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October 01, 2020

HCK Wellness LLC

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HCK Wellness offers a sizeable selection of kratom powders at affordable prices. According to the vendor, all of their products are imported directly from Indonesia, de-stemmed, and de-veined before sale. As of this writing, many of their products include free shipping.

Star Light Kratom


  1. Court says:

    Just checked out their website, they only had 2 strains for sale, and compared to other vendors they were over double the normal price. Free ship was the only positive.

  2. HCK Dom says:

    Hello Kramomaton Fam. This is HCKraDom letting you all know that we do offer 100% money back if not totally satisfied with our Leaf. Mind you all that we have been supplying MANY regular buyers for the last 2 years steady and we have NEVER had anyone not satisfied with our leaf. We have worked with the same exact farmers in Kalimantan Indonesia since the start of our mission. Kratom Chronicles awarded our company VENDOR OF THE YEAR 2017 with our Red Kalimantan Kratom being voted best over all strain.. we do accepts some returns depending on the situation. But we will never recirculate any of that back into our stock, it is kept for ourselves or gifted to friends in need. If you are struggling and need a hand to get out of a hole and you are trying your best, then we commonly help our friends that need us. We love all our HCK Family! Thank you for allowing us to serve and coach you!
    It is our Mission to educate and help as many people as we can with this Miracle Leaf!

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