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February 12, 2020

Kaiser Botanical

Kaiser Botanicals
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Ships from: Pontianak, West Kali, Indonesia
Ships to: United States, Canada, International

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Kaiser Botanical is an Indonesian kratom seller that offers a wide selection of kratom powders. A quick glance at their online inventory reveals celebrated strains like Green Maeng Da and White Borneo, as well as specialty strains. As an Indonesian seller, Kaiser’s prices are much lower than most western vendors, although orders may take longer to arrive.

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  1. Scott Mallonee says:

    I found Kaiser Botanicals advertised on Reddit and the Double M Herbal forum. Not much information about this vendor was online, but I decided to take a gamble and I purchased 3 kilos from Kaiser Botanicals (“KB”).

    I placed the order on their website and I was soon contacted to confirm the order and make payment. Payment was made via PayPal. The $60/kilo (as of 29-Feb-2020) includes fast shipping that is ultimately delivered by USPS.

    KB provided daily updates on the shipping, when it cleared customs, when it would arrive, etc. Communication was excellent. I received the package in 7 days from ordering, all the way from Indonesia!

    The kratom is very finely ground and the colors of each variety I ordered were distinct. My favorite strains are Kaiser Green and White Maeng Da.

    The “aroma” is excellent – especially green and white. Effects are quite noticeable, while at the same time very “clean” feeling. It’s uplifting and energizing, and even has a fairly euphoric feeling. Even at a slightly higher dose than I typically take, I have zero nausea. It settles well on my stomach, even if I haven’t eaten anything recently.

    KB is a trustworthy vendor – Great communication, great prices, high quality, fast shipping, and great customer service. I would definitely purchase from KB again.

  2. seth snider says:

    Fast and friendly customer service and competitive prices, I definitely recommend Kaiser Botanicals.

  3. Tanni De Felice
    Active Commenter

    Kaiser Botanicals has proven to be a very qualitative place for a pleasant Kratom shopping experience. Being that it was my first time buying directly from Indonesia I must say I was very pleased. At first, I was very reluctant but it was so easy and nonproblematic which is vital. The entire process was handled in a professional manner with a personal touch from the beginning to the end. Upon receipt, the package was secured and the Kratom was exceptional. Like nothing I ever encountered. I was extremely impressed and I look forward to keeping this vendor for the future. Potential buyers will be extremely satisfied and you’ll thank me for the recommendation. Essentially I give Kratom Botanical a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐rating across the board. 😀

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