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October 01, 2020


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Beloved by many, Enhanciosa once took a top spot alongside other reputable kratom vendors during its time. The brand enjoyed a short stint of successful business, loads of organic support from customers, and of course, seriously satisfying revenue. But in 2020, all of that seemed to fizzle out.

Two years after posting on their website about a temporary closure, Enhanciosa still hasn’t resurfaced. And because of its positive reputation throughout the kratom scene, it’s tough to come up with the answers to why this vendor decided to close its doors.


Enhanciosa Product and Service Overview

You can’t really talk about Enhanciosa without mentioning Joel. The man behind the brand started out as a one-man-show. His micro-sized business didn’t have a lot of machinery and relied solely on his humble effort to bring buyers quality kratom.

However, despite the miniscule size of his operation versus the existing kratom juggernauts, Joel stood out as the little train that could. His approach was much more intimate and personal, communicating directly with customers at the grass roots level. It wasn’t uncommon to find Joel taking part in discussions on forums like Reddit.

The guy was a stand-up, class A act. He showed empathy and concern for his customers, and that rubbed them up all the right ways. So, within just a few years, Joel managed to size up his business with a fully functional, polished e-commerce storefront.

Things started to get rocky when good ol’ Joel was accused of shilling. Heavily frowned upon in the kratom community, kratom customers were turned off by Joel’s desperate tactics. Some even claimed to boycott his brand all together because of his shady marketing tactics.

In 2020, Joel announced a temporary closure of his Enhanciosa website. However, the brand has yet to re-emerge since that original announcement. In fact, the vendor seems to have surrendered his kratom plight all together. Aside from shutting down the website, Joel also deleted his Reddit user profile.


Enhanciosa Product Cost and Price Comparison

Plenty of other vendors offer much lower prices than Enhanciosa. But that doesn’t necessarily make their products expensive. If anything, Enhanciosa’s reasonable pricing played an integral role in their widespread success, especially considering the kind of quality they used to provide.

Powders Starts at $8 for 28g Starts at $3.80 for 25g Starts at $7.99 for 28g
$88 for 1000g $79 for 1kg $89.99 for 450g

But even then, Enhanciosa’s slightly more expensive kratom fell right within the standard range of prices for kratom. Buyers also considered the fact that Enhanciosa sold consistently high quality product. So, for that, they were willing to pay the small increase.Calculating prices per gram can help you identify expensive kratom. By the gram, Enhanciosa’s powders sold for between 0.088¢ and 0.29¢. Obviously, these aren’t the cheapest prices you’ll find. Canopy Botanicals for instance offers their kilograms for just 0.079¢ per gram. Others even manage 0.06¢ per gram.


Enhanciosa Customer Reviews

Even years after their abrupt closure, Enahnciosa’s mark on the kratom market remains. Countless Reddit threads discuss the vendor, their products, and their spot-on customer service that truly made their buyers feel like more than just consumers.

“They have some damn good kratom. I can’t really review individual strains right now because I accidentally mixed the capsules up. […] Although I had some shipping problems and was missing a strain I bought [,] the customer service is the definition of southern hospitality and they took good care of it. I recommend Enhanciosa to anyone” – Reddit user

“The site was down when I ordered so it all had to be done via email, which I initially thought was going to be a hassle. But their customer service is so friendly and personal that it ended up being more of a pleasure. They were even kind enough to guide me as to which strains I might enjoy more. The shipping was quick and the product is top notch, I really can’t say enough good things about them. Thanks Joel! You’ve earned yourself a loyal customer!” – Reddit user

“I have ordered only from Enhanciosa in the past 3 months and am not going anywhere. Enhanciosa has my business until I quit kratom.” – Reddit user

“We’ve been ordering Kratom from Joel for a while now and can’t say enough good things about him and his company! Great prices, reliable product and fantastic customer service.” – Enhanciosa Facebook page

“Best kratom. Hands down. I have tried every brand trust me. The product Joel produces tops any and every brand of the at least 50 I’ve tried. I’ll be looking no further, I’ll forever be a customer of his!” – Enhanciosa Facebook page


Enhanciosa Complaints

While customers love and enjoy Enhanciosa’s products, others find reason to complain about their business practices. One /kratom Subreddit moderator called out and even suspended Enhanciosa for shilling on their threads. Of course, the whole post became a venue for kratom users to toss around a few nasty comments.

“I’m a big fan of Joel as a person and his product speaks for itself but resorting to underhanded shilling in a sub that’s built on trust is unforgivable. I’m shocked and not shocked. Worst part is I have to cut ties with one of my favorite vendors because trust and honesty is an unbreakable requirement with anyone whom I choose to do business with.” – Reddit user

“Seems like the complete opposite of Joel… what a shame. Not sure what vendor to turn to now since Joel was my main and didn’t plan on stopping but I hate being lied to.” – Reddit user

“I had pleasant interactions with Joel and had no issues with his product. I know several people around here were fans and I saw nothing but support for him in this community. It may seem silly but I feel like we’ve been let down by a friend.” – Reddit user

“That’s a shame. I liked the guy. He did not need to do that.” – Reddit user 

“I still think Joel is a good dude, he just made some wrong decisions. We all make mistakes, it’s a shame that his lapse in judgement has brought his time on Reddit to an end.” – Reddit user


Enhanciosa Lab Testing

Vendors test their products for two reasons. The first is to make sure that their products aren’t contaminated by microbes, heavy metals, biological adulterants, and other harmful substances. The second is to detect mitragynine levels and somehow pinpoint the products’ potency.

