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October 01, 2020

EZ Kratom

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Vendor Description

EZ Kratom first opened its doors in 2012, and started out with the vision of providing buyers quality kratom at reasonable prices. The humble start-up had two kratom enthusiasts at the helm and soon gained traction by engaging with buyers directly on forums like Reddit.

Today, EZ Kratom enjoys recognition as one of the most popular wholesale kratom vendors of its kind. Being one of the few vendors offering powders at weights of up to 10kg without a wholesale partner sign-up, they cater to both retail buyers and budding business owner hopefuls looking to start a small kratom enterprise.


EZ Kratom Product and Service Overview

EZ Kratom sets itself apart with their large kratom bags that weigh up to 10 kilograms each. This makes it easier for buyers to access bulk kratom without having to sign up as a wholesale partner and wait for approval. All of their powders come in weights of 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg, and 10kg.

And in true wholesale kratom vendor fashion, EZ Kratom also offers capsules and extracts in large quantities. Their capsules come in bags of up to 5,000 caps each, and their ultra-enhanced kratom products come in bags up to 1kg in weight.

All of these products arrive at your doorstep in sealed kraft stand-up pouches. These branded resealable bags are a step-up from the packaging the brand used to use when they were just starting out. Back then, EZ Kratom got flak from buyers for packing their products in zip-lock bags. 

And since the brand was big on pleasing their customers, they quickly responded by upgrading their packaging which also meant upgrading their branding. Today, a visit to the official EZ Kratom website will show you just how far the brand has come along.

Their clean, simple interface is impressively easy to navigate. They also provide tons of helpful information on all of their product pages so you won’t have to reach out with questions through their contact form.

Nonetheless, if you do have any concerns or inquiries, the vendor is known for their prompt customer support. EZ Kratom built its positive reputation by being actively involved in their customers’ concerns and showing sincere interest in the satisfaction of all of their buyers.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that they haven’t received complaints in the past. Reviews for their products can be found through their website, and throughout the web. And while a negative review might pop up now and again, a large majority of the feedback they receive highlights a positive experience from their buyers.


EZ Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

For the record, EZ Kratom’s products aren’t what you would call the cheapest kratom around. In fact, their products might be a little more expensive than the usual budget kratom brands you’ll find. But even then, their prices still fall right within the average prices for similar products.

Here’s how EZ Kratom fairs in comparison to their closest competition:

Powders Starts at $45 for 250g Starts at $20 for 100g Starts at $6.99 for 28g
$120 for 1kg $84.99 for 1kg $114.99 for 1kg
$512.50 for 5kg $350 for 5kg $425 for 5kg
$1,000 for 10kg $750 for 10kg
Capsules Starts at $25 for 100ct Starts at $42.99 for 250g Starts at $9.99 for 50ct
$175 for 1000ct $128.99 for 1000g $59.99 for 400ct
$687.50 for 5000ct

At EZ Botanicals, prices for kratom range from 0.18¢ to 0.10¢ per gram. Being objective, that’s not exactly outside of the average cost for kratom across the market. But even then, other vendors like those listed above can offer their bulk kratom at just 0.07¢ per gram.

It’s worth pointing out however that EZ Kratom doesn’t really try to be the cheapest kratom vendor on the block. Plus, it’s not like their kratom is exorbitantly priced. For penny-pinching buyers however who want to spend as little as possible, it’s obvious that there are cheaper options than EZ Kratom out there.


Aside from their powders and capsules, EZ Kratom also offers an ultra-enhanced line of kratom powders. These come at a slightly more expensive price versus their basic powders and capsules.


  • $77.60 for 75g
  • $139.90 for 150g
  • $206.80 for 250g
  • $399 for 500g
  • $699.99 for 1000g


Buyers looking for something a little more potent might enjoy the vendor’s 25x Gold Full Spectrum Kratom Powder Extract. Prices are as follows:


  • $106.8 for 25g
  • $185.95 for 50g
  • $280.80 for 75g
  • $350.75 for 100g
  • $699.99 for 250g


EZ Kratom Customer Reviews

For the most part, EZ Kratom enjoys a relatively positive reputation throughout the market. Most of their buyers leave favorable feedback for the vendor thanks to their prompt customer support, quality product, and fast shipping times.

