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August 27, 2020

Gold Leaf Botanicals

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If you had a nickel for every time a vendor described its products as ‘top quality’, you’d be a millionaire by now. But the loose usage of the phrase doesn’t deter Gold Leaf Botanicals from plastering it across their home page. Yes, this brand — like many others — claims to offer the very best kratom on the block.

And how do they intend to achieve that? Well, according to information on their website, Gold Leaf Botanicals sells only organic, wild-harvested kratom. And with such attention to detail and quality going into their production process, it’s only expected that Gold Leaf would charge some pretty precipitous prices.


Gold Leaf Botanicals Product and Service Overview

Gold Leaf Botanicals definitely tries to make buyers see it as a premium vendor. Unfortunately, their website falls short of that persona. While it isn’t necessarily an ugly website, there is room for improvement. The whole storefront just feels clumsy and navigation isn’t as seamless as it could have been.

They’ve got close to a hundred different kratom items on their line-up which easily trumps many other vendors. Product categories divide their picks by color vein for easier browsing. They’ve also got a separate tab for capsules and tinctures.

According to the vendor, they sell ‘organic wild-harvested kratom’. This essentially means that they get their kratom from the wild instead of cultivating them in farms. Of course, there’s really no way to guarantee those claims.

But based on copy from their website, Gold Leaf has people venture out into the forests to harvest naturally occurring speciosa. This allegedly provides a better experience all around since the kratom grows in conditions that provide it the best chances of thriving.

They sell red, green, white, and gold and yellow color veins. For those looking to push their limits, the vendor also provides enhanced kratom and a series of different blends that they concoct themselves. For those who really want a potent experience, they sell liquid kratom extracts.

On site, the vendor provides buyers the opportunity to leave comments about their products. But even then, website-based reviews are scarce. And even if they had a substantial collection of feedback on their web store, the fact that they have the power to publish or delete whichever ones they choose make it an iffy source.


Gold Leaf Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

While we can’t provide the dirty details on why Gold Leaf Botanicals’ reputation remains low key, some make the assumption that their prices might have something to do with it.

Gold Leaf Botanicals probably isn’t going to cost you as much as vendors like Organa Kratom, but they will definitely leave a dent in your wallet nonetheless.

Powders Starts at $2.87 for 6g Starts at $12.64 for 30g Starts at $9.99 for 28g
$41.87 for 200g $22.27 for 100g $35.99 for 112g
$125.87 for 1000g $75.57 for 1000g $204.99 for 1kg
Capsules Starts at $24.99 for 90ct Starts at $15.08 for 65ct Starts at $20 for 100ct
$54.99 for 300ct

If we’re being fair, Happy Hippo Kratom still definitely takes the cake in terms of sheer cost. But even then, there are loads of other vendors out there like Carolina Kratom that offer their kratom products for much less than Gold Leaf Botanicals.

By the gram, you’ll spend about 0.48¢ to 0.125¢ per gram on Gold Leaf Botanicals stuff. Sure, that doesn’t seem to expensive. But when you factor in the cost of other vendors — like Carolina Kratom that goes as low as 0.075¢ per gram, it’s not too hard to understand why some buyers groan at Golden Leaf Botanicals’ prices.


Gold Leaf Botanicals Customer Reviews

Again, the vendor does have provisions on their website to collect reviews. But despite this, customers don’t seem keen to leave their comments. A few products have generated a review here and there, but not enough to really paint an accurate picture of the vendor and its product quality.

“Great strain for daytime. Awesome service also! Quickly shipped, fresh, potent leaf.” – Gold Leaf Botanicals website

“Wow what a unique and special strain! I am somewhat partial to this green Riau. Very smooth…. and mood lift, and it really soothed and relaxed me. Worth every penny! Very impressed with goldleaf Kratom and their customer service plus fast shipping.” – Gold Leaf Botanicals website

“Everything you need for a great, productive day. Helped me to cheer up and it’s duration was longer than other green elephant brands I’ve tried.” – Gold Leaf Botanicals website

“Awesome effects profile! Strong and extremely uplifting! Recommend for anyone.” – Gold Leaf Botanicals website

Keep in mind that these reviews are pretty much the entire sum of feedback that Gold Leaf Botanicals has on their website. Even their Facebook doesn’t get any activity from customers, with their posts garnering zero comments and reactions each and every time.

