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October 01, 2020


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If longevity were the name of the game, then Krabot would take the cake. This vendor has been around for years, serving up a modest selection of strains that have captured the interest of a wide consumer base. But while their popularity might earn them some recognition, a wider view of the market reveals an ambivalent population.

What does that mean exactly? Krabot rides their prominence towards consistent sales, but their products raise concerns among experienced kratom users. Of course on their own website, their stuff gets loads of five-star praise. But elsewhere on the internet, it’s an entirely different story.


Krabot Product and Service Overview

At a glance, you might say Krabot’s website touts just the right pizzazz to hold your attention. They proudly display their range of products which includes powders, capsules, extracts, and interestingly, flavored kratom.

The vendor offers powders in packs starting at 50g up to 1000g. Their capsules on the other hand sell in bottles of 30ct, 60ct, or 180ct. They also offer sample packs, mixed kilograms, and other various blends and bundles especially under
their powder selection.

According to the vendor, they’ve collected a total of 15,000 reviews across all of their product offers. These can be found under each individual product page, and showcases comments and even some pictures from alleged verified buyers.

Keep in mind though that Krabot’s feedback collection system doesn’t use any sort of verification system. This leaves the approval and rejection of reviews strictly up to the website operator. That essentially means that Krabot has the power to sanitize and censor reviews that don’t fit their narrative.

Nonetheless, the available reviews seem to place the vendor in a good light. The problem however is that the tone of voice seems to change when you try to visit other places on the web. On Reddit, kratom users take a more critical stance and point out various problems with the brand, their products, and their services.


Krabot Product Cost and Price Comparison

One of the things their detractors often mention is that their prices are particularly steep compared to their competition. If we’re being objective, Krabot’s products do come at a significantly more inflated price range. This means they might not be quite as accessible as most of their competitors.


Powders Starts at $14.99 for 50g Starts at $8 for 28g Starts at $3.50 for 25g
$39.99 for 250g $80 for 500g $35 for 500g
$149.99 for 1000g $130 for 1000g $60 for 1000g
Capsules Starts at $14.99 for 30ct Starts at $7 for 28g (approximately 40ct) Starts at $5 for 30ct
$27.99 for 60ct $60 for 500ct
$74.99 for 180ct $100 for 1000ct


Even at just a glance, it’s plain to see that Krabot has some of the most expensive products on the market. The vendor sells their smallest 50g packets at a price of $14.99 or a whopping 0.3¢ per gram. Upgrade into kilogram territory and you’ll have to pay $149.99 or 0.15¢ per gram.

To put those numbers into context, it’s important to consider the fact that vendors like All Natural Artisan sell their products for as low as 0.06¢ per gram. Heck, even high end vendors like Fisher Tea Co. sells their kilograms for less at an equally expensive albeit slightly cheaper $130.


Krabot Customer Reviews

Despite their steep prices, Krabot still manages to get quite a lot of patronage. The vendor’s products have received over 15,000 reviews all together, most of which tout close to perfect 5-star ratings.

“Good quality and reasonably prompt delivery. Easy payment. Better to order on a Monday or the mail service will take longer.” – Krabot website

“Fast shipping and such a great product! Only place I shop anymore.” – Krabot website

“I’ve been buying from Krabot for a while because it’s tested and shows percentages right on the package.” – Reddit user

“They are really fast to ship and 1g capsules are on point. Bali gold is lit.” – Reddit user

“It’s been over a year since I’ve ordered from them, but I thought the quality was pretty good. They had a really good yellow Bali and green Sunda.” – Double M Herbals


Krabot Complaints and Negative Reviews

What’s tough to reconcile with the Krabot vendor is that while their website paints a profoundly positive picture from the perspective of their buyers, the same can’t be said for other online sources. On various forums, Krabot gets less than positive comments about their prices, product quality, and service.

“I can’t justify ordering from them anymore though because of the price. I’ve found alot of good vendors with better quality and much better prices.” – Double M Herbals forum

“Many times I will get a bad batch that does not work right. This is unacceptable, as Krabot is hella expensive. What I am looking for is the strongest kratom powder I can find.” – Reddit user

“I just ordered a bunch of samplers from Krabot. I’ve taken up to 4g of different Krabot blends and I feel nothing.” – Reddit user

“They are pricey as [hell]. I don’t care how good the Kratom may be. Kratom is a cheap commodity.” – Reddit user

“I took 6 grams the first time and got a pounding headache followed by feeling jacked up, but with zero euphoria or relaxation and I had a hard time going to sleep. It felt like a drank a pot of coffee. I thought maybe I took too much. So I tried taking 4 grams the next time and I got the same effects just to a lesser extent. Still got a headache.” – Krabot website


Krabot Discount Codes

The vendor makes discount codes and coupons available through their website’s header banner. Of course, these codes change with the seasons, so it helps to check back to see their latest offers.

You can also get discounts and promotional offers by subscribing to their newsletter. If you can’t wait for that routine email though, you can visit their website and head over to the discounts tab to learn more about their presently available price cut offers.

Krabot also provides their customers a loyalty program that rewards return customers by handing out points that you can use to get discounts on future transactions. And while they accept a wide range of payment options, the vendor offers a 25% discount on transactions completed with Bitcoin.


Krabot Lab Testing

As mentioned in one of the reviews from a Krabot fan, the vendor goes the extra mile for transparency by placing lab test results right on their product packaging. This means you can find out about your product’s purity and potency without having to check lot numbers, websites, and QR codes.

The vendor checks for both contamination and alkaloid content. So as a customer, you get the full picture of exactly what you’re getting as you make your purchase.


American Kratom Association Membership

Despite their size and prominence, Krabot doesn’t seem to be affiliated with the American Kratom Association. This means that the vendor has not submitted itself for an audit to the regulatory body, so they’re not Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified.

What’s the importance of that, you might ask? Well, AKA-GMP certification guarantees that a vendor abides by strict rules and regulations that aim to assure customers of the safety and sanitation of their products, facilities, and procedures.

So although Krabot’s products might pass third-party lab tests, there’s no knowing what goes on behind their closed doors.


Is Krabot Legit?

Their prices seem to be the only area where they fall short. But everything else considered, they’re still a legitimate source of okay kratom. We can’t discount the overwhelmingly positive response that they receive from their customers, and the seemingly organic reviews that are available on their website.

It’s also worth mentioning that the vendor does accept returns, albeit insufficient details on what products will be accepted. Other than that, they also have physical stores that you can visit in case you need that extra bit of confidence and reassurance that they won’t pull a fast one.


Should You Try Krabot?

Their prices make it difficult to advertise the vendor as a go-to. If anything, they’re better suited as a once in a while treat, or as a purchase you’d make just to be able to say you tried every vendor in the book. That’s especially true when you consider how so many other vendors offer high quality stuff at just half the cost.

But hey, if money is no object and you’re looking to get your hands on okay product, then you might find Krabot to be right up your alley.

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  1. Abb Media
    Active Commenter

    Recently experienced very very poor customer service from Krabot. Cancelled my order without any explanation and does not reply to emails for days at a time. This is after several confirmed order which did arrive fast but this latest experience has definitely made me question Krabot and left me frustrated enough to leave this review about their lack of support and communication.

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