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October 01, 2020

Coastline Kratom

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Established in 2015 by husband and wife tandem Joshua and Katrina Fulton, Coastline Kratom operates out of Supply, North Carolina. The once thriving kratom vendor amassed countless positive reviews on cut-throat forums like Reddit. However recent developments have pushed the business to close down.

Its sizeable consumer base offered a number of explanations for the vendor’s sudden exit from the kratom scene. But as a number of Reddit users would reveal, Coastline Kratom’s closure might be a step in the right direction for the future of kratom legislature.


Coastline Kratom Product and Service Overview

First impressions last, and Coastline Kratom’s online storefront definitely leaves a good one. Visit their website and you’ll be greeted with clean layouts, easy navigation, and overall, a professional appeal that just screams ‘quality vendor.’ Of course, they make it a point to mention exactly that by calling their products the ‘highest quality.’

This dedication to clean lines and pristine appearances trickles into the packaging department. Their white, branded, resealable mylar bags look like they were designed to contain quality kratom. Front and center, the bags showcase the vendor’s name, address, and website, which definitely adds an element of trustworthiness.

In terms of the variety they offer, Coastline Kratom covers all the bases with familiar favorites like Bali, Borneo, Maeng Da, and Malay. They sell powders in packs of 25g to 100g, and capsules in 25ct to 100ct. Unfortunately, they don’t offer bulk packages which may be due to the cost of their products per gram.

Despite looking the part of a quality vendor however, Coastline Kratom’s product quality as reported by its buyers remains unavailable on their website. The vendor doesn’t allow consumers to leave feedback about their products through their virtual store. Fortunately, there are other places to find reviews about the vendor.

Reddit is brimming with information about Coastline Kratom. A quick visit to the forum shows what buyers actually think about the vendor’s products. Interestingly, the general consensus runs contrary to the image that the brand tries to peddle.

What’s even more concerning is how the brand’s owners attempt to overturn negative reviews by posting their own positive feedback. Check the vendor’s Google Business Page, and you’ll find that the Fulton couple both publish positive reviews, pretending to be buyers.

Numerous critical reviews plague the vendor online. Up until recently, buyers exposed that Coastline Kratom is owned and operated by the same people who run Kratom Crazy — a recognized scam vendor that sells cheap, questionable kratom. Both vendors closed at about the same time due to a run in with the feds.


Coastline Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Anyone buying kratom would naturally have to check prices before making any decisions. Most people would agree that the perfect vendor should provide the ideal balance between prices and quality.

If you’re buying from Coastline Kratom however, it might be necessary to extend your budget a little further. Here’s how much their kratom products cost versus worthy competitors:

Starts at $15.99 for 25g Starts at $5.99 for 20g Starts at $9.99 for 28g
$54.99 for 100g $65.99 for 500g $35.99 for 112g
$204.99 for 1000g

Unlike other vendors that sell kratom kilograms, Coastline Kratom cuts their product weights short at 100g. You’ll also notice that their kratom powders are significantly more expensive than formidable competitors. Coastline Kratom’s powders cost between 0.63¢ to 0.54¢ per gram.

Just for the sake of reference, most kratom vendors sell their powders between 0.15¢ to 0.25¢ per gram. This places Coastline Kratom’s products at over three times more expensive than other kratom vendors’.

It’s also worth pointing out that the prices for Coastline Kratom listed here aren’t the same across the board. Coastline changes prices depending on strain, so some of their picks like Maeng Da retail for much more.


Coastline Kratom Reviews

At the grassroots level, Coastline Kratom has received countless positive reviews that bolster their brand image. Despite their steeper prices, it seems their buyers are happy to pay the extra cost if it means securing high quality speciosa.

I’ve purchased from Coastline Kratom twice and been satisfied but since I have zero other Kratom vendor or even Kratom product experience to compare it to I don’t know if I should be satisfied.” – Reddit user

Excellent product and equally excellent customer service.” – Emmaline, Google Reviews

“Coastline was the first kratom I tried 3 or 4 years ago. I thought it was good but I quickly realized I was paying way too much.” – Reddit user

[W]hy are the only positive reviews from the owners? […] Really wanted to try this stuff for chronic pain but it’s too uncertain when the only positive feedback is from the owners! Update, visited this business personally, the people are very nice, the product is high quality, albeit a little more expensive than others. All in all, a good experience!” – Google Reviews


Coastline Kratom Complaints

There’s no shortage of critical feedback about Coastline Kratom. From exorbitant prices to disappointing kratom quality, buyers don’t mince words when it comes to sharing their insights about the vendor.

The taste is almost unbearable! Kratom is not something many people actually like the taste of for the most part. I am once again an outlier because I USUALLY do. However, the strains I received were EXPONENTIALLY more bitter[.]” – Google Reviews

Absolutely terrible experience! I placed my order on 05/07, the payment was taken out of my bank account on 05/08, and then today I received an email telling me they never received payment and my item will not ship. […] These people are frauds!” – Google Reviews

I had some decent and not so good kratom from there before when I was a noob buying online. The major setback was the pricing, very overpriced!” – Reddit user

I tried em once. Paid a lot more than I have from other vendors. I thought maybe since they are so much more expensive, the kratom they sell might be that much better. I didn’t think so.” – Reddit user

I wish I’d read the other reviews before I bought anything from this company. I have NEVER paid as much for kratom from anywhere as I paid for their “enhanced” kratom. It’s garbage and uber expensive.” – Google Reviews


Coastline Kratom Coupons and Discounts

Since they closed down, Coastline Kratom has removed any trace of discount offers on their website. Previously however, the brand did offer a 10% off voucher for first time buyers. They would send the coupon via e-mail to customers who would sign up for their newsletter.

The vendor would regularly send out discount codes and coupons through their newsletter to help customers cut down on their total expense.


Coastline Kratom Lab Tests

It’s not immediately clear whether Coastline Kratom ran their products through tests prior to selling them. However, to guarantee the quality of their kratom, Coastline Kratom has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Buyers who are unhappy with their product are free to send it back within 30 days of the purchase date, whether or not it’s been opened and used. The vendor claims to provide refunds for orders that are returned within this timeframe.


American Kratom Association Membership

The consumer-led American Kratom Association or AKA works to protect kratom buyers. They do this by auditing existing kratom vendors to make sure they abide by strict quality assurance measures outlined under Good Manufacturing Practices.

This way, buyers can be confident that an AKA-approved vendor sells clean, pure kratom that’s safe for use. That said, Coastline Kratom is not a member of the AKA and thus they are not GMP certified.


Is Coastline Kratom Legit?

Late in 2021, Coastline Kratom was unceremoniously shut down by the feds, along with a number of other kratom businesses. Included in the list of vendors forced into closure was Kratom Crazy — a known sister company of Coastline Kratom.

While the details are unclear, several reports surfaced claiming that Coastline Kratom was found guilty of illegal business practices. To date, their website remains operational, but the vendor has stopped taking orders.


Should You Buy From Coastline Kratom?

At a glance, Coastline Kratom might look like a reasonable vendor choice. But comparing their sky-high prices with other, more budget-friendly products on the market, and it’s easy to see why they might not be go-to material.

What’s more, there’s reason to believe that Coastline Kratom might not be the most trustworthy. With countless reports of poor quality, unshipped orders, and questionable product purity, the vendor’s exit from the kratom market might have been for everyone’s best interest.

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    Prices are extremely high. Product is no better than other vendors who charge 1/10 the price. 100% guarantee is a joke. It has been 3 weeks since I returned the remainder of my product via First Class mail and they are claiming that they will not honor their money back guarantee because I did not provide tracking info? Do not do business with this company.

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