Throughout Reddit, you may come across a large number of threads making mention of ‘Gold Leaf Botanicals’ in a fairly positive light. But be warned — these threads pertain to a vendor in Ontario, Canada that specializes in live plants.

So while it might seem that Gold Leaf Botanicals gets a whole lot of lovin’ from its consumer base, these threads talk about a different business entirely. That said, there are no threads that discuss this US-based Gold Leaf Botanicals, their products, or their services.


Gold Leaf Botanicals Complaints

You can’t please everyone. So even the most well-oiled kratom businesses get a few detractors here and there. Well, except Gold Leaf Botanicals. This vendor doesn’t seem to get any complaints anywhere on the web. But that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Based on all the information we’ve gathered, their lack of critical feedback is more likely because of their lack of popularity. Gold Leaf Botanicals is not a well-known name, so they have a limited consumer base.

It’s also possible that the vendor chooses to delete comments that don’t coincide with their ideals. Since feedback submitted to their website goes through an approval process, the vendor ultimately has the power to choose which comments get published and which don’t.


Gold Leaf Botanicals Discount Codes and Coupons

Gold Leaf Botanicals maintains a relatively active status on Facebook. The vendor posts promotional offers and discount coupons regularly through their socials. So it’s really worth checking out their pages if you’re looking to get a price cut on your order.

Aside from that, Gold Leaf Botanicals has a mailing list that they use to send promotions and discount vouchers straight to your email inbox.


Gold Leaf Botanicals Lab Testing

The vendor provides all lab reports through a dedicated page on their website. Here, buyers can download a PDF file to find their updated results for product testing.

It’s worth pointing out however that Gold Leaf Botanicals tests only for heavy metals and pathogens. They skip the mitragynine tests, so you can’t tell how much active ingredit you’re actually getting in each one of their products.


American Kratom Association Membership

Unfortunately, the vendor isn’t AKA affiliated. This simply means that they have yet to request an audit from the American Kratom Association — the regulatory body that aims to keep the kratom market safe for all buyers.

During an audit, the AKA comes over to check their facilities and procedures. If they can demonstrate clean, safe, and sanitized operations, then they get the Good Manufacturing Practices certification. All of that said, no one knows what happens at the Gold Leaf Botanicals headquarters and whether they run a clean operation.


Is Gold Leaf Botanicals Legit?

For whatever it’s worth, the vendor does provide a satisfaction guarantee. Their 30-day program lets you send back product that doesn’t match your expectations. However there are no reviews that explain the vendor’s return/refund procedure and how seamless (or tedious) it might be.

In all fairness, Gold Leaf Botanicals also hasn’t been involved in any legal battles concerning their products and services. And, unlike many other names on the market, their products have never been recalled for contamination. So all things considered, they still appear quite legitimate.


Should You Buy from Gold Leaf Botanicals?

In all honesty, Gold Leaf Botanicals possesses zero qualities that make it stand out as a kratom vendor. Their selection is the same stuff you’ll find anywhere else, just priced a little over the norm.

If the vendor had more positive reviews to its name, then it might be worth trying them out. But hey, if you’re just looking for a new experience and you want to say you’ve tried every vendor in the book, a small sample packet might not be too bad an idea.

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  1. Adam P says:

    This vendor is reliable with solid product, quality and service! I can’t believe more people have yet to shop here! Been buying from Rob for over a year now, and he has a plantation website called insense botanicals, also. Gold leaf 🍃 botanicals is harvested organically in the wild. Neither one of these types (sites) have EVER let me down. Talk to Rob! He’ll earn your trust.

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