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October 01, 2020

DG Botanicals

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Just like many other vendors, DG Kratom — or DG Botanicals, as it calls itself — started out as a small, starry-eyed business hoping to make it big. The promising up-and-comer served some of the best kratom around, albeit the expected fluctuations in their product quality.

However, a major hit to their supply chain rocked the vendor to its core. And what was once a rising star quickly became a black hole looking to suck in any revenue it could — even if that meant using less-than-ideal tactics. Today, DG has lost its momentum, with many kratom buyers across the web tossing it in with other known money traps.


DG Kratom Product and Service Overview

There’s not a lot about DG Kratom online. Even their website reveals virtually nothing about the vendor. Pay their online store a visit, and you’ll find nothing but products. The company’s branding, much like its website design, is pretty bland and basic.

So how do they manage to rake in customers? Their membership only shopping experience exudes an aura of exclusivity. Anyone who wants to make a purchase from the brand must first request an account from the vendor, subject to approval.

Only approved members can place orders with the company, gaining access to over 50 different listings on their website. These are categorized as new batches, DG bulk strains, and limited quantity strains. Note that they only sell powders, and weights are limited to 14g, 28g, 125g, and 250g.

If you’re looking for insight on the quality and effects of their products, you won’t find it through their website. The vendor leaves no room for comments, so most of the customer feedback you’ll find on the web will be concentrated in Reddit forums.

Unfortunately for DG Kratom, the brand’s reputation took a nose-dive post their major supply seizure. Painfully honest Redditors don’t mince words when it comes to DG’s products. And while some buyers are lucky enough to get good kratom now and again, their products have ultimately been labeled inconsistent.


DG Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

You’d think that a brand that gets so much bad feedback online would at least dial down their prices to combat the reviews. But DG takes a different route. The vendor’s products clock in brow-raising prices that might double the cost of kratom sold by reputable, budget-friendly competitors.

Powders Starts at $4 for 14g Starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $12.64 for 30g
$8 for 28g $12 for 100g $22.27 for 100g
$30 for 125g $25 for 250g $75.57 for 1000g
$40 for 250g $90 for 1000g

While other vendors sell their kratom for as low as 0.065¢ or 0.07¢ per gram, DG Botanicals kratom powders range between 0.28¢ and 0.16¢ per gram. And take note that the prices listed here represent their cheapest offer. Some of their products cost as much as 0.46¢ per gram.

Another thing that makes DG Botanicals so expensive is the fact that they don’t sell their kratom in weights bigger than 250g. Most vendors manage to dial down their prices by selling large bulk bags. Unfortunately for buyers, even DG Botanicals’ largest offer — their 250g pack — sells for slightly above the average price.


DG Botanicals Reviews

Again, DG Botanicals doesn’t provide a space on their website for customers to leave reviews. However other places around the web provide loads of insight on their product and service quality. And although it’s a little too easy to find negative feedback, there are a few positive comments about the vendor mixed in with the lot.

“It’s decent kratom, but very expensive. I’ve had other vendors blow my socks off for much cheaper prices. Although I do have to admit, the “premium red” is pretty clean. Very relaxing without the wobbles, even at 13g. I’m hoping it’s the kind of strains that take a little getting used to before enjoying the full benefits.” – Reddit user

“DG’s [red Maeng Da] was my go to strain for the longest. Everything he sells is good. A great testing program to make sure everything is good.” – Reddit user

“I can confirm DG’s kratom is of very high quality.. The Red Kali is very good. The Red horn and Bali seem to be very good as well.” – Reddit user

“He’s one of my favorite people in the world. He does a damn good job making sure of his quality control. He doesn’t charge enough for what he has, so actually good deals coming from him.” – Reddit user

“I’ve never gotten a so so batch. It’s always high quality. He uses to have a huge selection before. It hasn’t been as much recently but still a very good amount.” – Reddit user


DG Kratom Complaints

DG Botanicals is no stranger to criticism. Majority of the less-than-positive feedback that the vendor gets focus on their kratom quality and their questionable business practices that involve shilling on forums.

