Star Light Kratom
September 22, 2020

Ships from: Manitoba, Canada
Ships to: Canada

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Vendor Description is a Canadian kratom vendor operating in Manitoba. Their online inventory includes classic and rare strains like Green Bali, Red Bentuangie, and more. With flexible product sizing, allows you to order small or large quantities of kratom up to 1kg (1000g). As of this writing, they offer local delivery within the Winnipeg area.

Star Light Kratom


  1. Chokaholic

    Product has gone way downhill. The last 3 or 4 times Ive purchased, I’ve had to immediately order from another vendor because their product is essentially inactive. I’ve given the benefit of the doubt more times than I should have now, so shame on me I suppose.

    If there’s an issue with the order, sometimes they can be rude and short with you, even after being a consistent customer for a couple of years. Not all the time, but often enough to leave a bad taste. Someone there lacks customer service skills.

    They also mix their kratom. Almost every single time I’ve ordered, it doesn’t matter if I order white, green, red, and yellow strains, they’re all identical in color. This says to me they’re mixing their bunk with their good to try and save money and get rid of poor stock. I know how it is, Indo vendors can pass on low quality kratom sometimes. It should NOT be resold as a “super” strain though. Super strain should be reserved for high quality kratom, not the highest quality you have in stock mixed together.

    This is an honest review that I felt compelled to make, as I feel completely ripped off by this vendor. Luckily the new vendor I’ve switched to has better product, so I will stick with them for now.

  2. guygella


    I noticed that this site says that INDOKRATOM.CA is offline. It is online & operational.

    I have purchased products from these people for almost 4 years now! AMAZING! Safe! Quality Kratom! Fast Delivery!

  3. Andrew Jamee Carter says:

    Wonderful product
    Womderful service
    Placed my order,
    Delivered within an hour!!!
    Amazing service
    They even gave me an extra 50grams!!

  4. Chris M. says:

    I have purchased many times over the years from absolutely one of the best Kratom I have sourced in Canada! – Their local TURBO! Shipping is crazy! Once I placed an order at 11am & it was delievrs by 12:30pm!!! like WOW! Packaging is sealed and tamped proof! HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO BUY FROM!

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