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October 01, 2020

Green Lea Herbals

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Don’t let the look of the brand fool you — Green Lea isn’t a headshop brand. Owned and operated by a veteran, Green Lea offers its buyers a narrow yet complete range of kratom essentials to cover the most basic needs. And although their prices might not be too enticing, they definitely make up for it with quality.

Throughout Reddit, Green Lea has earned a positive reputation as a reliable source for quality kratom finds. And considering the cut-throat atmosphere of the Reddit scene, this says a lot about Green Lea and their dedication to customer satisfaction.


Green Lea Product and Service Overview

There’s nothing fancy about the Green Lea website, but that’s not always a bad thing. Their simplified, basic online storefront touts clean lines and orderly layouts that make it a total breeze to browse. So, while they might not let off a very high-end vendor aura, their neat aesthetic still earns them points.

The vendor offers both CBD hemp flower and kratom in the form of powder and capsules. Their kratom products come packaged in branded black tubs that definitely make their product easier to use and store. Perhaps the only downside is that their packaging makes them look like a full-fledged vape shop brand.

But it’s not just the packaging that might make you think that way. The vendor offers their products at particularly steep prices. Selling their powders and capsules at close to double the price that other vendors offer, you might find yourself wondering whether these guys supply kratom product to convenience stores and gas stations.

However based on a quick Google search, they don’t. The vendor is purely B2C, which means all of their products get sold to end-users. Interestingly though, despite their prices, Green Lea Health still gets loads of praise and love from a solid base of consumers.

On Reddit, the vendor has become something of a common kratom name. They’ve got a bunch of avid supporters on the forum, and are pretty active on the site as well. Unfortunately, reviews for the vendor outside of Reddit are scarce — even on their own website.


Green Lea Health Product Cost and Price Comparison

This is the part where budget-conscious, penny-pinching kratom buyers might decide to look elsewhere. Green Lea’s products are expensive. And we’re not talking a few dollars extra. Some of their offers almost double the prices of other reputable vendors, which begs the question — is it worth it?

Powders Starts at $29.99 for 125g Starts at $9.99 for 28g Starts at $12.64 for 30g
$74.99 for 500g $35.99 for 112g $22.27 for 100g
$119.99 for 1000g $204.99 for 1kg $75.57 for 1000g
Capsules Starts at $24.99 for 60ct Starts at $20 for 100ct Starts at $15.08 for 65ct
$34.99 for 120ct

Green Lea’s smallest kratom powder tub weighs 125g and sells for $29.99 or 0.24¢ per gram. Their largest tub containing 1000g goes for a whopping $119.99, which is essentially 0.12¢ per gram. Sure, that might not seem like too much. But consider the fact that Carolina Kratom sells theirs for as low as 0.075¢ per gram.If you compare all of the vendors across this (very limited) table, you’ll find that green Lea easily fits into the middle. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not expensive. There are many many more vendors that offer prices similar to Carolina Kratom. So seeing vendors selling kilos for more than $80 might raise a brow.


Green Lea Customer Reviews

Their website provides customers the chance to leave comments on their products, but it seems no one is too interested in talking about their kratom. The vendor has just a handful of reviews on their own website. Fortunately, the Reddit scene provide a more detailed picture of the customer experience.

“I just couldn’t depart your site before suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard info a person provide for your visitors? I’m gonna be back often in order to check up on new posts.” – Green Lea website

“Some of the best I have tried. Also the shipping is always very fast, and customer service is top notch! Green Lea is a blessing! Also love the new packaging!” – Green Lea website

“Green Lea has the best Kratom I’ve ever had. I’ve purchased from other venders many times until I found Green Lea. I will always order from Green Lea.” – Green Lea website

“The yellow kapuas is very nice. Smooth and heady effects with the clarity and euphoria I like. And the taste was rather good as well. I’m one of those weirdos who likes the taste of kratom.” – Reddit user

“Jason is my only vendor and I cannot speak highly enough of Green Lea. The customer service is outstanding and the product is fire. I order once a week and I wouldn’t go with any other vendor but Jason. Green Lea is more than legit, the owner is in it to keep the customer happy. I highly recommend.” – Reddit user


Green Lea Complaints

You can’t please everyone. Green Lea, despite their relative success, still sees quite a bit of negative feedback. On the plus side, the critical comments for the vendor are pretty limited, and may detail unsatisfactory experiences that are isolated at best.

“Their Red Thai is a bit strong for my liking.” – Reddit user

“The grind wasnt as fluffy as im used to but its close. It may be a bit too strong for what I like but that may also be because it seems very fresh. Packaging was great for small packs.” – Reddit user

“Yeah I agree some of it is not as fine as I’m use to either.” – Reddit user


Green Lea Discount Codes and Coupons

They don’t have a mailing list, and when you click their Facebook link, it takes you to the owner’s personal profile. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing since you know he’s not trying to hide from his customers.

If you’re looking to get coupons and discounts, the best way would be through Reddit. The owner responds quite quickly to prospective customers on kratom forums, and that’s pretty much where he posts all about his latest promotional offers.


Green Lea Lab Testing

According to the vendor, yes, all of their products are lab tested. What’s interesting however is that they don’t actually posts any of the results on their website. However since the owner engages a lot with his customers, it’s likely that you could get your hands on a copy of the reports by sending him an email or a message.


American Kratom Association Membership

To help assist in kratom legislation and kratom freedom, advocates of the herb started what’s called the American Kratom Association. This consumer-led initiative wants to prove that kratom is safe by regulating the market. So they visit vendors that ask for an assessment and then qualify each brand depending on a number of factors.

They check for sanitation and safety among many other things. And they inspect everything from facilities, to procedures, personnel, and machines. Once the AKA sees that your operations pass their strict evaluations, they provide a Good Manufacturing Practices certificate.

Green Lea, according to their website, is a GMP compliant vendor. That means every time you buy their products, you can be sure you’re getting clean kratom that was handled in sanitized facilities using proper techniques and procedures.


Is Green Lea Legit?

One of the markers of a legitimate vendor is an owner that engages directly with their customers without hiding behind a fake name or photo. Green Lea Health takes their customer support to the next step by making the owner’s personal Facebook profile available to buyers.

They have no record of court cases, no FDA recalls, and no scam allegations. The vendor is all about satisfying their customers, and it shows through their strong presence on forums like Reddit. All things considered, Green Lea Health might be the last vendor to have legitimacy issues.


Should You Buy from Green Lea Health?

Their dedication to customer satisfaction and kratom quality is laudable, and that might be reason enough to give their products a try. Of course, you might have to stretch your budget considering their expensive prices.

But if you’re tired of spending cash on kratom that just doesn’t meet expectations, Green Lea Health might turn things around for you.

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