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October 01, 2020


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The quiet Herbaldom brand has been around for over five years. And while they might not put a lot of effort into fancy marketing tactics, they’ve made ripples throughout the market for their above average kratom products.

Beloved by buyers (even on the merciless Reddit scene), Herbaldom enjoys both popularity and solid patronage. And although their product line might seem limited, their consistent quality and prompt customer support still earn them the trust of thousands of buyers.


Herbaldom Product and Service Overview

Operated by a guy named Andrew, Herbaldom started out after the kratom business the owner originally worked for had to close its doors. Andrew initially worked in IT, but after seeing a gap in the kratom market, decided to take matters into his own hands. Herbaldom was the result.

Although it’s not entirely clear when they first started serving the kratom community, Herbaldom has reviews that date back up to six years ago. Do note though that they don’t leave room on their website for customers to leave feedback. Instead, most consumer-generated content about their products can be found on places like Reddit.

Search the web and you’ll find that negative reviews for Herbaldom are few and far between. It’s not that the vendor puts in the effort to eliminate negative publicity, but it seems their products and services are good enough so that buyers don’t feel the need to post critical comments.

In terms of selection, there are only about 15 options on the Herbaldom website. They also don’t sell capsules or extracts, and exclusively deal with powders. Weights for their kratom powders also don’t provide a lot of choices. As of writing, Herbaldom’s powders come in weights of 28g, 250g, or 1000g.

All of their powders arrive packaged in Herbladom branded tubs. On the label, the brand provides buyers all pertinent information, like a GMP-certification stamp and a QR code that shows the customer lab reports specifically for that batch of kratom.


Herbaldom Product Cost and Price Comparison

According to reviews posted online, one of the biggest reasons why buyers insist on patronizing the Herbaldom brand is because of their prices. The vendor is said to have some of the cheapest, quality kratom around.

Here’s how they fair compared to their competitors:

Powders Starts at $7.50 for 28g Starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $45 for 250g
$30 for 250g $30 for 250g $120 for 1000g
$79 for 1000g $100 for 1000g

Herbaldom’s prices vary depending on the strain. The prices listed here reflect the cost of their cheapest kratom powder products. That said, the vendor averages 0.26¢ to 0.079¢ per gram which is definitely below the usual price for kratom especially if you’re buying in bulk.

Aside from their standard powders, Herbaldom sells a Black Diamond Extract powder that costs $39 for 28g or $99.99 for 79g. If you’re looking for variety, you can try their split kilogram that brings you four different strains for just $99.

Although their products might not be the cheapest, Herbaldom’s ideal balance of quality and cost make them a viable go-to for most buyers. And because their prices are usually lower than those of other vendors of the same caliber, it’s easy to see how they’ve built such a strong patronage.


Herbaldom Customer Reviews

It’s not hard to find positive reviews for the Herbaldom brand. In fact, positive feedback for Herbaldom saturates the internet, albeit the vendor’s website being void of any customer input.

For the most part, you’ll find reviews for Herbaldom Kratom posted through various threads on Reddit. And while Redditors tend to be hyper-critical of kratom vendors, it seems very few of them have any complaints about Herbaldom.

Herbaldom is one of my favorite vendors, the best kratom I’ve ever bought has come from them. I’ve never got anything but exceptionally good leaf from Herbaldom[.]” – Reddit user

Herbaldom has had above average leaf as long as I have known about them[.] Their Plantation MD is one of my staples, although I have not had any of his newest re-stock[.] I stocked up on a LOT of his leaf during the ban scare. All very good[.] I highly recommend Andrew (the owner), and Herbaldom. Good, honest vendor for sure. I need to try some of the new stock myself.” – Reddit user

I will certainly be ordering more of both. Also, I can’t say enough about Herbaldom’s shipping speed (2 days), and packaging. Very secure, and resealable packages make for easy storing/access. Overall, I would recommend Herbaldom to anyone looking for Great product, and customer service.”- Reddit user

This guy ships quick, great prices, and doesn’t do what many vendors do they make up these weird names of Blends which basically just confuse you. He doesn’t do that type of stuff just straight-up good stuff.” – Reddit user

Great vendor. I’ve used him many times myself and can’t remember ever seeing anything negative about him.” – Reddit user


Herbaldom Complaints

It’s not easy to find negative comments about Herbaldom. With an overwhelmingly positive response from their buyers, it seems the vendor isn’t quite as prone to critical reviews. Nonetheless, they have been faced with minor complaints now and again.

Gosh I used to really like herbaldom, but then I just kept finding so many hairs in my kratom, it ain’t fun to toss and wash and there be ball of hair in your mouth. Not only that the quality was never consistent enough for me. That’s just me though.” – Reddit user

I decided to try a new vendor and got a kilo of green maeng da from Herbaldom since I’ve heard good things about them, and it was a strain I was used to taking. I took a normal dose and it tasted far worse than anything I’ve ever taken[.] I figured it was just fresher and waited for the effects. Then I got very very little of an effect from it, barely noticeable. So, i took more, and the same [and a third dose] and finally got the effect I wanted. The same thing has followed for the past few days I’ve taken it.” – Reddit user

I buy from Herbaldom all the time but I got the sample pack and I was not impressed this time around. Everything I got in the sample pack felt very weak to me.” – Reddit user

After trying the RHK multiple times, I felt a sensation that I can’t compare to any other Kratom I’ve ever had. It almost felt like an Adderall focus paired with jitters. The effects wore off in about an hour, compared to the usual 3-4 I feel from most Kratom. In addition, after it wore off, I had a horrible headache and nausea the rest of the day.” – Reddit user


Herbaldom Coupons and Discount Codes

Perhaps the biggest drawback of shopping from Herbaldom is that they don’t have a lot of discount offers. The brand doesn’t have a loyalty or rewards program, a newsletter, or even a Facebook or Twitter page. So, buyers don’t really have a lot of sources of promotional offers and price cuts.

Nevertheless, Andrew — the brand’s owner — is highly accessible to his buyers. The owner interacts directly with buyers, addressing their concerns and offering freebies and discounts randomly to customers who reach out. Plus, because their prices are already pretty low, price cuts seem unnecessary unless you’re really caught in a bind.


Herbaldom Lab Testing

One of the brand’s strengths is that they’re particular about lab testing. Aside from offering updated lab reports on their website through a dedicated tab, they also make their tests available to their customers by a QR code on each individual package.

All of their tests are performed by trusted third party labs. However, it’s important to note that they only test for contamination and adulterants, as opposed to other vendors who go the extra mile by testing for mitragynine content.


American Kratom Association Membership

Part of the reason why kratom laws take so much time to develop is because of the lack of regulation. And that’s precisely what the American Kratom Association (AKA) tries to do. This body hopes to regulate kratom production to eliminate dangerous products from the market.

Herbaldom is an AKA-Good Manufacturing Practices certified vendor. And what that means is that the brand processes all of its products in GMP certified facilities that reduce the risk of contamination in all of their kratom.


Is Herbaldom Legit?

Yes, they are a legitimate kratom vendor. Herbaldom has not had any run-ins with the feds or the FDA. Their clean track record, stellar customer support, and extensive collection of positive feedback prove that the vendor is out to satisfy customers the good, clean, and honest way.


Should You Buy From Herbaldom?

There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t. An overwhelming majority of their buyers claim that the brand’s products are top notch. And because their prices are impressively within reach, it’s easy to see why they’ve become the go-to for a lot of kratom enthusiasts.

Keep in mind though that variety might not be their strongest suit. But if you’re really only interested in stocking up on your usual strains, then their affordable line of quality speciosa might be just for you.

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