There’s no information that indicates whether Enhanciosa tested any of their products. Reddit forums, websites, and their Facebook page do not offer any insight as to the status of the vendor’s testing practices.


American Kratom Association Membership

The AKA’s purpose is to evaluate vendors based off of their Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards. This checks whether a vendor abides by certain quality assurance protocol that focuses on their facilities, equipment, employees, and procedures.

A brand can submit itself to an AKA-GMP audit. If they pass, they get certified. This means that every aspect of the vendor’s operations minimizes the risk of contamination. Based on information from the web, Enhanciosa never submitted itself for the AKA audit.


Is Enhanciosa Legit?

They definitely used to be. But towards the end of their run, the vendor was found shilling on Reddit — a tactic that ultimately had them banned from kratom Subreddits. They also reportedly failed to ship out paid orders, however some buyers claim to have received refunds, albeit delayed.

While it’s not clear why Enhanciosa fell into such a degraded state, some Redditors suspect that the owner dealt with mental issues. Regardless, the brand never had any legal cases and neither were any of their products recalled.


Alternatives to Enhanciosa

Enhanciosa’s story just proves that even the best vendors can slip up. Despite all of the negative publicity that the brand received towards the close of its operation, most kratom users will remember Enhanciosa as one of the best vendors of its time.

Fortunately, many others have replaced Enhanciosa since its exit from the kratom scene. And performing your fair share of due diligence should help you find these alternative go-to sources for high quality kratom that’s just within budget.

Star Light Kratom


  1. Danielle says:

    This was my first time ordering with Enhanciosa and with cashapp payment- which I struggled with, it failed at first- and I had to use Zelle. When my order got in I was shocked at how fast the shipping was. The packaging was clean and there was a personalized note from the vendor, which was so nice to see. The note was so kind- he explained he noticed how I had troubles with ordering and threw in more kratom for me- it was so surprising to see something like that these days. But above all- the kratom was superb quality! Thank you Enhanciosa!

  2. Dave H. says:

    I’ve used about 9 vendors and Enhanciosa is my go-to. There is no marketing BS, and there is a very human quality to the whole experience. Considering the lack of marketing or frills, I imagine Enhanciosa manages to stay afloat because they consistently sell great product for the price. I’ve never had a bad batch, and there is 1-3 day priority shipping for free. Last, the customer service really is great. I normally don’t care about customer service because I’m so used to terrible correspondence with vendors, but Joel has gotten back to me within an hour the few times I’ve emailed him. The combo of good price, no frills, and great customer service makes this vendor my preferred. If you are vigorously researching for a vendor like I was, I think you will be quite happy going with Enhanciosa. Also, their White Maeng Da Jong Kong is great.

    I tried to find some criticism which is why I knocked the quality a bit. It is hard to determine what a 5 in quality is because there is variance between strains and environmental factors. I think the strains I have had from Enhanciosa have been on par with the best kratom I’ve consumed from both local and online vendors. I did have one strain I didn’t enjoy as much, but it was also a strain I hadn’t messed with before (Green MD). As a result, I may just not like green strains as much. Otherwise, top notch stuff.

  3. Jamden
    Active Commenter

    I’ve been with Joel for several years, and it’s always the same. Consistently good product, fast shipping and personable service. For the past couple years I’ve been ordering the same strain. Every order I receive is exactly like the last one, no discernible difference; it’s always good.

    Thanks man,


  4. Gunnar Monical says:

    Joel and his company Enhanciosa is the hidden gem of the world of kratom. The lowest prices you will find ANYWHERE and the quality is amazing! Taste like matcha green tea and little to no nasty, gritty, aftertaste that are common with most kratom powders. There is also tons of strains to choose from so there is something for everyone. I have been getting green hulu and it is hands down the best kratom I have ever had. Joel is such a customer-oriented business owner as well, both times I messed up sending bitcoin to him since I am new at cryptocurrency and he fixed and shipped my order minutes after I emailed him about it. I can’t say enough great things about Joel and Enhanciosa.

  5. jackrabbit
    Active Commenter

    I wont buy from anyone else now that I found this company. The listed prices are great, especially considering they include shipping. The kratom is spot on what it is supposed to be. He ships to me from Austin to South Carolina never more than two days. (In other words every order is shipped that day from my personal experience.) And to top it all off the owner is a real nice guy. I had a service issue that he addressed when I was a new customer. He got a hold of me THAT day and took care of it. I really can’t recommend Enhanciosa enough.

  6. Patrick J Lucas says:

    Enchanchiosa is a great vendor, i ordered and received super fast shipping and excellent Green Maeng Da. Very happy and will be a repeat customer.

  7. Clay Stephens says:

    I now buy exclusively from Enhanciosa because of the high quality, top shelf customer service, ease of ordering and fantastic pricing! Look no further for a trusted vendor because you won’t find a better one. All my friends have now switched over and agree. Thanks to Joel and his team for setting the gold standard in all aspects of doing business. I couldn’t get the sliders to go past 4.9 but all fives from me…

  8. Erin Arthur says:

    very happy with my reds and they loaded me down with samples !! highly recommended!!

  9. Erin Arthur says:

    I found this vendor on Society Of The Green Dust Group via Philly Kratom.. awesome product! fantastic quality and great customer service !!

  10. Elijah Wheaton
    Active Commenter

    Recently received my split kilo order from Enhanciosa. My old vendor stopped selling kratom half a year ago, leading me to try a bunch of different vendors. So far, this has been my favorite. Decent selection, cheap and potent. Everything worked smoothly on my order, so I cannot comment on their customer service. If your vendor is going up in price or you want to try a new vendor, I absolutely recommend Enhanciosa.

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