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September 08, 2020

In Sense Botanicals

Ships from: Placerville, California, USA
Ships to: United States, Canada

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With prices that might make you raise a brow, In Sense Botanicals fancies itself a premium kratom vendor. These guys boast a wide array of kratom strains and blends that allegedly provide a more potent experience than you’d usually get with standard strains.

Polished and professional, In Sense Botanicals does what it can to justify the cost of their product. And while some kratom buyers seem satisfied with their offers, there are a few who complain of inconsistencies.


In Sense Botanicals Product and Service Overview

It’s not clear when In Sense Botanicals actually joined the kratom bandwagon. But take a look into reviews left for the vendor online, and you’ll find that some buyers have been leaving comments about In Sense Botanicals since five years ago.

The vendor enjoys relative popularity on forums like Reddit, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they always get positive reviews. Threads that praise the vendor for their quality product aren’t hard to come by. But there are a bunch that also complain about consistency issues.

You can also find reviews for In Sense Botanicals through their website. Most of the vendor’s products receive nothing less than five star ratings on site, which might raise a few red flags. Nonetheless, they do require users to be logged in before leaving a review.

Products on the In Sense Botanicals website include a hodge podge of different items. Powders, capsules, extracts, and accessories make up just a part of their entire line up. But of course, their powders remain the star of the show and the centerpiece of their business.

If we’re talking about prices, In Sense Botanicals doesn’t actually fall into budget-friendly territory. Quite the opposite, the vendor is what you might call a premium brand. Their powders come at a price that’s almost double that of the typical vendor. So unless you’re looking to splurge, they might not be for you.


In Sense Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

Just to be clear, In Sense Botanicals doesn’t qualify as the most expensive name on the block. But even then, it’s not hard to find vendors that offer their products at significantly lower prices than In Sense Botanicals.


Starts at $2.87 for 6g Starts at $9.99 for 28g Starts at $9.75 for 100g Starts at $45 for 250g
$84.87 for 500g $67.90 for 224g $23.75 for 250g $120 for 1000g
$125.87 for 1000g $204.99 for 1000g $69 for 1000g


Across the board, it’s easy to see that In Sense Botanicals’ prices might not be too uncommon on the kratom market. But against names like Herbal RVA, it’s tough to justify spending so much on In Sense Botanicals product.

Their 6g packets cost $2.87 each, which is about 0.47¢ per gram which is about one gram for every dollar spent. Their kilograms sell for 0.12¢ per gram. For perspective, Herbal RVA sells their kilos for only 0.069¢ per gram — a little more than half the cost of In Sense Botanicals.

Keep in mind that prices for their kratom powders vary depending on the strain you’re getting. Their wild harvested kratom line comes at a slightly steeper price than their standard picks.


In Sense Botanicals Customer Reviews

In  Sense Botanicals might not be as popular as other vendors, but they’re definitely not a non-entity. If anything, there’s a small community of Redditors who stand by the brand and share positive experiences they’ve had with the vendor and their products.

“This morning I woke up and decided to try the “Super Green Optima” from In Sense Botanicals. Three grams into it, I didn’t finish my drink (ginger ale with powder) because I already felt so good! Head buzz, calm, focus- all nice effects that I like. Would absolutely recommend it.” – Reddit user

“It is surprisingly very good. I took my normal amount this morning and then again just a little while ago. It is very clean, great energy, somewhat euphoric and great mood lifter. Ive gotten more done today than I have in awhile. I have really enjoyed it and will be ordering more. I don’t know if he has a website up yet but will be looking!” – Reddit user

“So, I wanted to recommend this place!! Out of all the vendors/companies I ordered from, (about 20 of them) this is the kratom that I personally found to be the freshest and most potent! Which is basically what I was looking for.”- Reddit user

“If you like reds, you’ll be lucky to experience In Sense’s Red Papua. I call it Red Pappy. Breath of fresh air, for real.” – In Sense Botanicals website

“Super fast shipping! Vacuum sealed packaging.” – In Sense Botanicals website


In Sense Botanicals Complaints

Interestingly, In Sense Botanicals doesn’t get ratings less than 5-stars on their website. Of course, that could only be because their product is that good. But it could also indicate an internal effort to eradicate bad feedback to keep a positive image.

Fortunately for the vendor, even reviews on Reddit remain largely positive. Nonetheless, there are a few comments that shed light on a different customer experience entirely.

“I just wanted to post 2 strains i got from here that weren’t that good, since i had been boasting of this place lately. The two ones that were kinda weak but still ok and not useless are Red Thai and Green Katapang. I don’t really have a good dose/ time history to be able to post this ok kratom reports, i just wanted people to know that these 2 aren’t the best blends.” – Reddit user

“The one I took today wasn’t that good either actually red meang da. I mixed all 3 types of kratom together that usually works good for me.” – Reddit user

“Their gold ones don’t do anything either. Pretty much confused about this place now.” – Reddit user

“I tried them as one of my first vendors bc someone gave me a sample pack on my birthday last year. Back then, I thought every strain was amazing. I just got another sampler about a year later. I haven’t been impressed.” – Reddit user


In Sense Botanicals Discount Codes and Coupons

Since they are a pretty big brand, In Sense Botanicals provides buyers a way to save with their Rewards Program. Just signing up earns you 500 points, while entering your birth date gets you 200 points. You also get points for referring your friends and for buying products.

Accumulated points can be used to get discount coupons that provide $10 or $20 store credit, depending on how many points you spend. If you’re looking for a faster way to get a price cut, you can subscribe to their newsletter and get an instant 15% off on your first purchase.


In Sense Botanicals Lab Testing

According to information on the In Sense Botanicals website, they place a high value on transparency. So they send all of their products to third party labs for testing. These tests evaluate their kratom for contamination and for mitragynine content.

However unlike other vendors that test their products, In Sense Botanicals doesn’t post their reports on their website. Instead, customers hoping to find out the content of their products need to first send an email request. This can be a drawback for buyers who want instant information especially when choosing which products to get.


American Kratom Assocation Membership

The major reason why kratom is so controversial is because its heavily unregulated. How can governments fully legalize a product that doesn’t go through any sort of inspection? And that’s precisely what the American Kratom Association hopes to resolve.

These guys audit vendors and check their facilities, their personnel, and their procedures for handling their kratom. If they meet all the standards for safety and sanitation, they receive the AKA Good Manufacturing Practices certificate.

In the case of In Sense Botanicals, they are more than just AKA-GMP certified. The vendor is a kratom advocate that strongly supports the activities and the purpose of the AKA.


Is In Sense Botanicals Legit?

There’s really no reason to think otherwise. In Sense Botanicals might not have the cleanest slate in terms of feedback, but they’ve never been caught in scam allegations. The vendor is trusted for their fast order fulfillment and their returns policy that lets you send back orders that didn’t meet expectations (given they’re sealed.)

On top of that, In Sense Botanicals never once encountered legal battles with either the authorities or their customers. They also have no history of product recalls (which are more common than you think) which says a lot about the quality of their products.


Should You Try In Sense Botanicals?

If money is no object, and you’re in the mood to explore, then In Sense Botanicals range of products might be right up your alley. Their clean track record and modest collection of positive reviews can give most kratom users reason enough to give their products a shot.

Of course, because of the cost of their kratom, they might not be the ideal go-to. Nevertheless, they offer a solid line-up that should satisfy your hankering for exploration with just a few grams.

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