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October 01, 2020

Etha Natural Botanicals

Ships from: Reno, Nevada, USA
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In an attempt to distinguish itself from the sea of other vendors, ETHA Natural Botanicals adds a unique twist to their kratom selection. Not only do they sell hard-pressed kratom tablets, they also skip the whole strain situation. Instead, their products come in varieties like SunRise, SunSet, and WorkOut, to name a few.


Obviously, the gimmicky approach to kratom sent ETHA into certain stardom within just a few months of opening their doors. Their polished branding also played a role in their initial popularity. But that positive reception would soon be watered down by what buyers ultimately described as substandard kratom product.


ETHA Natural Botanicals Product and Service Overview

ETHA places significant value on their branding. So, their entire website is chocked full of information about their products and their company. According to their (lengthy) About Us page, the vendor claims to stand as a science-based manufacturer that aims to ‘make natural medicine credible through trustworthy manufacturing.”

And while that might look good on paper, ETHA has long received backlash for these statements. According to kratom experts and enthusiasts, the vendor’s marketing strategy almost peddles kratom as a dietary supplement or a medicinal product. And as we all know, behavior like this can risk kratom freedom for the whole community.

When it comes to their products, ETHA proudly boasts selling the first ever range of kratom hard-pressed tablets. These products come in a variety of blends that claim to provide targeted results. For instance, their SunRise tablets offer pain relief and enhanced energy levels to get you started on your day.

According to the vendor, these tablets contain 100% mitragyna speciosa. But numerous Redditors question that claim. Because of the texture of kratom powder, it’s impossible to press them into tablets without using a binding agent. So, to say that the ETHA tablets contain only speciosa teeters on the edge of false advertising.

The vendor also offers powders, teas, and extracts, but those seem more like an afterthought compared to their flagship tablets. All of these products arrive in standing, resealable bags that tout beautiful designs and colorful patterns that scream ‘premium’ product.

And as you might have expected, the prices are pretty premium, too. ETHA’s tablets come at painfully expensive prices. The same can be said for their kratom powders which cost double the price of the usual powder product.


ETHA Natural Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

It’s hard to imagine anyone turning to ETHA as their go-to. That’s mainly because the vendor’s prices exceed the standard. Their tablets cost top dollar. And because you’ll need a handful of tabs to achieve your desired effects, it might not be too practical to use them for your usual kratom fix.

Powders Starts at $13.49 for 30g Starts at $11.95 for 28g Starts at $17 for 100g
$109.99 for 500g $59.95 for 250g $79 for 1kg
$149.99 for 1000g $179.95 for 1000g $345 for 5kg
Tablets Starts at $1.49 for 2.4g (8ct) Starts at $27.95 for 40g (50ct) (Capsules)
$17.49 for 30g (100ct) Starts at $25 for 100g
$349.99 for 1000g (3,334ct) $160 for 1000g

Super Natural Botanicals is the only other popular vendor that sells kratom tablets. And by comparison, their kratom picks come at a slightly more expensive price versus ETHA. But that doesn’t necessarily make ETHA the budget-friendly choice.

By gram, ETHA’s powders cost between 0.45¢ and 0.15¢. Tablets on the other hand cost between 0.19¢ and 0.10¢ per piece. According to most experienced kratom users, you’ll need an average of about 12 tablets to start feeling any of the kratom’s effects. So, every dose will set you back an estimated $2.28 bucks.

Keep in mind that there are other vendors out there that sell powders for as little as 0.06¢ per gram. At Moon Kratom, you can even get capsules for the ultra-low price of just 0.016¢ per piece. With capsules, you’ll only need about four to six pieces to achieve your therapeutic threshold.


ETHA Natural Botanicals Customer Reviews

Let it be known that despite all of their shortcomings and hiccups, ETHA still manages to get quite a lot of positive reviews. Most of these of course exist on their website. But there are a few sources online where you might be able to find some optimistic remarks about the vendor and their products.

“I’m so happy I’ve found a company and a product I can believe in that really works for me. #livefully” – ETHA website

“Just wanted to say thank you to ETHA for giving me back my life. Love your botanical tablets!” – ETHA website

“I was hesitant to switch from my kratom vendor but after trying a sample pack, I fell in love with these tablets. Thanks for coming up with these tiny little miracles!” – ETHA website

“I got free samples of the sunrise and sunset tablets. Very convenient!” – Reddit

“Received my samples today, which was 4 packets of Full Spectrum tablets. Totally free and they even paid for the shipping too. Let me just say that they we frickin AWESOME! I will be ordering from them again. I urge you to try their samples if you have any doubts.” – Reddit


ETHA Natural Botanicals Complaints

ETHA Natural Botanicals gets more critical reviews than praise, and for good reasons. For the most part, customers who feel unhappy about their experience with the vendor complain of poor product potency and cost.

