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September 01, 2020

EC Botanicals

Ships from: North Carolina, USA
Ships to: United States

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EC Botanicals offers a comprehensive selection of kratom powders, capsules, gummies, extracts, and more. According to the vendor, their kratom is sourced from pesticide-free kratom farms. EC Botanical’s inventory includes popular strains like Red Bali and Green Borneo, as well as specialty strains like “Green Hulk” and “Wicked Red.” With small and bulk quantity options, EC makes it easy to stock up on your favourite strains or try something new.

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  1. Ellie C says:

    Having taken kratom for years now, I have tried quite a few vendors.

    I would say EC Botanicals was very underwhelming. It’s not terrible and its not great. Their prices are reasonable but I have paid less at Canopy and gotten better quality.

    I ordered approx 7 different strains so I am confident in saying it wasnt a specific strain or a tolerance issue…it was just not high quality kratom in general. I have some older Mitragaia strains as well as some fairly old Canopy leftovers that are still working just fine, thus my opinion that it wasnt a tolerance issue for me.

    They did ship out my order quickly and again their prices are reasonable. Perhaps a beginner would be better suited to using EC Botanicals than someone who has been usinb kratom for a long time.

  2. abbey says:

    I just started my kratom journey and I am so pleased with my experience with ecbotanicals! I am coming off of a two year Suboxone dependency after a decade long opiate addiction and using kratom has made the transition almost completely painless! Tim and Jenn knew what I was buying for and were willing to send samples of the best strains for me, and even switch out one that I had ordered last minute after I did more research. they also helped me along with figuring out a payment method that was best for me. I tried HHH and the prices are just too high! I will be trying more vendors but I am very happy with this experience and have a feeling I will be returning to this vendor as my go to.

  3. J Allen says:

    I came here looking for a reputable vendor when the one my husband uses raised their prices. It was easy to pay. Good prices. But the quality isn’t there. We ordered four times. A kilo a month. The last kilo didn’t do anything for him. And since he’s been taking it consistently for over a year now, it sent him into withdrawals. We didn’t know that at first though suspected it because my husband know his body very well. He’s just in tune with pretty much the world so his body isn’t a mystery to him. Still he took less thinking maybe he’d over done it. Didn’t help of course. He tried everything. Finally on a hunch went to a local shop and got a bit… IMMEDIATE relief. It was withdrawal. I emailed this company and their suggestion was to try less and that was it. The end. It was completely condescending and a waste of a hundred bucks. Went back to the old company and finally got his order today. He just mesaaged me that he’s been taking crap for the last four months. He feels amazing and didn’t realize how weak the product from this company actually was. He’s got a very high tolerance so perhaps weaker strains work for others. Perhaps it’s a placebo affect for other people. He said it wasn’t all bad necessarily but the last order was absolute crap and they will not stand behind their product. If you’re any kind of connoisseur or have a tolerance I really woudnt recommend this one. Especially if a hundred dollar order after spending over $400 in four months doesn’t sit well… Youre just out that money. I hate leaving negative reviews but with this kind of money involved I felt I needed to.

    • Brent says:

      I am deleting my review for this company. I to had an awful experience. Thank you for sharing your story. Choice Kratom is a great company if your willing to spend the money. If not Socalherbalremedies has great medicine for the price. 250 grams for 25.00. Take care and I’m glad he is doing better.

  4. Brandon says:

    I just ordered there super green and i have to say it is stellar quality. This was my first time ordering from this company as i live in georgia and wanted to find a vendor closer to me. Quality is a 10/10 and customer service is a 9/10 i will only be ordering from this vendor from now on. Also shipping was super fast came 2 days earlier then the expected delivery date. Also the prices are cheap for the excellent quality you get.

  5. Joseph Gonzales says:

    They have a awesome variety of kratom, always smells fresh and of great quality. The green maeng da is one of my favorites, gets me motivated without overstimulation. The prices are really good especially with the samplers. EC Botanicals will always be my go to vendor.

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