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October 01, 2020

Happy Hippo Herbals

Ships from: Boise, Idaho, United States
Ships to: United States, Canada

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Happy Hippo Kratom started out as a humble online vendor offering a basic line of kratom powders. Over time however, what began as a micro start-up soon grew in size to become what buyers today regard as one of the most reliable kratom vendors available.

Presently, Happy Hippo Kratom extends its selection to include interesting formulations and products including extract shots, confections, and soft gels (aside from their powders and capsules.) But before you get excited by their many offers, it helps to know that Happy Hippo Kratom’s prices are no longer small scale.


Happy Hippo Kratom Products and Services Overview

Happy Hippo’s website and branding have evolved tremendously since they started out. Visit their online storefront today, and you’ll be greeted with bright colors and a revamped logo that definitely makes the brand appear more professional and polished.

The vendor uses a bright pink and green color combination, adorned with a cartoon hippo logo that sits front and center on all of their packaging. Powders, capsules, and kratom taffy chews come packaged in resealable mylar bags that boast the vendors vibrant colorway and character.

Compared to other vendors, Happy Hippo is definitely a little more playful and brighter in terms of their branding. When it comes to variety, they’ve also got quite a bit of an edge. The vendor offers all of the essential kratom strains you might hope to find, and they tout interesting products like taffy chews.

Like most other vendors, Happy Hippo Kratom allows their buyers to leave reviews through their website. What you’ll notice however is that the review section lets anyone drop their feedback without actually verifying whether or not they made a purchase.

This can pose a problem in terms of determining the authenticity of the reviews left on their website. Nonetheless, there are many other sources for Happy Hippo Kratom reviews online. Forums like Reddit overflow with information about the brand from its buyers and critics.

While Happy Hippo Kratom receives loads of love and praise from its regulars, it has its fair share of one-star reviews. While majority of its buyers enjoy the brand’s product quality, there are a few others who cry bunk. And of course, their prices often seem to put them in a negative light when compared to their competitors.


Happy Hippo Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Speaking of prices, Happy Hippo Kratom isn’t exactly what you would call budget-friendly. Mostly, their product prices stand as the biggest issue that critics have with the brand. And because other vendors sell the same variety for less, penny-pinching kratom buyers tend to look to other sources for their kratom fix.

Here’s how Happy Hippo compares to its competition:

Powders Starts at $9.99 for 28g Starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $45 for 250g
$67.90 for 224g $30 for 250g $120 for 1000g
$204.99 for 1000g $100 for 1000g
Capsules Starts at $20 for 100ct Starts at $6.99 for 28g Starts at $25 for 100ct
$40 for 200g $175 for 1000ct
$140 for 1000g

Kratom powder products at Happy Hippo cost between $2.8 and $0.2 per gram. As expected, the larger the bag you buy, the lower the prices go. And while that might bid well in theory for bulk buyers, paying $204.99 for a kilogram of kratom powder might seem questionable when there are vendors selling kilograms for less.

On average, kratom vendors sell powder at 0.15¢ per gram. Some brands go even lower with kilograms that cost just 0.65¢ or 0.7¢ per gram. That said, Happy Hippo Kratom justifies their prices by stating that all of their products are rigorously tested for both quality and safety.


Numerous other products line Happy Hippo’s shelves. Here’s what you can expect to pay for each one:


  • Kratom extract shot – $14.99 for 10mL
  • Kratom extract soft gels – $32.99 for 15 soft gels
  • Kratom extract toffee flavored taffy – $19.99 for 6 pieces
  • Kratom energy shot – $7.50 per bottle
  • Liquid kratom extract – $15 for 12mL

Happy Hippo Customer Reviews

Despite their prices, Happy Hippo still gets quite a lot of customers. Their secret? Good quality product. The brand’s patronage also claims that Happy Hippo’s shipments are impressively fast, making them a solid choice for buyers who need their stash replenished stat.

I like to work out with weights. My favorite variety of Kratom for energizing my workouts is the White Vein Maeng Da. It helps me power through with enthusiasm! I recommend you give it a try.” –

The white vein maeng da is my favorite way to start the day. It’s good clean energy and gives me the boost I need.” –

I literally got my order less than 24 hours from when I ordered it! They got it to me FAST!” – Reddit user

Definitely expensive, but honestly, I’ve tried 6 different vendors since I decided to quit buying Happy Hippo, and none of the vendors are even in the same ballpark of happy hippo in terms of quality or consistency. I just ordered from 3 other vendors that I will be trying this week. If these 3 fails, I will have to just bite the bullet and go back to Happy Hippo.”- Reddit user

I love the rewards program!!!! I have been able to use it a few times now and the savings is always appreciated. Thank you!!!” – Happy Hippo Herbals Facebook Page


Happy Hippo Herbals Complaints

There are some buyers who aren’t entirely happy with what Happy Hippo has to offer. For the most part, the vendor’s prices are the biggest problem that buyers have with their products. Some feedback also claims that their kratom might not be quite as potent or effective as other reviews allege.

