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October 19, 2021

Kona Kratom

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When it comes to kratom, more often than not, you get what you pay for. So while there might be a few budget-friendly brands out there serving up quality speciosa, you’ll find that consistent effects and supreme potency often arrive in slightly more expensive packages.

For most kratom customers who don’t want to cut corners, Kona Kratom proves to be a worthy source. Catering to elite buyers who don’t mind spending a little extra to guarantee satisfaction, this vendor offers premium products and unrivaled customer support.


Kona Kratom Product and Service Overview

Even just their website already tells you that they’re a polished, high-end brand. Kona Kratom’s online store boasts beautiful colorways and and layouts that can invite any kratom customer. And just like their bright colored website, so too does their packaging stand out.

Unlike most vendors that use a generic bag with a brand logo sticker slapped on the front, Kona Kratom goes the extra mile. Their beautifully designed kratom packages boast gorgeous colors and floral patterns that really make them stand out.

Of course, packaging has nothing to do with product quality. But there’s no denying the extra appeal of thoroughly executed product exteriors. What’s more, it gives the brand a premium air that makes it easier to reconcile the cost of their products.

Kona Kratom’s selection of powders and capsules extends way beyond the usual line-up that you’ll find. They sell both familiar favorites and exotic rarities that can tickle you pink, especially if you’re big on trying and buying new kratom finds.

On their website, Kona Kratom uses TrustSpot to verify all of their reviews. Each of their products gets pretty positive comments on their site. So if you’re careful with due diligence, the brand has tons of customer-generated content to assist in your research.


Kona Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Again, Kona Kratom isn’t here for the penny-pinchers. This vendor caters mainly to customers who have extra to spare, or who don’t mind spending big just to make sure they’re getting quality kratom products.


Powders Starts at $54.99 for 250g Starts at $9.99 for 28g Starts at $17 for 100g
$89.99 for 500g $35.99 for 112g $79 for 1kg
$159.99 for 1000g $204.99 for 1kg
$179.99 for 700ct $160 for 1000g


If we’re comparing Kona Kratom to low cost vendors like Moon Kratom or Carolina Kratom, you’ll notice that they charge close to double the price for their kilograms. But versus vendors like Happy Hippo, you’ll find that the premium Kona Kratom brand still emerges as the cheaper alternative.

By gram, their smallest 250g bag will set you back 0.22¢. Their kilograms on the other hand cost just 0.16¢ per gram. Of course, that might not seem like a lot. But just to put things into perspective, vendors like Moon Kratom go as low as 0.08¢ per gram — exactly half the cost of Kona Kratom.

Nonetheless, the vendor makes up for their prices with their quality. Kona Kratom gets loads of patronage because of their consistent products that don’t skimp out on potency and effects. Plus, since they’ve got a pretty polished customer service front, it’s not hard to see where the extra bucks funnel into.


Kona Kratom Customer Reviews

You don’t really have to stray too far if you were hoping to find out what buyers have to say about Kona Kratom’s stuff. Their website is chocked full of feedback from their customers. And because they use TrustSpot, you can be sure these are unfiltered, uncensored comments that come straight from their consumers.

“Easy to use, did what I needed it to do & it came early. Great product. Would purchase again.” – Kona Kratom website

“Best Kratom I have tried yet!” – Kona Kratom website

“This was effortless, website easy to navigate.” – Kona Kratom website

“I’ve being using kratom for a couple years … this is by far some of the very best I’ve ever had .. will continue to using this company. 5 stars!” – Kona Kratom website

“Great delivery time and great product.” – Kona Kratom website


Kona Kratom Complaints

Just like any other vendor, Kona Kratom gets a few complaints now and again. Of course, none of it is particularly major. Aside from customers pointing out minor issues with the products that they get, they don’t really dish out any critical reviews that could permanently damage the vendor.

“Works well but tastes horrible.” – Kona Kratom website

“I guess the ones I got may have been a bad batch. Tried 3 of 5 strains and they don’t seem to do anything. 6-8 grams seems like a heavy dose to still feel no difference. Better luck next time.” – Kona Kratom website

“It’s okay.” – Reddit user


Kona Kratom Discount Codes and Coupons

Aside from their newsletter which is essentially standard practice for any kratom vendor, Kona Kratom also provides a rewards program. This lets buyers accumulate points for all the money they spend on the vendor’s products.

As you accumulate points, you can redeem discounts and vouchers down the line. If you’re big on social media and you’re always on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can give the vendor a follow to get the latest updates on their sales, discounts, and promotional offers.


Kona Kratom Lab Testing

According to the vendor, all of their products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee purity and potency. That means they test against contaminants and adulterants, and to measure the alkaloid content of each of their kratom products.

You’ll notice however that they don’t post lab reports on their website. So you may have to reach out to them via email to get a copy of the results for the particular products you’re interested in.


American Kratom Association Membership

Yes, Kona Kratom is AKA-GMP certified. That means the vendor invited the AKA to their facilities to undergo an audit for safety and sanitation. And since they passed the evaluation, they were granted GMP-certification.

Vendors who undergo this assessment need to renew their certification every so often. But since Kona Kratom already passed the assessment once, we can expect that they’ll pass with flying colors the next time around.


Is Kona Kratom Legit?

With all the positive reviews, lab tests, and the GMP certification that the vendor has to its name, it’s easy to see they’re quite the legitimate source of quality speciosa. The vendor doesn’t joke around when it comes to customer satisfaction, especially since their products aren’t cheap.

The vendor has zero involvement in legal battles, zero FDA recalls, and zero reports of scams and fraud. So if you’re tired of dealing with vendors who can’t guarantee their trustworthiness, it might be time to give Kona Kratom a try.


Should You Use Kona Kratom?

All things considered, Kona Kratom definitely delivers excellent products and services. And since they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s nothing to lose when you give their brand a try.

Of course, you’ll have to spend a little extra to get a hold of their kratom. But with overwhelmingly positive reviews for their products, it’s unlikely that you’ll be dissatisfied with the speciosa they send your way.

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