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September 02, 2020

Golden Leaf Botanicals

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Ships from: Federal Heights, CO, USA
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Not to be confused with Gold Lea Botanicals, Golden Leaf Botanicals sells a wide range of natural wellness products including kratom. The Colorado-based establishment has become the go-to for locals looking for quality speciosa. And after growing their physical store, the vendor soon extended their reach into the web.

On the web, Golden Leaf Botanicals might seem like the perfect vendor for all of your everyday kratom needs. But while they might have quite the positive online reputation, there remain a few missing pieces that could potentially rocket the brand to certain kratom industry stardom.


Golden Leaf Botanicals Product and Service Overview

The Golden Leaf Botanicals physical kratom dispensary looks clean and laid back. The well-organized store features shelves-full of kratom contained in clear large jars that can impress an entice anyone who steps into the shop.

The same wow-factor can be seen through the vendor’s website. Organized and obviously designed by a professional, the Golden Leaf Botanicals website boasts clear, high-resolution images that hope to encapsulate the kind of quality their kratom provides.

Up top, the vendor features neat categories that tell you exactly what they offer. They sell kratom, cannabinoids, mycology essentials, ethnobotanicals, nootropics, and a range of accessories. But of course, even with their wide range of products, kratom remains the pillar of their success.

Interestingly however, Golden Leaf Botanicals takes a different route when it comes to their kratom package sizes. The vendor only sells 1oz packets, amounting to exactly 28g. This strictly limits the amount of product a buyer can purchase, especially since they don’t seem to have any bulk kratom offers.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Golden Leaf Botanicals only sells their super line of kratom strains in capsule form. So despite the initial appeal of their kratom products, numerous factors might make their line up feel restricted.

That doesn’t apply in the context of strain variety however. For as limited as their products might be in terms of weight and type availability, Golden Leaf Botanicals offers quite the range of kratom strains. Their line includes over 50 different varieties, which may explain the patronage they receive despite the inconvenient limits.


Golden Leaf Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

As you might already know, vendors reduce the cost per gram as the weight of the package increases. But since Golden Leaf Botanicals doesn’t offer anything more than 1oz of product, their prices may be out of reach for people who want to purchase their products in bulk.


Starts at $10 for 28g Starts at $25 for 125g Starts at $8 for 25g Starts at $3.50 for 25g
$56 for 500g $25 for 100g $35 for 500g
$91 for 1000g $70 for 500g $60 for 1000g
$105 for 1000g


There are older reviews for the vendor that claim that they offered mixed half-pound and mixed pound packages at slightly discounted prices. But even then, these ‘discounted’ products sold for $65 and $130 pounds respective, which is anything but cheap.

Today, their website only sells kratom powders in packets of 1 ounce or 28g each. These packets sell for $10 a pack, which comes to a cost per gram of about 0.35¢. To be perfectly honest, 0.35¢ per gram is expensive, even for small retail packets. If you ever thought about buying a kilogram at this cost, you’d have to shell out $350.

Even for expensive vendors like Golden Road Botanicals, 0.35¢ per gram turns out to be beyond their ceiling prices. This vendor sells their smallest packet at a cost per gram of 0.32¢, with their kilos selling for 0.1¢ per gram.

Now, these aren’t what you would call budget prices, but even then, Golden Road Botanicals turns out to be much more accessible for customers.


Golden Leaf Botanicals Customer Reviews

Despite their expensive prices, Golden Leaf Botanicals doesn’t seem to have any trouble convincing customers to purchase their products. In fact, the vendor boasts a near perfect 4.9 star rating on their Google business page, taken from over 330 reviews.

“I’m a new customer and didn’t know a lot about Kratom. […] Randy had great product knowledge and information for me and I was able to make a purchase with confidence. Very happy with the service and I’ll be back for sure.” – Google

“The staff here is always super polite and patient! […] I also appreciate the vast variety of products they have even though I always get the same thing. It helps to know I can venture out if I so choose!” – Google

“So grateful I found this place! The staff is amazing and their selection of kratom products is unmatched. The price isn’t as low as you’d get at a regular smoke shop but the quality is definitely superior and the people working know what they’re talking about so it’s worth the cost.” – Google

“I really appreciate Golden Leaf! I started going there as a newbie to Kratom, and they have taught me so much! They are always willing to answer any questions. I’m definitely a regular there now!” – Google

“Golden Leaf has a extremely varied inventory. The prices and quality is the absolute best is state. Customer service is outstanding. If you buy Kratom you have to shop Golden Leaf.” – Google


Golden Leaf Botanicals Complaints

And then of course, there are the critical reviews. While the vendor doesn’t shy away from customers who have a bone to pick with their products and services, it’s worth mentioning that they don’t really get any feedback that you might consider damaging to their overall reputation.

