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October 01, 2020

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Their range of kratom and other various botanicals make Get Kratom a suitable one-stop shop for buyers who have a penchant for all things natural. But despite their longevity on the kratom market, it seems that Get Kratom struggles to earn the trust of the majority of kratom buyers.

For the most part, their questionable business practices landed them in Reddit’s unspoken list of vendors not to try. And if that’s not reason enough for curious cats to steer clear, their sky-high prices should be the last nail in their coffin.


Get Kratom Product and Service Overview

Get Kratom sells quite the selection of botanicals and natural products. But of course, kratom remains the star of the show. They sell more than 10 different kratom strains, and a little less than 10 types of kratom extracts. All of these come neatly packaged in resealable standing kraft food-safe bags.

Branding-wise, the vendor tries what it can to make their product look professional and premium. Photos for their products however that showcase their kratom in what seems to be a backyard garden betray their low-cost marketing efforts.

Unlike other vendors that loudly display reviews and feedback through their website, Get Kratom leaves no room for buyers to leave comments about their products. Unfortunately for them, that leaves customers no choice but to check other sources for information about their products and services.

On Reddit, Get Kratom has received much less than a five-star rating. Aside from their allegedly inconsistent product and their expensive prices, Redditors are hyper-critical of the vendor’s questionable business practices. This pertains mostly to their methods of keeping up a positive online reputation.


Get Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Across the board, Get Kratom sells some of the most expensive kratom on the market. And while their smaller packets might seem within budget, crunching the numbers will reveal that they easily cost double the standard price (or more.)

Powders Starts at $10 for 28g Starts at $11.99 for 28g Starts at $8.49 for 28g
$150 for 450g $119.90 for 280g $127.95 for 455g
$300 for 1000g

These three vendors are some of the most expensive around. But even then, Get Kratom manages to stay close to these exorbitant prices with their high-cost speciosa.

Keep in mind that the prices listed above represent their cheapest kratom. Depending on the strain, Get Kratom can bump up their prices up to $14 per 28g or $450 for 1000g.

To put things into perspective, most kratom vendors sell their powders between 0.10¢ and 0.15¢ per gram. At Get Kratom, you can expect to pay up to 0.5¢ per gram — more than five times the price of kratom sold through other vendors.


Get Kratom Reviews

The vendor doesn’t allow buyers to leave reviews on their website. So, to find a consumer-generated footprint about Get Kratom’s products and services, you’ll have to check other sources like Reddit.

“Get Kratom has great Bali, and their white vein is great for the price, but I did order some bad green vein. I complained and they sent me a replacement white vein. Their Maeng Da was kind of shitty. But they have really good customer service.” – Reddit user

“I know there’s lots of drama about them but I personally LOVE their green indo. The only problem is they’re always out of it.” – Reddit user

“I buy from getkratom because they’re located close to me and I get my shipments from them quickly. I order the Bali and like it. Never had a problem and I didn’t realize they were disliked here. Not sure why, either.” – Reddit user

“I got my shipment in, and GK had included a whole ounce of the Green Vietnam. It really made my day, and was in my opinion excellent customer service.” – Reddit user

“GK has competitive pricing, quality products, but most of all they are really fast to ship. I’ve never waited more than three days.” – Reddit user


Get Kratom Complaints

Get Kratom’s owner is a moderator on a popular Subreddit, and thus exercises power over what gets posted on the sub. This has caused numerous kratom buyers to develop a bad impression of the vendor, on top of what they allege is poor quality kratom.

“The Mod kevin/ingenium are the same guy. All he does is promote his product on here then gets mad when others spam the forums. People got tired of his shit and decided to create a new kratom subreddit.” – Reddit user

“I got some kratom from this vendor a few weeks ago and the quality was shit. I didn’t feel anything. I ran out a few days ago so I ordered from them since it came overnight, and I had another order coming in a few days and didn’t wanna WD. Today, I took 8 grams, waited, then nothing. About an hour later I took 6 more grams, so I’m now up to 14 grams in me and don’t feel [a thing.]” – Reddit user

“My first order was from Get Kratom. It was trash.” – Reddit user

“I think a lot of people dislike them for reasons that aren’t related to ordering.” – Reddit user

“I’ve ordered a total of about 10oz from them over the past 6 mths or so. It was good quality in the beginning but last batch of Bali I got was weak af. So, I can’t vouch for the consistency. Might try another place.” – Reddit user


Get Kratom Discount Codes and Coupons

Get Kratom gives its website members a voucher wallet where they can access the latest discounts and promos from the brand. Non-members can get access to similar discount codes by signing up for their mailing list.

To clear out their inventory, Get Kratom regularly hosts sales on site. Prices are automatically adjusted to reflect the price cuts. So, it helps to check back if you’re looking to get a discounted kratom haul.


Get Kratom Lab Testing

Get Kratom makes no mention of lab testing on their website. However, because lots of vendors test their product without actually parading their reports online, it’s tough to say whether Get Kratom actually submits their products for testing or not. 

The only downside of course is that there’s no way to tell whether the products are free of contamination, and what percentage of mitragynine exists in each one.


American Kratom Association Membership

Get Kratom is not an AKA-affiliated vendor. That means the brand has not submitted itself to the Good Manufacturing Practices audit. For some buyers, this might pose a problem since the AKA-GMP stands to protect consumers from potentially dangerous, and contaminated product that’s handled in poor facilities with improper techniques.


Is Get Kratom Legit?

Aside from their history with shilling, spamming, and silencing their critics, it seems Get Kratom is a legitimate source of okay product. The vendor hasn’t been involved in any legal cases with the authorities or with their buyers. And as of writing, no batches of their kratom products have been recalled for contamination.


Should You Buy From Get Kratom?

While prices for their smaller packets seem within budget, Get Kratom’s expensive bulk bags might not be a practical choice for repeat buyers who need a steady stash of kratom. And despite a bad reputation concerning shilling, there are still buyers out there who will vouch for the vendor’s product quality.

At the end of the day, there’s no harm in giving their products a try. But if you’re careful about lab testing and AKA-GMP compliance, Get Kratom’s offers might not be up to your standards.

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