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October 01, 2020

Greg’s Botanicals

Ships from: Tampa, Florida, United States
Ships to: United States

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Greg’s Botanicals is a USA-based kratom vendor that offers a diverse selection of kratom products from various brands. Along with celebrated kratom powders like Green Maeng Da, Greg’s also stocks kratom capsules, extracts, and kratom “shots.” At the time of writing, they provide generous 30g kratom powder samples at a low cost.

Star Light Kratom


  1. Jason Kemper says:

    Greg/Donna ( Alien Jay from Homosassa here) I was Greg and Donnas very first customer to walk into his Tampa shop and this guy is the most loyal and fair kratom vendor you will ever meet..I just want to tell the dumb azz complaining about hair in his kratom to shut the fug up! Take your azz over to Indonesia in the tropical jungle and try harvesting kratom leafs in 100 degree humidity and try not to get hair in it,pick it out azzhole and BE THANKFULL you are not paying 20$ an ounce.

    Greg is the greatest Kratom vendor EVER! LOVE ya bro!btw ( its not aliens doin this shit ,it’s the satanic government!)

  2. Jerry says:

    Horrible vendor. Prices and shipping time were excellent. The quality of the kratom, customer service, and sanitation of the kratom were lacking. Ordered a split kilo and got no effects from 3 out of 4. Worse than that I found two hairs in one of the bags. I am essentially bald so I know they weren’t mine. They were about 4 inches long and black. When asking the vendor he was very defensive and told me to !@#$ off. Will never order from here again.

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