Kelimutu Kratom (Vendor)

Kelimutu Kratom

Ships from: Pontianak, Indonesia
Ships to: United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, International

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3 thoughts on “Kelimutu Kratom (Vendor)

  1. Chrissy Reply
    Don’t buy from this scam artist

    Agreed. Paid in dec and never received. Excuse after excuse for why I didn’t have it. Thanks for taking food out of my kids mouths asshole!

  2. kim papuc Reply

    DO NOT buy from this guy!!! I spent well over 200.00 US and recieved NOTHING!! Wouldnt resond to my messages after awhile, a real SCUMBAG!! STAY away!!!

  3. Dennis Reply

    $102.00 a kilo with shipping what a joke. If you pay more than $40/k from indo your getting taken advantage of.

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