away from legalizing products that don’t get checked for safety. That’s why the American Kratom Association works hard to regulate vendors with their Good Manufacutring Practices program.

Vendors that receive the AKA-GMP seal of approval abide by strict standards that safeguard the safety of their customers. These standards involve specifics that evaluate their facilities, their procedures, their personnel, and even the way they conduct business.

Kratom Connect, despite having been around for a while, has yet to receive the okay from AKA-GMP. So even though they’re allowed to operate and sell their products, the vendor has yet to prove their adherence to the quality control and assurance standards of the AKA-GMP.


Is Kratom Connect Legit?

At a glance, it seems that they are. The vendor gets a lot of positive reviews from their customers, and that definitely accounts for something. Plus, they have no records of court cases and no history of product recalls, so all seems well on that front.

However, the vendor has received complaints about unfulfilled orders more than once. So even with their overwhelmingly positive response, there seems to be some risk. What’s worse is that the vendor doesn’t seem to respond too well to these complaints, leaving such comments unattended to.

On the upside, they do have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. However it’s hard to imagine how they might handle a refund request if they don’t seem to respond too promptly to unfulfilled order complaints.


Should You Try Kratom Connect?

Maybe you’re looking for a new go-to. In that case, Kratom Connect’s forever sale prices might entice you to make a purchase. That’s especially true when you consider the fact that the vendor’s products are cheaper than most others on the market.

But a word of caution — without lab tests, AKA-GMP certification, and with a few alarming complaints under their name, Kratom Connect isn’t without a few risks. But if you really want to give them a shot, you’d be smart to purchase smaller packets first.

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