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October 01, 2020


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The latest fresh-faced vendor hoping to make it on the kratom scene comes in the form of Edengrows. Without much of an online reputation, this vendor has decided to take on the herculean task of facing off with well-established competition. And they hope to do that by way of their quality product.

With a wide selection of powders and capsules, Edengrows hopes to capture the attention of the kratom consumer base. But more than that, the vendor takes the leap with a flexible 30-days return so customers feel assured that there’s nothing to lose.


Edengrows Product and Service Overview

Since Edengrows hasn’t been around for too long, the vendor’s website isn’t quite as polished as its competitors. The minimalist approach to web design definitely helps to make browsing and online shopping a little less cumbersome.

You’ll notice though that the pictures used for their products are all stock images. For customers who prefer getting a more accurate visual, the seemingly lazy take on product presentation might dissuade one or two buyers.

Nonetheless, simply navigating the website proves to be quite simple. Within a few clicks, you should find exactly what you’re looking for. And of course, for most visitors, that would be the vendor’s extensive kratom selection.

Here’s where things get interesting. As you click the kratom tab, the website redirects you to a solid range of kratom products that can have you browsing for longer than you usually do. Their vast selection includes quite a few rarities, which may tickle the interest of kratom enthusiasts who like to explore.

But while the selection might have you on the edge of your seat, the prices for their products could easily douse your excitement. To be frank, Edengrows’ kratom isn’t cheap. In fact, they toe the line of higher end, expensive brands which may seem strange considering how new they are to the market.

To help with your due diligence, the vendor has a few reviews up for viewing on their website. These come straight from their customers, and can only be submitted by people who have actually competed a transaction.

Unfortunately, elsewhere on the internet, there seems to be no word or interest about Edengrows. Of course, we could attribute that to their being new. But even then, the lack of customer generated information makes it tough to fully trust in what they have to offer.


Edengrows Product Cost and Price Comparison

Pricing isn’t Edengrows’ strongest suit. The vendor’s kratom comes at particularly steep prices that make them inaccessible as a go-to. Nevertheless, they’re still not the most expensive on the scene. However, there are tons of other vendors that sell similar quality kratom for a fraction of the cost.


Powders Starts at $9.99 for 28g Starts at $8 for 28g Starts at $3.50 for 25g
$36.99 for 227g $80 for 500g $35 for 500g
$119.99 for 1000g $130 for 1000g $60 for 1000g
Capsules Starts at $12.99 for 25ct Starts at $7 for 28g (approximately 40ct) Starts at $5 for 30ct
$24.99 for 50ct $60 for 500ct
$46.99 for 100ct $100 for 1000ct


At a glance, $9.99 for 28g might not seem that expensive. But when you compare that price to other vendors who sell for as little as $3.5 for 25g, then you’ll realize that close to $10 actually isn’t that cheap. By the gram, that means paying 0.36¢ versus the much cheaper 0.14¢.

The kilogram category isn’t too cheap either. The vendor sells their kilogram bags for $119.99, versus other vendors that go as low as $60. That means paying a price per gram of 0.12¢ at Edengrows versus just half of that at 0.06¢ through other brands.

Another thing to remember is that these prices represent the cheapest products on the Edengrows selection. Prices fluctuate depending on strain and color vein, with some of their options pushing the pricing envelope even further.


Edengrows Customer Reviews

Despite being fairly new to the game, Edengrows has managed to collect quite a few reviews on their own website. However the only other place online where they’ve managed to collect any feedback is their Facebook page.

Even then, there’s only one review on their page. On Reddit and Double M Herbals, the consumer base remains quiet about the Edengrows brand and their products and services.

“I wanted to say thank you! You are always on the ball! Sending orders almost as soon as I finish. You always send it to my house super fast to the point when I get it I never think it’s my order. This product is always reliable and true. I give out your web address to anyone and everyone. Plus my transactions are secure. I wanted to say you guys are “no worries” business and a pleasure! Thanks” – Edengrows website

“They were really helpful with my order and deliver really quickly!” – Facebook page


Edengrows Complaints

Since the reviews on their own website are limited, the vendor doesn’t have any negative feedback to display. Of course, that could be just because they’re new to the scene. But then again, they might have a role to play in their own reputation.

