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December 30, 2020

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King’s Kratom is a pretty popular kratom vendor — but not for the reasons you might think. Give their name a quick Google search and you’ll find a colorful history shrouded in controversy, mystery, and run-ins with the feds. Nevertheless, King’s Kratom continues to do business, all because of their ‘strongest kratom.’

Back in 2019, King’s Kratom launched its brand in order to supply buyers with what they called ‘the world’s most potent kratom.’ And while some less-than-careful buyers might fall for those flashy claims, King’s Kratom damaging marketing tactics proved to be their downfall.


King’s Kratom Product and Service Overview

King’s Kratom gets its kicks by tossing around some pretty bold claims. The vendor sells kratom that they allege possesses ‘guaranteed unmatched potency.’ However, their failure to provide any sort of proof, lab tests, or evidence to back up those claims has caused a few raised brows.

Nevertheless, they still get patronage from curious buyers who want to challenge those claims. In fact, some of King’s Kratom’s customers have said that the products are in fact, pretty strong. One Reddit user stated that despite running into service issues with King’s Kratom, their stuff remains to be ‘the strongest kratom’ he’s ever found.

Of course, that might fuel new customers to take the leap as well — if they can even find King’s Kratom. Through the years since opening their doors, the vendor has changed their domain more times than we care to count. Today, they operate through a free WordPress website under the domain

If you take the time to visit their site, you’ll find that they’ve set their domain to private. So only logged in users who request access to the site and receive approval are those who can see what the vendor offers.

Their variety isn’t really anything to rave about since they offer pretty much the same stuff that other vendors do. Their biggest hit was the ‘Every Strain, One Vein’ blend that combined various kratom strains with the same color vein.

Prices also aren’t too enticing. King’s Kratom obviously isn’t going to sell their ‘strongest kratom’ for dirt cheap. The vendor’s prices far exceed the usual cost of kratom sold through other, reputable vendors. But even that doesn’t seem to dissuade buyers from making a purchase.


King’s Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

King’s Kratom is anything but cheap. Despite all the controversy they’ve been through, the vendor still manages to hold fast to their steep prices that at times come to double the cost of the standard pricing for similar kratom products.

Powders Starts at $19.95 for 56g Starts at $10.21 for 30g Starts at $20 for 10g
$159.99 for 1000g $86.08 for 450g $25 for 100g
$151.6 for 1kg $120 for 1kg

King’s Kratom’s powders cost between 0.36¢ and 0.16¢ per gram. As expected, prices get lower by the gram the heavier the package you buy. But even then, 0.16¢ per gram for a kilogram of power comes out as expensive when you consider the fact that other vendors sell their kilos for as low as 0.06¢ per gram.


King’s Kratom Reviews

There’s been quite a lot of talk about King’s Kratom online, especially since they’re so controversial. However, in the face of all the negative publicity, the vendor still manages to wow a few buyers with their product quality.

“I’ve been buying King’s Kratom for over a year. It’s the strongest kratom I’ve found. Sterling Tucker, the owner of King’s Kratom makes a lot of sensational claims about his business, including calling his kratom the “world’s strongest kratom.”” – Reddit user

“It’s insanely potent on another level. It actually gives cognition and does not put me on edge like most kratom will do. The taste is like the cleanest I’ve ever tasted and yet has that super strong bitter alkaloid presence in all the greatest ways.” – Reddit user

“[T]he world’s best kratom and the world’s worst customer service all piled into one.” – Reddit user


King’s Kratom Complaints

King’s Kratom gets a load of bad press for their poor customer support. The vendor is notorious for leaving customers hanging by refusing to respond to texts, calls, and emails. And since their shipping takes quite some time, buyers often feen disgruntled and worried when the vendor ignores communication efforts.

“I find it such a total shame that such great kratom is sold by such a dysfunctional and sketchy guy.” – Reddit user

“My only experience with King’s is when I bought it from a local herb shop before I started ordering from vendors online, and it was basically dirt.” – Reddit user

“STAY AWAY FROM KINGS KRATOM. If any of you actually believe that [product] is the strongest kratom in the world, you deserve whatever you get from [them.]” – Reddit user

“They used to be one of the best as I have been buying kratom for 8 years and this was my go to for a long time. Now they are [inconsistent.] I’m hoping to get this last shipment from them and then I’ll never order from them again.” – Reddit user

“They did a bait n switch I got my 70 gram sample and it was fire. then order 250 grams and it was this gritty and full of stem crap that gets that really stored poorly look to it…so all on all I’m getting my money back.” – Reddit user

“He pulls a bait and switch. So, your first order will be some of the most amazing kratom you have ever had then I went and orders 250gram pack of the same and he sent me gritty darker crap full of stem, no joke.” – Reddit user


King’s Kratom Lab Testing

There’s no information online that talks about whether King’s Kratom tests their product. So, it’s hard to draw any conclusions. However, there are some reports on Reddit that claim the owner sends their kratom to third-party labs for testing.

On the other hand, some sources state that the vendor has been caught posting faked lab reports on their website. This was actually one of the reasons why they were faced with such controversy and backlash in recent years.


American Kratom Association Membership

King’s Kratom is not affiliated with the American Kratom Association or AKA. None of their products have been assessed by the initiative, and neither have they submitted themselves for an audit.

It’s the AKA’s job to make sure that vendors abide by strict standards and protocol to guarantee the safety and sanitation of their product. Vendors who pass their inspections receive a Good Manufacturing Practices certification. As of writing, King’s Kratom does is not GMP-compliant.


Is King’s Kratom Legit?

Based on information gathered from the web, it’s hard to say that King’s Kratom is a legitimate source of kratom. A few years back, the owner himself posted on his website and on YouTube stating that the authorities had seized numerous King’s Kratom shipments. He’s also had run-ins with the FDA for false health claims.

Here are other issues that King’s Kratom has had to face during its run on the market:


  • Fraud charges for advertising his kratom as ‘merchandise’ to avoid catching the attention of the FDA
  • Advertisements that label kratom as a pain-killer, supplement, or as an alternative to medicine
  • Potency claims that are backed by fake or fraudulent lab reports
  • Legal problems, as stated by the owner himself


Numerous reports also claim that King’s Kratom uses the bait and switch tactic. This means that they send buyers quality kratom on their first order to get them convinced. After that however, their quality takes a nosedive and succeeding shipments won’t be as effective.

All things considered; we can’t recommend King’s Kratom as a legitimate source of quality product.


Should You Buy From King’s Kratom?

Probably not. Aside from being expensive, King’s Kratom reeks with all the qualities of a kratom vendor you shouldn’t patronize. While their unruly behavior and poor product might already be problematic for you as a buyer, these issues also affect the kratom industry as a whole.

Generally, kratom veterans and enthusiasts view King’s Kratom as the kind of vendor that negatively impacts kratom freedom. That said, kratom buyers strongly advise against giving the brand any mileage.

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