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October 01, 2020

Kay Botanicals

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Kay Botanicals is an American kratom vendor founded by Kay Augustine. They offer a wide selection of kratom powders, including esteemed strains like Red Borneo and White Bali. With flexible product sizing options, you can order your favourite strains in 1oz packages or stock up with full kilograms.

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  1. Linda Delahunt says:

    I ordered product several weeks ago. I never received it and have sent several emails with no response. There is no phone number to call and on my account it says my order is on hold. Frustrating!

    Linda Delahunt

  2. Amy Thomas says:

    Hi! This is Amy Thomas. Recently, I have bought Green Bali Kratom from Kay Botanicals. It was more effective to relieve from pain. The product price is very less that I did not see anywhere. The only thing that I have seen is that their customer support team is not responding at all timing.

  3. Aithy Carol says:

    This is one of the best Kratom vendors I’ve ever seen. What is the main thing I have attracted to them is their quality and Service. They also have excellent customer support. Delivery is also very quick. Totally a good vendor who can satisfy their customers.

  4. Mark Fabrizio

    This website has the best service I’ve ever experienced. I want everyone to try this Platinum Kay Kratom extract one of the exclusive product and you will never blame. To be frank, I don’t know any about Kratom other than it is a plant like marijuana, but the sudden talks about Kratom among my friends increased the curiosity and in terms of searching over the internet found this Kay Botanicals where not only you can get Kratom powder or other forms of it, but it does help us to gain knowledge regarding Kratom and its legality in our country.
    They helped me to understand the cause and effect in both buying and selling this product over the internet and yet they deliver the best of all services till now. You can check their product reviews if you have any doubts.

  5. Laurie says:

    This vendor webpage concerns me. The photos look either photo shopped or they put a lot of food dye on the powder. Red flag.

    The grammar and misspelling throughout the site gives me the impression that this vendor is not familiar with English yet. Which is fine. But it’s a bit deceptive. I would recommend caution.

    The content provided is not well written. Not the end of the world there. The company logo is the most concerning: “the power to heal” is making a medical claim.
    The entire site talks about keeping kratom legal (sometimes kratom kratom), but it has medicinal claims throughout AND some of the explanations are just flat wrong and include misinformation. There are no healing benefits in kratom AND the extracts are NOT the best choice.
    This vendor’s website and product explanations are precisely why the FDA has concerns about kratom, in my opinion. They are misrepresenting the plant and furthering the confusion in the public based on propaganda.

    Obviously someone went to a lot of trouble to make the website. I’m sorry to criticize it. Looks very good for navigating through for buyers who are looking for “healing”.

    I hope the FDA doesn’t see this and think other vendors are in agreement with the claims made herein.
    I recommend extreme caution using this vendor.

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