October 1, 2020

Christopher's Organic Botanicals (Vendor)

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Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is a family-run kratom vendor located in the United States. According to the vendor, their motto is “people first, profits second.” Christopher’s online selection includes strains like Green Vietnam, Red Borneo, and rare strains like White Mahakam. Whether you prefer kratom capsules or powders, their diverse inventory should satisfy customers of all kinds.

👥 User Comments & Reviews

  1. I'm planning to purchase kratom for the first time. I'm looking for a strain that will give me energy and focus, but WON'T have adverse effects on my anxiety.
    I need suggestions, please.

      1. I suggest you try the red Agatha. It is a winner on treating pain. However, some people feel more “sedation-like” from reds. If you are not sure yet, try one of his green strains. The real trick to getting energy from ANY kratom is to take less than you feel inclined. The bigger the dose, the more likely sedation will result. With kratom, USE LESS than your brain wants to. 1.5 TEAspoons! Not MORE because your pain is worse than others or you weigh more than others. Kratom dose is not affected by those factors. Good luck and welcome to the community!

  2. I have been ordering product from COB for over a year now. I have received nothing but awesome kratom and great customer service...they have helped me with questions promptly and I always get a little more than I order. I have no negative to say...all good. I will mention his Yellow Vietnam and White Maeng Da are amazing!

  3. 96
    great quality

    I have gotten nothing but great service, amazing quality, reasonable prices, and more kratom than ive ordered! once you are in their system as your bank account is legit, the shipping is quick. love their products from the red Vietnam to the white Mahakam.

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