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October 01, 2020

Greg’s Botanicals

Ships from: Tampa, Florida, United States
Ships to: United States

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Kratom buyers tend to gravitate towards vendors with a more direct, personable approach to their customers. And that’s actually a huge factor that contributes to Greg’s Botanicals success. Owned and operated by a guy named Greg Hernande, Greg’s Botanicals offers its customers accessible customer support and great kratom.

The vendor offers a diverse assortment of kratom strains that they source from trusted farms across Southeast Asia. Recently however, Greg’s Botanicals has made leaps and bounds in kratom vendor history — hoping to start their own kratom farms for maximum transparency and quality control.


Greg’s Botanicals Product and Service Overview

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Greg’s Botanicals started out as a humble operation selling a modest range of kratom picks. They earned their prominence by plowing the threads of Reddit and offering support and assistance to customers and kratom enthusiasts on the website.

Needless to say, Greg’s hands-on approach to his customers turned out to be a big hit. Giving the brand’s loyal kratom buyers the feeling of familiarity, the vendor’s customer support front proves to be one of their strongest suits.

But there’s more to their success than their authentic efforts to keep their customers satisfied and happy. The brand’s products are considered some of the best on the block. Although they might not be quite as prominent as many other vendors on the scene, Greg’s Botanicals serves up consistently high quality product.

Their range includes over 20 different kratom strains that come in both powder and capsule form. They also sell extracts and shots from brands like OPMS, Nodzilla, Chief Kratom, and Choice Kratom.

And while you might think their accessible customer support and first-rate product quality might already be reason enough to give them a try, they cement their viability as a vendor by offering some of the lowest prices around.

Greg’s Botanicals kratom products come just a hair shy of the industry low. So for penny-pinching kratom customers who never step out of budget, these guys offer remarkably low prices that place them in the cheap kratom category.


Greg’s Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

For the record, Greg’s Botanicals products aren’t necessarily the cheapest around. But even then, their prices don’t stray too far from the industry low. All things considered, it’s actually not all that easy to find a vendor of Greg’s Botanicals caliber at such a low price point.


Powders Starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $8 for 28g Starts at $3.50 for 25g
$25 for 250g $80 for 500g $35 for 500g
$45 for 500g $130 for 1000g $60 for 1000g
$75 for 1000g
Capsules Starts at $42.50 for 500ct Starts at $7 for 28g (approximately 40ct) Starts at $5 for 30ct
$79 for 1000ct $60 for 500ct
$100 for 1000ct


Across the board, Greg’s Botanicals obviously isn’t the cheapest vendor on the block. But they come pretty darn close. Their smallest packet of 28g sells for a mere $5 or a price per gram of just 0.18¢. In the kilogram department, the vendor charges a measly $75 per pack, or a price per gram of just 0.075¢.

Of course, they’re nothing like All Natural Artisan kratom that sells for just $60 a kilogram. But if we’re being honest, ANA’s prices represents what is probably the lowest cost for domestically sold kratom. It’s tough for anyone to achieve such a low cost.

Plus, you also have to consider that you’re paying for much more than just the kratom product itself. At Greg’s Botanicals, you get impressively attentive, hands-on customer support which definitely factors into the price that you pay.


Greg’s Botanicals Reviews

The internet is rich with reviews about Greg’s Botanicals posted by verified customers. With a perfect 5 star rating on Facebook, Greg’s Botanicals also enjoys a positive reputation on Reddit and on their own website.

“Awesome product. I have a very high tolerance and most kratom doesn’t work for me but this did the job and I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for quality kratom.” – Greg’s Botanicals website

“I LOVE Greg’s Botanicals!! Amazing products (I especially like the super green). Customer services is second to none. Shipping is very fast. I cant say enough. You just really cant go wrong with this company.” – Facebook user

“I’ve tried other companies kratom and Greg’s is far superior. Best product out there with reasonable prices.” – Facebook user

“Yes, I’ve ordered several strains from him and they were all excellent. In addition, he goes overboard to please his customers.” – Reddit user

“Greg’s is my go to vendor. His kratom is always in my experience been very potent and I have had to lower my dose. Give him a try. Very good quality and very fast shipping.” – Reddit user


Greg’s Botanicals Complaints

You’d have to scour the web to find any sort of negative information about the Greg’s Botanicals brand. These guys keep a clean online reputation, and it’s not because they sanitize reviews or censor customers with critical comments.

