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June 05, 2020

Club 13 Herbals

Club 13

Ships from: St. Augustine, Florida, United States
Ships to: United States

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Club 13 Kratom is majorly popular, but not for the reasons you might think. This headshop brand was founded in 1999, and aims to provide buyers ‘the highest quality kratom’ available on the market today. Unfortunately, it seems they have yet to actually achieve that end.

Their expensive kratom products come in the form of powders, capsules, and extracts. And while some buyers might turn to them when stuck between stashes, Club 13 rarely ever gets tagged as a go-to.


Club 13 Kratom Product and Service Overview

Club 13 Kratom’s popularity stems from the fact that they’re a headshop brand. That means that most of their sales happen with distributors. They sell their kratom in large amounts to buyers who resell the products in smoke shops and convenience stores. So, it’s possible that you’ve seen their products in person in the past.

On their website, you’ll find all of the different kratom products they offer. This includes powders, capsules, and extracts in various forms. That’s not all they offer however since they also sell merchandise like mugs and tees, and interestingly, do-it-yourself drug tests.

There are about fifteen different kratom varieties on their website, some of which are blends. Prices vary from variety to variety, but they come in standard weights of 30g, 90g, 150g, 220g, and 1000g.

In terms of packaging, there’s really nothing to complain about. While powders come in standing mylar bags decorated with Club 13’s logo and colorway, capsules arrive in bottles. If you’re curious about strains and you’re not sure which ones to get, you can try their 3.27g samplers which are by far the smallest on the market.

For the record, Club 13 probably isn’t the best vendor out there especially if you base things off of the reviews they receive. If anything, kratom users recognize them as just another headshop brand looking to make money off of buyers in a bind. Then again, they have had their fair share of high points particularly among kratom newbies.


Club 13 Product Cost and Price Comparison

Just like any vape shop vendor, Club 13’s products are not cheap. Their products change prices depending on the strain, but even then, their most affordable offers clock in prices that are up to double the cost of other, reputable vendors.

Powders Starts at $10.21 for 30g Starts at $20 for 10g Starts at $20 for 100g
$86.08 for 450g $25 for 100g $84.99 for 1kg
$151.6 for 1kg $120 for 1kg
Capsules Starts at $2.44 for 4ct Starts at $19.99 for 70ct Starts at $42.99 for 500ct
$25.11 for 50ct $39.99 for 150ct $128.99 for 2000ct
$96.25 for 275ct

Again, these prices represent the cheapest offers under the Club 13 Kratom brand. Their most expensive powders push $20.50 for 30g or $230.42 per gram. So, crunching the numbers, Club 13’s lower limit for powder sits at 0.15¢ while their ceiling reaches 0.68¢.

For context, kratom powders typically sell for about 0.1¢ per gram, while other brands go as low as 0.06¢. putting things into perspective, you could probably buy two or three kilos of powder through other brands for the cost of a single kilo at Club 13.


Other products on Club 13’s line up include:


  • Kratom extract capsules – Between $5.10 and $146.58
  • Kratom shot – $16.38 for 10mL
  • Alkaloid enhanced kratom – $16.09 for two capsules


It’s also worth mentioning that the prices listed on Club 13’s website might not reflect the price of their product sold through head shops. So, some resellers might bake even bigger profits into their Club 13 products, making them that much more expensive.


Club 13 Reviews

The vendor makes reviews available on their website, so most of their products have star-ratings. Generally, Club 13 isn’t all that bad if you look into reviews. But even then, the vendor doesn’t really get an overwhelming number of positive comments, especially on places like Reddit.

