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October 01, 2020

Klover Releaf

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The sheer exclusivity of Releaf Kratom’s members-only operation adds significantly to their overall appeal. This quiet vendor offers a stripped-down range of kratom strains that includes only the basics. But despite the modest line-up, the vendor gets loads of love from their cult patronage.

Of course, there’s always the other side of the coin though. Despite their strong presence on the web and on the ground (by way of their vending machines), Releaf Kratom still gets quite a bit of complaints from quite a number of customers. This explains their less than ideal rating of 3.5 stars on Google.


Releaf Kratom Product and Service Overview

Take the time to check their (less than polished) website, and you’ll find a basic white space without a lot of information to offer. The hyper-utilitarian web-based storefront puts in zero effort to entice visitors. But their appeal isn’t in looks and fancy copy, but in their members-only operation.

To buy any of the products on Releaf’s website, you’ll have to sign up as a member. The same goes for their vending machines that require a sort of special code to operate. The novel idea makes kratom accessible to anyone with zero human interaction — perfect for kratom users with social anxiety.

The Releaf Kratom selection is anything but extensive. The vendor sells about five or six strains at a time. On the upside, the strains represent all of the basics. So you should find your favorite go-to when you shop their selection. For the buyers interested in variety, you’ll be happy to know that Releaf also offers extracts.

When it comes to the quality of their product, Releaf gets loads of mixed reviews. On Reddit, they’ve got quite a positive reputation, with the occasional trash talker now and again. Google Reviews however paint a more detailed picture of Releaf, their wishy-washy quality, and their tedious ordering process.

But if there’s anything that really tainted Releaf’s reputation, it’s the owner himself. Operated by a guy named Joe, the vendor has received loads of hate for the owner’s arrogant and often unaccommodating demeanor.

And because kratom buyers place a high estimate on the unspoken kratom brotherhood culture, it’s easy to see why Joe gets major criticism for his less than friendly approach to paying customers.


Releaf Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Because of the exclusivity of their website, Releaf Kratom’s prices aren’t easy to find on the web. According to some sources however, the vendor sells their kratom for ‘headshop prices’. This means you might expect their product to be significantly more expensive than the typical speciosa.

One thread on Reddit claimed that their ounce packets sold for $10 through their vending machines. This places the cost of their kratom at about 0.35¢ per gram — way beyond the industry standard of about 0.12¢ to 0.15¢ per gram.

It’s also worth mentioning that the vendor doesn’t seem to offer any bulk kratom. This means that if you were hoping to cop your kratom at a lower cost per gram by buying in bulk, you’d be SOL.


Releaf Kratom Customer Reviews

Here’s where things get interesting. Releaf Kratom definitely gets quite enough love from their customers online. To some, this might be a brow-raising feat, considering their steep prices and the owner’s lack of customer relation skills.

“I’ve heard from a man who really knows his leaf that [Releaf Kratom’s] is on par with The BEST any domestic vendor has to offer.” – Reddit user

“Honestly, I’ve only tried about 5 other vendors, but it’s only been about 20 mins or so, but based on the onset alone, I’d say it’s the best I’ve tried so far. Always liked kratom, but never knew it could be this nice.” – Reddit user

“I love Joe & ReLeaf and his products.” – Reddit user

“Great product and friendly owner. I was curious about his yellow strain and he gave me some for free to try. I’ve been using Kratom for over a year and half and his product is good. The negative reviews are from a competitor. Please try it for yourself and don’t let reviews sway you from not trying it.” – Google reviews

“I have traveled over an hour to purchase ReLeaf’s product and it is well worth it! I have referred several friends to try his product and EVERY SINGLE ONE loves it. I have never had any customer service issue with Greg, he takes very good care of his customers. Fake reviewers are so sad.” – Google reviews


Releaf Kratom Complaints

And then of course, there are the complaints. As stated in reviews listed up top, there’s speculation as to the source of these critical reviews. But regardless of where they come from the fact that the vendor makes no effort to blot them out should count for something.

“The last time I tried, the owner was there but cussing about the landlord and took about 30 minutes to get my order. He was more concerned about a broken ceramic fish then taking care of his customers. I recently started going to the new local Columbus shop and I will never return to ReLeaf.” – Google reviews

“First time there. Tried the elephant and it is the worst kratom I’ve ever had no effects at all. And dosed two times what I normally do. Just used the vending machine. Sad because I liked the idea of a vending machine but not if that’s indication of the product in it.” – Google reviews

“I’m not sure what happened but [Joe] turned cold, rude and uncaring to the point of turning us away after driving 45mins from Delaware because he didn’t want to weigh out the product that we wanted. He literally told us that we had to drive back home get online and order it and then we could come back and pick it up!” – Google reviews

“The product is fine, but [Joe] is just scary. He can’t claim that all the bad reviews are fake… Another little hint- when a business has to move around to 3 or 4 different locations in a matter of 2 years…. you know something is wrong.” – Google reviews

“What a joke. If I wasn’t a lady I’d smack the owner right in the mouth the way he talked to me. So rude it was unbelievable. NOT recommended at all.” – Google reviews


Releaf Kratom Discount Codes and Coupons

It’s not clear whether Releaf Kratom offers discounts for their products. Since they operate with a members-only structure, coupons and vouchers are sent only to those who are members of their website.

According to reviews on Reddit however, the vendor has been known to send out freebies and samples to buyers who make the request. Aside from that however, there’s limited information on any other promotional offers and discounts.


Releaf Kratom Lab Testing and AKA Membership

You can scrub the entire Releaf Kratom website, but you won’t come across any information about lab testing. The vendor keeps their stance of lab testing a complete mystery. So it’s not clear whether they test for contamination or mitragynine content.

On top of that, Releaf Kratom is not a member of the American Kratom Assocation. This initiative was started out by kratom activists and advocates to regulate the industry. They work to audit vendors by inspecting their facilities and their processes.

Brands that pass inspections receive the AKA Good Manufacturing Practices certification. As of writing, Releaf Kratom has yet to submit itself for an audit. So aside from their shady stance of testing, there’s also no guarantee on how safe and sanitary their facilities and procedures might be.


Is Releaf Kratom Legit?

Based on all the information we’ve collected online, Releaf Kratom isn’t pulling any suspicious tactics. Releaf has never been involved in legal battles and despite their undisclosed stance on testing, they haven’t had any recalls. So in terms of legitimacy, they definitely pass the test.


Should You Buy from Releaf Kratom?

That’s a tough one. If you’re interested in uncovering the truth behind the brand and why they get such ambivalent reviews, then you might benefit from buying a pack or two. But then again, with so much negative press surrounding the Releaf Kratom name, there are countless other choices you can try.

For penny pinching kratom users, taking the risk with Releaf Kratom might not be the smartest course of action. But if you’ve got green to spare and you just want to find out what the brand is all about, nobody’s stopping you.

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