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October 06, 2021

Fisher Tea Company

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You’ve probably never heard of them, but Fisher Tea Co. is easily a cult favorite. Perhaps one of the kratom industry’s best kept secrets, this vendor holds the trust and patronage of a solid customer base of kratom veterans.

Beloved for their high quality speciosa and no-frills branding, Fisher Tea Co. keeps things real with their authentic indie vibe. And while their prices might not be particularly low, their uncompromising kratom quality makes customers happy to spend the extra few bucks.


Fisher Tea Co. Product and Service Overview

The Fisher Tea Co. website obviously lacks any sort of wow factor. The basic chunk of cyber space looks drab and amateurish. Interestingly however, this utilitarian vibe typically rings well with veterans and connoisseurs who believe that truly good quality kratom rests in the hands of indie vendors.

On site, the vendor dodges words like ‘kratom’ and ‘mitragyna speciosa’ in favor of substitutes like ‘Asian tea.’ They sell powders, capsules, extracts, and their own signature blends that they allegedly carefully mix together to highlight the effects of each component.

What’s particularly alluring about the Fisher Tea Co. line-up, it’s that they label their products by batch. This makes it easier for buyers to guarantee that they’re getting the same quality speciosa even if they’re buying product months later.

Just like most other vendors, Fisher Tea Co. provides room on their website for buyers to leave comments about their products. To their benefit, most of the reviews they receive express nothing but positive experiences. But then again, they are ultimately in control of which comments get posted.

That’s why most first time buyers look to other resources to find information about the vendor. On Reddit and Google, the vendor maintains its positive reputation and continues to receive largely optimistic feedback from their customers. On their Google Business Page, the vendor touts a flat 5-star rating based off of 44 reviews.


Fisher Tea Co. Product Cost and Price Comparison

Fisher Tea Co.’s products come at slightly higher prices than what you might be used to. In some ways, they might even be more expensive than some head shop vendors on the scene. So customers who need to stay within a certain budget might find the brand’s products to be a little out of reach.

Powders Starts at $8 for 28g Starts at $9.99 for 28g Starts at $12.64 for 30g
$80 for 500g $35.99 for 112g $22.27 for 100g
$130 for 1000g $204.99 for 1kg $75.57 for 1000g
Capsules Starts at $7 for 28g (approximately 40ct) Starts at $20 for 100ct Starts at $15.08 for 65ct


What you’ll notice about Fisher Tea Co. is that the prices for their smaller packets turn out to be more economical than other vendors on the table. Their 28g packets sell for just $8, bringing the product to a cost of 0.29¢ per gram.

This might not look too cheap up front, but when you crunch the numbers, both Happy Hippo and Carolina arrive at more expensive prices per gram at 0.36¢ and 0.45¢ respectively.

But as you approach kilogram territory, this is where Fisher Tea Co.’s products become slightly more expensive. Their kilos sell for a price per gram of 0.13¢ or a full $130 per bag. This pales in comparison to Carolina that offers to sell whole kilos for only $75.57 or 0.075¢ per gram — almost half the price.


Fisher Tea Co. Customer Reviews

So maybe their kilograms might be a tad expensive compared to other vendors. That doesn’t seem to deter their solid base of customers. If anything, Fisher Tea Co. has established itself as a reliable source of quality kratom

“Always fast to respond. Trusted and very hardworking company of the highest standards. (In my opinion) For the price, there is no competition! Quality over quantity.” – Fisher Tea Co. Website

“Love the sampler option. Great way to try new strains! Best product on the market and fantastic customer service. Tyler, your products have given me back my life!” – Fisher Tea Co. Website

“Fisher is just an exceptional place of business, and I will forever be a loyal customer!! They are dependable, and never let you down in products, or service!!” – Google reviews

“I can’t say enough about the quality and service that you receive when you order from Fishers Botanicals! I’ve been a customer for about 5 years and have never had a bad experience in fact quite the opposite! There’s always a chance to ask any questions you may have.” – Google reviews

“I ordered from this company a while back when I was looking for places that actually had stock. I bought 14 different 1oz packages of different red strains to sample. Overall, their products are pretty good. I would definitely recommend[.] – Reddit user


Fisher Tea Co. Complaints

With such a positive reputation, it’s tough to find any negative comments about the Fisher Tea Co. brand. If you force it though, you might find a few reviews that point out potential areas of improvement.

“I realize their prices aren’t the best, but they seem to have decent products and plenty of stock.” – Reddit user

“Not the cheapest products but their quality definitely makes up for it.” – Reddit user


Fisher Tea Co. Discount Codes and Coupons

Fisher Tea Co. Understands that their prices aren’t necessarily the lowest around. So they do what they can to try to dial down the cost and make their products more attainable for customers with limited budgets.

So aside from their mailing list, you also have the option to join their private Facebook group. Here, the vendor shares exclusive discounts and promotional offers. The group includes some 3,700 members and also provides the vendor’s patronage to come together and share experiences across the community.


Fisher Tea Co. Lab Testing

At a glance, Fisher Tea Co. makes no mention of lab testing anywhere on their website. But according to reviews posted online, the vendor freely and openly sends out copies of their lab testing results to buyers who make the request.

On top of that, the vendor is one of the few that actually separates their products by batch instead of simply by strain. This means that the vendor’s lab reports more accurately represent each product since they don’t mix batches together.


American Kratom Association Membership

If Fisher Tea Co. were accredited by the AKA, there’s no information online to prove it. A quick Google search reveals that the vendor has no affiliation with the AKA, and they don’t seem GMP certified either.

So what, you ask? Well, Good Manufacturing Practices certification proves that a vendor’s procedures and facilities are clean, safe, and sanitary. Since they never submitted their brand for an evaluation, no one can know for sure whether Fisher Tea Co. practices proper techniques to minimize the risk of contamination.


Is Fisher Tea Co. Legit?

This should probably be the last question on your mind. With a thick collection of positive reviews and virtually zero complaints, this vendor proves that they mean serious business.

Aside from not having their name involved in any reports of scams, fraud, product recalls, or legal battles, the vendor doesn’t even get shipping delay complaints. So all things considered, they’re about as legitimate as a kratom brand can get.


Should You Try Fisher Tea Co.?

Maybe you’ve been searching for a reliable vendor for a while now. If that’s the case, then Fisher Tea Co. might be just for you.

These guys have secured the trust of thousands of customers who vouch for their products. And while their prices might not be the lowest on the block, you can trust that they make up for it with sheer quality.

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  1. parsobr
    Active Commenter

    This is the absolute best kratom site or business that you want to get involved with when it comes to this product. They have any and every kind of kratom that you could ever ask for, Plus many other items that are very unique and hard to find. Have the absolute best customer service and actually put the customer first on a one to one basis. Family owned and it shows. Been using them for years and have no plans of ever going anywhere else. I highly recommend that you check this place out. I promise you will not be disappointed. Very high quality when it comes to potency and quality.

  2. amstevens
    Active Commenter

    Fisher Tea Company is the real deal. 100x better than you can get at a headshop or gas station. They buy the purest product available, have a huge selection (greens, reds and whites) and even mix their own products for new, impressive formulas. If I were you, I’d definitely take a look at their website and you’ll definitely find something you’ll be impressed with. I’ve been with them for a couple of years and won’t be leaving.

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