“I’ve seen them reply to multiple reviews that weren’t 5 stars about how they can’t find them in the system. Anyone that disagrees with them or leaves an honest review seems to be fake in their opinion.” – Google

“I showed up at store that is clearly marked opens at 10am stood there 10 minutes and still not opened!” – Google

“The only cons I have are that the day I went some of the staff weren’t too energetic as these reviews say to be.” – Google

“Great quality kratom but last time I went in there and got some I weighed one of the “ounces” before taking any because I noticed the time before that I ran out faster than usual and it was only 20 grams.” – Google

“The price is higher than what you can get it for at another local shop in Aurora with similar availability and quality.” – Google

Because of the proximity of the brand’s name to other vendors on the kratom market, it’s near impossible to find any reviews or critical comments about Golden Leaf Botanicals anywhere else on the internet.

Even on their own website, the vendor doesn’t leave provision for their customers to leave comments, which may raise some concerns for discriminating buyers.


Golden Leaf Botanicals Discount Codes and Coupons

Another unfortunate reality about shopping from Golden Leaf Botanicals is that they don’t provide their customers too many options when it comes to saving up on their purchases. Most vendors offer loyalty programs, newsletter sign ups, and free shipping. But Golden Leaf Botanicals scratches all of that out.

Instead, they invite customers to follow their social media pages to get their latest discount and promotional offers. But since their Facebook page seems to have been taken down, there’s essentially no real avenue for discounts from Golden Leaf.


Golden Leaf Botanicals Lab Testing

Most other vendors proudly parade their lab testing status on their website. That’s because third party lab tests stand as a testament to a vendor’s dedication to quality, purity, and potency. Results prove to customers that a product is clean and that it can provide the results advertised.

At Golden Leaf Botanicals’ website, there’s no mention of lab testing. The vendor remains quiet about any lab testing they might perform on their products. So there’s no way to tell whether they actually send samples to third-party testing facilities, or if they sell their products sans the inspections.


American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Assocation is a consumer-led initiative with the goal of protecting kratom buyers. They essentially regulate vendors to make sure that the products they sell are safe and clean. The AKA does this by way of their Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program.

The GMP takes various elements into consideration, including the cleanliness of a vendor’s facilities, the procedures they use to handle their product, the expertise of their personnel and employees, and their overall reputation as a reliable, honest source of kratom.

The Golden Leaf Botanicals vendor doesn’t appear to be affiliated with or approved by the American Kratom Assocation. So without any GMP certification, there’s no way to guarantee the kind of processes that occur behind the scenes at the Golden Leaf Botanicals store.


Is Golden Leaf Botanicals Legit?

One of the things that raises questions about the legitimacy of Golden Leaf Botanicals is the absence of any reviews anywhere else on the internet. But with Google maintaining its reputation as a valid source of credible feedback, we might just have to accept that Golden Leaf Botanicals genuinely satisfies its customers.

So much so that no one has ever come forward with claims of fraud, unfulfilled orders, or scams. On top of that, Golden Leaf Botanicals has never had to recall products and they’ve never faced lawsuits concerning their products and services.


Should You Buy From Golden Leaf Botanicals?

At the end of the day, their wide selection might be the one thing that really keeps customers coming back. So if variety is your kink, then Golden Leaf Botanicals might be worth a visit.

On the other hand, their prices are pretty steep. So while their product quality might seem worth a shot (despite the lack of lab testing and AKA-GMP certification), the vendor might be nothing more than a once-in-a-while treat.

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  1. Cody Halpine says:

    They have always surpassed my expectations. Being the lowest prices in the Denver are with the highest quality. I know online vendors tend to be allot cheaper but honestly I’ve been using kratom for 7 years now. Purchase online, at every location in Denver and also bought from locations when I travelled and I have never had kratom this good so the prices definitely seems fair! The owners are full of knowledge and their staff make every visit to Golden Leaf that much better! I highly recommend this place to everyone!

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