The kratom is above average, but it isn’t top of the shelf like Oties or Mitraman. One thing I can say for sure is that I have to give a shoutout to Chandler from EZ Kratom. They were very very kind and courteous, and responded extremely fast every time (some of the fastest responses I’ve gotten lol)” – Reddit user

They were very nice and responsive to my emails. I got the white horn and red Bali. Both products seemed great. The reason I am writing this review of sorts is because of the customer service I received when I made a minor complaint. I won’t go into details, but they more than went out of their way to fix the issue, and in an impressively timed manner.” – Reddit user

Great product, great prices and amazing customer support. The point system is a great way to save money. Free and fast shipping.” – EZ Kratom website

I have been 100% satisfied with your product, it is a 5 star rating from the friendly staff, the easy order and delivery is quick every time. I would recommend your product to anyone who is experiencing kratom on any level.” – EZ Kratom website

Kratom is always consistent and customer service is always quick to respond. If I’ve ever had a concern customer care process will leave you feeling glad to have reached out. Results are above and beyond normal.” – EZ Kratom website


EZ Kratom Complaints

Back when they were just starting out, EZ Kratom received numerous complaints from buyers who claimed they were a struggling start-up that lacked professionalism. While they have worked hard to upgrade their products and services, EZ Kratom still receives the occasional complaint now and again.

First time I went through them, they shorted me over 100g’s on a 250g order. They fixed the mistake promptly, so props for that. The stuff just seemed old, stale. Low quality IMHO. I think I had Green MD and Red Vein.” – Reddit user

I think they’re college students on a short budget, hence the unprofessionalism compared to other larger vendors. I probably won’t be ordering from them unless they have some really good deals or unique products coming out.” – Reddit user

Horrible prices. I can get real top shelf shit from for those prices. I know it’s worth the extra cost then. Even with a membership there, I still don’t pay that much. […] Don’t buy from people like this that are price gouging newbies.” – Reddit user

The quality is good and turnaround time is also good. But the bags always fall apart. I’m constantly losing kratom to spills because after a week the bag doesn’t seal correctly. It’s very upsetting when you spill half of your bag because the bag doesn’t close correctly.” – EZ Kratom website

Hey guys I’ve been ordering from you guys for years and was pretty satisfied with the product and service until recently. I ordered a kilo of GMD. It was sent in a different bag that was open. And one third of the product was wasted, plus it wasn’t quality product.” – EZ Kratom website


EZ Kratom Coupons and Discount Codes

Just like most other kratom vendors, EZ Kratom touts a newsletter that gives buyers access to exclusive discounts and promotional offers. For loyal, repeat customers, they offer a rewards program that incentivizes all of the different transactions and interactions a buyer makes with the brand.

Customers can earn points which are valued at $1 for every 100 points. Every dollar spent in store earns buyers 5 points, but various other interactions can garner points such as leaving a review or creating an account.


EZ Kratom Lab Tests

EZ Kratom doesn’t indicate on any of their product pages whether their products have been tested for contamination and mitragynine content. They don’t claim anywhere on their site or elsewhere around the web that they inspect their products prior to sale.

The only mention of lab tests on their website occurs on a blog post about lab testing. Even then, we can’t draw any conclusions as to whether the vendor evaluates their kratom before offering their products to the general public.


American Kratom Association Membership

EZ Kratom is not a member of the American Kratom Association (AKA). This consumer-led initiative operates with the goal of keeping buyers safe from potentially dangerous products. By regulating the market, the AKA hopes to support kratom legislation and eradicate contaminated product from the market.

Without an AKA Good Manufacturing Practices certificate, the EZ Kratom brand can’t guarantee that they comply with the safety and sanitation standards set forth by the AKA.


Is EZ Kratom Legit?

Despite not being an AKA-GMP certified vendor, EZ Kratom has yet to be involved in any legal cases. None of their products have been recalled by the FDA, and neither have they had any run ins with the feds since they started out on the market.


Should You Buy From EZ Kratom?

While their prices might not be the cheapest, EZ Kratom’s bulk bags of kratom definitely come with their own appeal. Offering a wide range of strains and large quantities of powders, capsules, and extracts, EZ Kratom gets its edge by offering products in bag sizes that many others fear to tread.

If you’re particular about AKA-GMP certification and lab tests, EZ Kratom might not be able to show the proof to secure your trust. Nonetheless, their clean history and their dedication to customer satisfaction still makes them a viable choice for thousands of kratom buyers across the country.

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