“I HATE vaccum sealed packages that aren’t resealable. Greg’s sent his kratom in these packages that you have to cut open and let me tell you: they are a mess.” – Reddit user

“I looked at his yellow strains like last week and it appears they’re all out or something. Then a couple days ago I went to look again and his payment system is messed up again.” – Reddit user


Greg’s Botanicals Discount Codes and Coupons

Any major discounts typically get advertised loud and proud on the Greg’s Botanicals home page. For orders exceeding $150, the vendor scratches out any shipping fees to ease the load on your wallet.

As of writing, Greg’s Botanicals doesn’t have a mailing list. But they do have an active Facebook page where you can get the latest updates on their sales and discount offers. The vendor also maintains a strong presence on Reddit to keep in touch with his customers and hand out unique promos.


Greg’s Botanicals Lab Testing

According to information posted on the Greg’s Botanicals homepage, all of their products have been lab tested by third-party testing services. They also make claims about alkaloid content on different product pages.

Despite this, the vendor doesn’t make their tests available to their customers on their website. So it’s not entirely clear how true their claims might be. And since no one has ever talked about requesting lab reports from the vendor, we can’t tell whether the results are freely handed out or not.


American Kratom Association Membership

Getting Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification from the American Kratom Association (AKA) calls for quite a few requirements. Aside from making a one time payment, vendors are also required to hand in several documents and to submit to an inspection of their facilities.

The whole purpose of AKA-GMP certification is to make sure that a vendor abides by strict protocol to maintain the safety and sanitation of their products. Greg’s Botanicals has yet to obtain the said certification, so we can’t really tell whether they comply with these industry standards or not.


Is Greg’s Botanicals Legit?

It’s always more comfortable to buy kratom from a vendor with readily-available lab tests and a cGMP badge on their website. But despite the missing pieces, Greg’s Botanicals shines through as a viable, legitimate source of kratom.

The overwhelmingly positive reception from their customers (especially on the cut-throat Reddit space) proves that the vendor doesn’t cut corners with product quality. Their clean track record and reliable customer support bolsters their image as a vendor you can trust.


Should You Buy from Greg’s Botanicals?

Low prices, excellent product quality, and a customer support team that’s always ready to lend a hand — what’s not to love? All things considered, Greg’s Botanicals comes with all of the trappings of a kratom vendor go-to.

Of course, it would have been nice to access some lab reports. But with a clean track record, zero allegations of contamination, and no involvement in legal battles, Greg’s Botanicals pulls through as one of the best budget kratom vendors on the block.

Star Light Kratom


  1. Jason Kemper says:

    Greg/Donna ( Alien Jay from Homosassa here) I was Greg and Donnas very first customer to walk into his Tampa shop and this guy is the most loyal and fair kratom vendor you will ever meet..I just want to tell the dumb azz complaining about hair in his kratom to shut the fug up! Take your azz over to Indonesia in the tropical jungle and try harvesting kratom leafs in 100 degree humidity and try not to get hair in it,pick it out azzhole and BE THANKFULL you are not paying 20$ an ounce.

    Greg is the greatest Kratom vendor EVER! LOVE ya bro!btw ( its not aliens doin this shit ,it’s the satanic government!)

  2. Jerry says:

    Horrible vendor. Prices and shipping time were excellent. The quality of the kratom, customer service, and sanitation of the kratom were lacking. Ordered a split kilo and got no effects from 3 out of 4. Worse than that I found two hairs in one of the bags. I am essentially bald so I know they weren’t mine. They were about 4 inches long and black. When asking the vendor he was very defensive and told me to !@#$ off. Will never order from here again.

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