“I’ve seen tons of comments saying DG had the best primo kratom. I got on wait list, accepted, and ordered the PMD that everyone has been raving about. I have tried it at various doses and unfortunately it just isn’t as good as SoCal or some others I’ve had over the while.” – Reddit user

“I too was underwhelmed by DG, and tried a variety of strains back in late 2016. When I say underwhelmed, I don’t mean the kratom was bad by any means. I’m sure a lot of it had to do with the fluff/expectations I had from people saying it was head and shoulders above some of our trusted vendors here.” – Reddit user

“I tried DG once and it was not any better than some on the daily list. I got 3 samples with my order but they were so small that I couldn’t tell if they were any good or not. Def not worth the extra $$ for my taste.” – Reddit user

“Everyone loves them but I just don’t feel anything special. One time I had an incredible burn from the super green Malay and red horn mixed together but everything else hasn’t been a good burn like at all. I’ve tried all their pmds, white Bali and MD, green Thai, red Kali and horn, super and regular green Malay, and definitely more but can’t remember.” – Reddit user

“Overpriced and not amazing compared to others that I’ve tried. Just as consistently good [as kratom that] can be had from several vendors for much cheaper.” – Reddit user


DG Kratom Discount Codes and Coupons

The only discounts and coupons available through DG Kratom are the ones they provide to their members. And since they operate with a members-only structure, there’s really no need for them to be active on socials. That said, you really won’t find any recent posts on their Facebook, which only has about five likes.

They also don’t have a mailing list, since coupons and promotional offers are sent directly to their members.


DG Kratom Lab Testing

Back in the day, DG Kratom posted lab tests publicly for everyone to see. Recently however, it seems they’ve kept their testing reports under wraps. Based on information posted online, buyers can access their lab reports by signing up as a member for their website.

If you take the time to browse their selection however, you’ll see that they do provide batch numbers. This indicates that the vendor probably tests their products, but that’s something we can neither confirm nor deny with absolute certainty.


American Kratom Association Membership

DG Kratom is not presently associated with the American Kratom Association or AKA. This consumer-led body was established to keep vendors in check and protect buyers from bad kratom. Vendors that pass AKA inspection receive a Good Manufacturing Practices certification.

As of writing, DG Botanicals has not submitted itself for an audit. Thus, they’re neither affiliated with the AKA nor GMP-compliant.


Is DG Botanicals Legit?

Back in 2017, DG Botanicals had 700kg of incoming kratom seized by customs. The large bulk of product seriously impacted the vendor’s cashflow and supply chain, placing them in serious debt.

During that time, the vendor resorted to various tactics to up their sales and cover their losses, including shilling. Since then, their product quality has taken a nose dive. But aside from this one occurrence, DG Botanicals hasn’t run into any problems with either the authorities or their customers. Thus, they remain a legitimate vendor.


Should You Buy From DG Botanicals?

To be clear, some DG Botanicals batches might not be too shabby. But with fluctuating quality and expensive prices, DG Botanicals doesn’t really fit as a go-to. Nevertheless, if you’re hoping to try something new, then there’s no harm in trying a small batch.

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  1. Titi says:

    I went to the dg botanicals site & it is no longer in around. Anyone know what happened? I wanted to try it.

    • kratomaton

      Hello Titi,

      This vendor appears to be inactive. Sorry for the inconvenience!


  2. Dan
    Active Commenter

    Very high prices yet VERY consistent quality. DG doesn’t sell anything that they don’t deem worthy – which in turn drastically hurts their selection. However, the premium products that they do put up on the site is the best I’ve found.

  3. Change James says:

    I love DGB and he is AWESOME, has mass knowledge, ships fast, and his Mitra is the best hands down. For those looking for a good deal and want to be concerned with quality, then DG is not for you! He sales top shelf and is very professional. I like how he is no frills or stupid names, it’s just business as usual and that means only the best! I believe his quality is on another level and I wish the standard of MS was the standard he sets! Cheap people go buy from other vendors, because you get what you pay for and that’s on the real!

  4. Kelly Mortensen says:

    DG Botanicals is the best when it comes to quality and AWESOME service. I’m in Idaho and I get orders in 48 hours every time. I see people complain about cost,I suggest they buy elsewhere. DG is for educated people who don’t want to waste time or money, trying to figure out where to get the BEST!

  5. Dan says:

    The product is well worth the price in my opinion. I have yet to be disappointed with DG and the service is excellent as well (ships fast).

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