I finally gave in to the great reviews here for H.H and purchased yellow borneo and red sumatra. For me, they both totally sucked. I got absolutely nothing from them.” – Reddit user

Honestly I was excited about happy hippo and I ordered the hyper hippo and rockstar hippo capsules and I don’t really feel anything when I take them.” – Reddit user

So, I have never recommended this place and it’s because I ordered the sample pack 2 months ago and it was old dry and dust like powder. I didn’t like it. I was shocked because of their reviews and prices.”- Reddit user

I tried the hyper hippo and was expecting it to hit me hard but I didn’t really feel anything. I took 5 capsules which is 2.5 grams and then I took another gram more so total 3.5 but very little effect. Everything about happy hippo seemed well put together and the reviews seemed very positive so I’m a little confused, maybe I got a bad batch or maybe this kind of kratom just doesn’t work for me?” – Reddit user

They barely put any kratom in their capsules. This is why I hate buying capsules from vendors because they do this crap. Capsules are the only thing I can take I guess I have to start filling the capsules myself since a lot of vendors are like that. I just got my order of Happy Hippo and I’m experiencing the same thing. And it’s [because] they don’t fill the capsule up but 1/8th.” – Reddit user


Happy Hippo Coupons and Discount Codes

Happy Hippo sends coupons and discount codes both through email and text messages. Buyers can sign up for both through a widget at the bottom of the Happy Hippo Herbals website.

Other ways to save on your purchase include the vendor’s Hippo Club rewards program. This lets buyers earn points which they can use to redeem exclusive discounts like free shipping vouchers, price cuts, and more.

Buyers who refer a friend can also get $10 for every friend who successfully completes an order using their unique referral code. Finally, penny-pinching buyers can find discounter prices on the website through the vendor’s dedicated Sale tab.


Happy Hippo Lab Tests

All of Happy Hippo’s products are tested prior to sale. According to their website, all of their kratom is tested for salmonella, e. coli, and heavy metals. They also make sure that all of their products are pesticide-free.

While they are GMP certified, Happy Hippo doesn’t seem to make these tests available online. So, although they claim to test their products, the vendor doesn’t provide any published proof of the alleged testing.


American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Association or AKA aims to protect kratom buyers by auditing vendors. The organization assesses vendors that submit their business for audit, and determine whether they pass a set of standards for safety and sanitation.

Happy Hippo is a proud member of the AKA and all of their products are processed and handled in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facilities. That means as a buyer, you can be confident that their products are free from contamination due to poor handling.


Is Happy Hippo Herbals Legit?

As of writing, Happy Hippo Herbals hasn’t been involved in any legal cases with the feds or the FDA. All of their products have passed rigorous AKA-GMP inspections, and none of their batches have been recalled so far.


Should You Buy from Happy Hippo Herbals?

If price is no object, then Happy Hippo Herbals provides a promising range of products that might just meet your standards. Keep in mind though that their product may be up to double the price of their competition. So, if you were looking to save on your next order, Happy Hippo’s slightly more expensive line of products might not be for you.

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  1. Gabriel23
    Active Commenter

    I’m no master of the kratom world but I’ve been everyday user for a year and a half now. I ran the gauntlet without being smart enough to find the proper educated online sources I started buying from a smoke shop locally then started going out of state to bigger wider selection shop, now I’ve been ordering from online vendors. I’m not understanding how its possible that Happy Hippo charges 145$ for a half kilo of the same white mangda that almost all other vendors offer for 100$-125$ for a whole kilo. How can it possibly be that much better that you would pay double the price. I understand that it’s high quality but so are several other vendors White Mangda at half the cost. What’s the upcharge for? Just curious

  2. Ryan Anderson says:

    This is the best kratom on the market. They are higher priced but the quality and positive effects are worth every penny. So they can charge what they charge because it’s a no joke product. I’ve tried 5 other brands and basically lost my money in my mind. Also, their service and communication is extremely professional and prompt. They are also very kind people, just had to add that. Thank you Happy Hippo Herbals.

  3. Rob says:

    My other go to. Great quality but high prices.
    I dont mind paying a little extra for product that is tested for impurities. That is just me.

  4. Moxie says:

    They were the very first vendor I ordere Kratom from on 10/23/17. It was amazing and I decided Kratom was going to replace some of the Big Pharma medicine that does nothing for me.

    I ordere from other vendors for almost a year, but decided to order from Happ Hippo on 9/23/18. Again, they had great quality. I also noticed their product doesn’t taste as bad as others.

    The only downside is their prices at around $12.00 an ounce. They are great, but you pay for the quality.

  5. Marci Garcia says:

    I’ve tried 5 strains. All have been great.

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