“I picked up some Maeng Da Red by Club 13 at a smoke shop and really liked the quality. Now this Connoisseur blend is top notch quality! So far everything I have purchased from this company I have really liked. This may be my new favorite blend.” – Club 13 website

“I’ve tried all kinds of different blends and manufacturers in my 3 years of taking kratom. This blend is by far the best I have ever tried. This is my go to now and has been going on 8 months. By far the best on the market.” – Club 13 website

“I find this company is heads [above] the rest! I’ve tried every imaginable reputable producer and Club 13 rocks. I suffer with chronic fatigue, depression and an auto immune disease including chronic pain. Leaving the prescribed opioids behind I have found that Horn and other combinations provided by this company truly suit my needs. Thank you Club 13!” – Club 13 website

“Found Club 13 and OPMS Gold very early on, but the price at store does suck. Have tried about 10 different vendors in the web and have vomited from every one…except Club 13. You can buy directly from them and the Kratom is always clean. And consistent.” – Reddit user

“I had some red MD from them and it wasn’t terrible, nothing too great of course.” – Reddit user


Club 13 Kratom Complaints

In true head shop brand fashion, Club 13 has a long collection of negative comments about both their customer service and their products. Even on their website, some products have received less than a four-star rating for their quality..

“Club 13 Enhanced Capsules worked before I had a tolerance, they were SO expensive tho…like ridiculously expensive. And then they had the [expensive] 90g powder bags which were kind of garbage…I recommend you find a real vendor.” – Reddit user

“TERRIBLE. I took one capsule out of the bottle and fell into such a stupor I can’t even describe it other than being a stupor that forced me to do nothing at all for the rest of the day but sleep.” – Reddit user

“Club 13 is not very good. if you can find a place that has OPMS near you it’s expensive, but the only headshop extract that is worthwhile.” – Reddit user

“Only issue we have is sometimes we will get some that is really dark and week. My wife and I buy 2lbs a week (verifiable by the useless proofs of purchase we keep to redeem our free pound every ten) the bags that are dark and miserable we have tried to rectify to no avail and feel it is counter intuitive to the prideful “satisfaction guarantee” posted on ever Club 13 branded package.” – Club 13 website

“Expensive. Did nothing for me.” – Club 13 website


Club 13 Discount Codes and Coupons

Club 13 offers its loyal customers a reward program that lets you earn points for every dollar you spend. These can then be used to get discounts on future purchases at a ratio of 100 points for $5 off. They also have a buy 10 get 1 free promo that grants one free Club 13 product if you can present 10 proof of purchase seals.

Of course, the vendor also provides the usual coupons and discount codes through their mailing list. Sign up can be found through their website. For people who enjoy social media, the brand has both a Facebook and Twitter page where they regularly post updates on their latest promos and sales.


Club 13 Lab Testing

There’s a dedicated tab for lab reports through the Club 13 website. But if you take the time to check the specifics, the request form they ask you to fill out pertains only to their hemp and CBD products. So, it’s unclear whether you can submit a request to view results for their kratom line.

Nevertheless, the vendor does indicate that all of their speciosa products are tested for purity. What they don’t say is whether or not they test their kratom for mitragynine or alkaloid content. That said, we can’t really draw any conclusions as to the true status of their kratom testing.


American Kratom Association

Club 13 is an AKA-affiliated brand, and they are GMP-certified. This simply means that the vendor submitted itself for an audit, and that they passed the inspections necessary to receive GMP certification.

The American Kratom Association does this to make sure that vendors process and handle kratom in sanitized facilities with safe, ethical, and sustainable techniques. A vendor that passes the inspection becomes AKA-approved — a qualification that careful buyers often look into.


Is Club 13 Legit?

Yes, Club 13 is a legitimate kratom vendor. Even as a headshop brand, they receive quite a substantial number of positive comments. Plus, the vendor has no previous history of legal cases involving either the authorities or their buyers.

It’s also important to point out that none of Club 13’s kratom batches have ever been recalled for contamination.


Should You Buy from Club 13?

There are probably better vendors out there selling high quality kratom at a low cost. But even though Club 13 might not have the makings of a go-to, their offers should be good enough to get you by if you’re running low on kratom.

Because they’re accessible, Club 13 caters to buyers who might need a quick fix, especially since their smaller kratom packets come at okay prices.

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