Despite the fact that the vendor only allows customers to leave feedback, they still have the final say as to which comments will be published on their website. So we really can’t be sure if they reject any reviews that don’t necessarily place their brand in a good light.

On the upside, we all know the kratom consumer base to be particularly vocal about things that don’t meet expectations. The mere fact that no disgruntled kratom customers have ever posted negatively about Edengrows on places like Reddit and Double M Herbals already goes to show they haven’t dissatisfied customers yet.


Edengrows Discount Codes and Coupons

Edengrows is fairly new to the kratom game, so they don’t have a lot of leverage for discounts and rewards programs just yet. However they do have a newsletter that you can subscribe to, and they’re active on their social media pages where they post discounts and promotional offers.

For the record, they’ve also got a satisfaction guarantee that protects your purchase. The vendor offers to refund orders that don’t meet expectations even when the product has been used. The only requirements are that you shouldn’t 30 days from the date of purchase, and there should be at least 80% of the product left.


Eden Grows Lab Testing

Another area where the Edengrows kratom vendor sets itself apart is through their lab testing. This vendor places a high value on transparency. That means you can find lab reports for their products posted on their website. In fact, these results have their own dedicated page.

The vendor tests for contamination and potency. So aside from guaranteeing the safety of their products, they also promise to match your expectations by presenting the specific alkaloid content of their kratom products per batch.


American Kratom Association Memberhsip

Edengrows is a new vendor, let’s just get that straight. And that considered, they probably don’t have all the requirements necessary to obtain AKA certification just yet. But what exactly does that entail?

Aside from a one-time fee (amounting to around $500 or more, depending on a number of factors), the vendor must submit itself to an audit. This takes every facet of their operations into account. And if they meet AKA standards, they receive the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) seal.

What’s the purpose of all this? Well, the AKA-GMP program was set into motion to protect customers. By regulating vendors, the AKA hopes to narrow down the selection so customers can choose a brand that meets industry standards.


Is Edengrows Legit?

Based on all the information available about the vendor, their products, and their services, they seem to be perfectly legitimate. The main consideration here is the fact that they don’t receive any comments that talk about scams, fraud, and unfulfilled orders. So even if they only have just a handful of reviews, none of them point to risks and issues.

On top of that, Edengrows has never been involved in legal cases and has never had any of their products recalled for contamination. Plus, because they offer to refund their customers even after products have been opened and used, there’s really nothing to worry about in terms of making a purchase.


Should You Buy from Edengrows?

That depends on what you’re looking for. The vendor definitely offers quite a selection of kratom strains, including a number of rarities that can make their range enticing. So if you’re looking to explore your horizons and try something new, Edengrows might be worth a shot.

But then again, their prices aren’t the cheapest and they also don’t have a well-established reputation just yet. Thus, for customers looking for a reputable source of quality kratom that’s priced just within budget, Edengrows might not fit the boot. Fortunately, there are tons of cheaper, long-standing vendors out there to cater to your needs.

Star Light Kratom


  1. Jim Baker says:

    Is this company real? Cant find much info on them.

  2. Earl says:

    My new go to vendor. Been using kratom over 3 years now for Rheumatoid arthritis and well as few other issues. Nothing helps more. Edengrows price, quality, and customer service is bar far the best I have come across having ordered from over 30 vendors in my time. Wish they had a little more selection but I notice they have been adding more.

    • christa says:

      hi. i wondered if u might tell me which strain you use for RA pain. i also hv that and Fibromyalgia and hv only found one strain that rly works. id rly like to find a backup.

  3. Dave says:

    10% Off Code “KRATOMATON” sign up for referral program for free Kratom

    • kratomaton

      Thank you for the discount code! I’ll add it to the vendor page here and our discounts/coupons section.

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