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January 26, 2021

Grassroots Harvest Kratom

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The snazzy packaging, the perfectly staged product photos, the standardized formulations — why, Grassroots Harvest touts the makings of a head shop brand. And although they market themselves otherwise, they’re betrayed by their expensive prices.

Grassroots Harvest claims to have ‘30 years of experience’. Experience in what exactly, they don’t indicate. Operating out of a polished online storefront, the vendor seems to know exactly what it takes to run a kratom business. It’s a shame though that they don’t get enough authentic feedback online to bolster that image.


Grassroots Harvest Product and Service Overview

According to information posted on their website, the vendor’s whole operation finds its roots in a ‘culture of caring.’ They claim that their ultimate goal is to help the general public understand and appreciate the value of kratom and what it can do. To achieve this, they allege to work closely with farms based in Southeast Asia.

Take the time to browse their selection, and you’ll find that kratom isn’t the only product they offer. Grassroots Harvest also stocks up on CBD and delta-8 THC products which often cater to the same kratom market. Under their kratom tab, you’ll find that they offer powders, capsules, and teas.

In the powder department, Grassroots Harvest gives their customers a pretty substantial list of strains. However, buyers hoping to find rarities might not be completely satisfied with what they have to offer. Nonetheless, all of the basic go-to’s are well represented on their shelves.

Powders at Grassroots Harvest come in packs of 45g, 100g, 500g, and 1000g. For those looking to buy capsules, you can choose from weights of 4g, 25g, 100g, 500g, and 1000g. 

All of their products come packaged in resealable, standing, kraft paper bags. These come labeled with the product name and description, as well as an ‘aura’ rating that doesn’t really make too much sense.

Reviews for their products get posted straight to individual product pages, but customer feedback on site is scarce. Heck, even other places on the web seem to lack any real customer-generated information about Grassroots Harvest. And with the kind of time and experience they’ve had in the industry, that raises red flags.


Grassroots Harvest Product Cost and Price Comparison

Here’s where things get a little iffy. Grassroots Harvest doesn’t sell exceedingly expensive kratom. But considering their prices, they fall right into  head shop territory. So there’s really no wondering why some Redditors have labeled the vendor as such.


Starts at $15 for 45g Starts at $7.50 for 28g Starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $45 for 250g
$35 for 100g $30 for 250g $30 for 250g $120 for 1000g
$60 for 500g $79 for 1000g $100 for 1000g
$100 for 1000g


Across the board, you wouldn’t really say that Grassroots Harvest is the most expensive name. But versus brands like Herbaldom (which is a pretty solid vendor), it’s hard to reconcile spending the extra bucks on Grassroots Harvest’s stuff.

For starters, their 45g packet goes for $15. Per gram, that places their product at a cost of 0.033¢. Their kilograms obviously cost less, but sell for 0.10¢ per gram. Compared to vendors like Herbaldom that can sell a kilo for just 0.079¢ per gram, Grassroots Harvest starts to look way overpriced.


Grassroots Harvest Customer Reviews

You can dig through the Reddit archives, but you probably won’t find anything about Grassroots Harvest. One thread dated 2022 made mention of the vendor, but failed to provide any real insight as to the quality of their products and services.

The good news is that positive feedback for the brand definitely exists online. The bad news is most of these reviews exist exclusively on their website.

“The joy is so bomb, at least it used to be. Its been a couple of years.” – Reddit user

“Great product, solid pricing, locally owned.” – Grassroots Harvest website

“This is the absolute best! Works great for the extra energy and focus boost.” – Grassroots Harvest website

“Works great! Helps keep my energy levels balanced out. And, I can focus, despite my ADD issues.” – Grassroots Harvest website

“It helps me a lot.” – Grassroots Harvest website


Grassroots Harvest Complaints

Their lack of prominence and popularity means that the vendor struggles to get even critical reviews. Even so, there are a few complaints that manage to wiggle their way up to the surface, and these might provide a little extra insight as to what buyers can expect from the vendor.

“Your cost for your Kratom seems pricey. Personally, I couldn’t spend money like that without knowing how well it works. I have been taking Kratom for approximately 3 years and I have learned about wasting money on products that don’t work.” – Grassroots Harvest website

“Eh, kinda looks like crap smoke shop kratom.” – Reddit user

“Beware of kratom in fancy packaging and with exorbitant prices. Most of the big smokeshop brands have very mediocre quality and sometimes mix in questionable extracts.” – Reddit user

Sure, these two last entries from Reddit aren’t reviews per se, since the people who posted the comments haven’t really tried Grassroots Harvest. But even then, it’s nice to get a little input from more seasoned kratom experts.


Grassroots Harvest Coupon Codes and Discounts

Grassroots Harvest is pretty active on both Facebook and Instagram. Through their socials, they provide customers with the latest information on their sales and promotional offers. But if you don’t have time for social media, you can always just subscribe to their newsletter where they send out pretty much the same information.


Grassroots Harvest Lab Testing

Here’s where Grassroots Harvest sets itself apart from other head shop brands. The vendor actually offers a pretty organized list of lab reports for all of their products. These include tests for both contaminants and for mitragynine levels. So at least they provide their customers the guarantee of safety and potency.


American Kratom Association Membership

The kratom industry is under fire. Since the stuff isn’t FDA approved just yet, governments are wary of kratom products that might be harmful to users’ health. That’s also why they’ve been pretty harsh when it comes to controlling the stuff.

In order to help the government feel more comfortable with kratom, kratom advocates formed the American Kratom Association. They use their Good Manufacturing Practices program to inspect vendors and to ensure that they abide by strict manufacturing standards that limit the chances of product contamination.

AKA-GMP evaluation typically looks into procedures, facilities, and employee practices to verify that a vendor doesn’t take risks with questionable methods and machines. As of writing however, Grassroots Harvest is not AKA-GMP certified, so you can’t really be sure what happens behind their closed doors.


Is Grassroots Harvest Legit?

Okay, so maybe they don’t have the most prominent online presence and maybe their customer footprint is pretty small. But even with all of the lapses in their operation, Grassroots Harvest has never once been slapped with legal cases concerning their products or services.

On top of that, the vendor has never had to recall any of their products for contamination threats. So all things considered, they’re still definitely a legitimate vendor.


Should You Try Grassroots Harvest Kratom?

If you’re caught in a bind and the local smoke shop only has Grassroots Harvest kratom in stock, then go for it. These guys might not offer the best kratom in town, but there’s really not much of a risk that comes with using their stuff.

Keep in mind though that you will have to spend more than you typically do. But if you really just can’t wait for your next delivery to arrive and you need a quick kratom fix, Grassroots Harvest might just be able to fill in the gap.


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  1. Matt says:

    I was very disappointed with this. I’m a newcomer, and decided to purchase two strains (green and white, maeng da). Without going into detail, the products were, let’s say, not potent at all. I contacted the company to discuss, and received no reply.

    Shipping was fast, packaging is high quality and professional. But where it really mattered, it fell very short of even the most basic of expectations.

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