October 1, 2020

DK Botanical (Vendor)

Designer Kratom

Ships from: Winterville, North Carolina, USA
Ships to: United States

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❔ Vendor Description

Established in 2016, DK Botanical (Designer Kratom) is a North Carolina-based kratom vendor. They offer a wide selection of kratom products in powder and capsule-based forms. Browse their selection online, and you’ll find celebrated strains like Green Maeng Da as well as exclusive strains and blends. Whether you’re diving into the world of kratom for the first time or stocking up, DK Botanical has you covered.

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  1. I placed a order, was told to contact them via text. I dont know why some vendors wont let you order on there website. I text Chris, he wasn't helpful at all, like it says on the page, infact, he failed to give me any payment information, and only said 3 words, yes, Google pay, cash app.. so I didnt get to try this vendor, he needs better practices!

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