“Don’t use ETHAbotanicals. They are triple the price of all other vendors. Their product is so weak the recommend taking it all day and all night long. So, you get addicted. Bunch of scumbags getting rich off addicts they are creating.” – Reddit

“I was so excited about their tablets and thought I’d feel it lots more than capsules. I made the mistake of buying quite a bit and I didn’t feel shit either. I tried almost every blend and strain they have. For how expensive they are I can’t figure out why I literally felt no effects. Ended up throwing it all away!” – Reddit

“Worst vendor ever. Etha’s kratom is stale and bland. Its bulk tarp dried garbage. Literally worst leaf I have ever tried. I wrote a review on their Facebook. They begged for me to take it down and they would send a better product. I took the review down and they blocked me.” – Reddit

“The only reason I’m writing this review is because multiple contacts with your support staff via email have been useless. I can’t even get anyone to call me. [One of your staff] even claimed that someone left me a voicemail which was untrue.” – ETHA website

“I used to use ETHA Kratom when I first started a couple years ago. Big waste of money. They market their products as SunRise, MidDay, SunSet, etc., to the point you’re taking 6 doses a day. All that does is raise tolerance. Take more [kratom] more frequently. Also was always old stale leaf. Definitely bought by the ton. Their consistency is all over the place.” – Reddit


ETHA Natural Botanicals Discount Codes

Just like any other kratom vendor, ETHA offers coupons and discount codes through their mailing list. Sign-up can be found at the bottom of their website. For buyers who want to get routine discounts, the vendor also offers a subscriptions package.

Signing up for a subscription can get you up to 30% off on regular store prices. You can also opt for their bundles and deals that come at reasonably marked down prices.


ETHA Natural Botanicals Lab Testing

ETHA claims to pay particular attention to lab testing. The vendor says they send their samples to both a third-party lab testing facility and an in-house testing facility. They check their kratom for both contamination and mitragynine content.

Results for their tests are not available on their website, however. The most information that the vendor provides can be found on the product packaging. Here, they indicate the lot number, and the product’s mitragynine and 7OH mitragynine content.


American Kratom Association Membership

Yes, ETHA Natural Botanicals is an AKA-affiliated vendor. The brand successfully passed the AKA’s Good Manufacturing Practices evaluation. This rigorous inspection involves assessing a vendor for the following:

  • Clean, sanitized facilities
  • Properly maintained, clean equipment
  • Qualified, trained, and knowledgeable employees
  • Ethical, sustainable, and standardized procedures

ETHA Natural Botanicals passes all of the AKA’s standards in these areas. And according to the vendor, they even go ‘beyond’ the AKA’s GMP standards by imposing their own quality assurance measures. These include triple filtration, harvest quarantine, and ultra-high heat pasteurization.


Is ETHA Natural Botanicals Legit?

The worst comments about ETHA Natural Botanicals take a jab at their product quality, customer service, and their prices. But even with all the negative press, the vendor still isn’t what you might call a scam brand.

Without any history involving unfulfilled orders, FDA recalls, or lawsuits, ETHA Natural Botanicals still stands as a legitimate source of kratom products. Whether or not you like their products is ultimately up to your preferences and standards.


Should You Buy from ETHA Natural Botanicals?

Buyers looking to try something new might find the novel idea of kratom tablets worth a shot. ETHA Natural Botanicals products’ definitely pass safety standards, so there’s really nothing to worry about in that department.

However, if you’re a penny pinching kratom buyer, you might find the brand’s kratom products a little on the expensive side. And with past customers complaining about bunk quality, ETHA might be more of a one-time fling than a go-to.

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  1. Customer service is basically non-existent. Having trouble checking out and they blame me, saying I tried too many times. They lied about how many times they responded and the issue it still not fixed. I would not recommend this company if you want to go through a company that has awesome customer service.

  2. J tosa says:

    Way overpriced. Guys are theives. They use the whole leaf stem and vein which takes away potency. Products are weak and in effective. Avoid like the plague.

  3. Shaun B says:

    Once I found Etha, with their pressed tablets and travel packs, there was no looking back. A little pricey, but worth it. As i get older, I am more aware about what I put in my body. So the piece of mind with lab tested products to the ease of use with the pressed tabs, it’s a win-win. I must also mention that that the quality is up there too, potent stuff. I definitely recommend starting at half your regualr dose.

  4. Michelle says:

    I will be a loyal Etha customer. I have tried a couple other companies, one of which had some of the most chatter online. No comparison. I’m using more of the other guys and just feeling like I’ve had too much caffeine. I take very little etha, and it helps with my chronic back pain and migraines. It also offers a general feeling of well being. And that’s all at about half of the recommended dose.

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