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October 01, 2020

Canopy Botanicals

Ships from: Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
Ships to: United States

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Best known for their affordable kratom kilograms, Canopy Botanicals sells more than just Mitragyna speciosa. This North Carolina-based vendor fancies itself as a reliable source for various herbs, teas, spices, and seasonings. But even with their wide product range, kratom remains their center piece.

While they might not be the most popular name on the scene, Canopy Botanicals has acquired the trust and patronage of a sizeable base of loyal buyers. And while their product quality and prices play a role, it’s the owner’s intimate relationship with his customers that has ultimately cemented the brand as a go-to.


Canopy Botanicals Product and Service Overview

Canopy Botanicals is one of those vendors that doesn’t really provide a lot of information about their brand through their website. A little digging on the web however reveals that the vendor has been around for close to 12 years as of writing.

Although a visit to their website might not make it seem like they’ve been around for so long. Canopy Botanicals’ branding isn’t something they’re particularly invested in, and it definitely shows. Their basic website and generic packaging might deter buyers who place value on impressions.

Their selection showcases exotic picks including various types of sea salt, teas, and handmade soaps. However, despite the broad range of exciting and interesting products available through their online store, Canopy Botanicals’ main offering is none other than kratom.

The brand sells kratom only in powder form, so buyers looking for capsules, tablets, and tinctures might find the inventory limited. The reason for this is Canopy’s particular caution when it comes to catching the attention the feds or the FDA.

Throughout their website, Canopy Botanicals provides long disclaimers about the intended use of their kratom products. In fact, their kratom is labeled as a ‘soap making ingredient’, just to be clear that they’re not recommending that their products be used for human consumption.

This has raised quite a few concerns among buyers on the web. Some Reddit users claim that vendors who emphasize these disclaimers might not actually be testing their product. It’s not entirely clear however whether that’s true about Canopy.

Nevertheless, the vendor has received quite a number of positive reviews online. Mostly, people appreciate the owner’s accessibility and his dedication to keeping his customers satisfied by personally responding to and resolving their concerns.


Canopy Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

One of the reasons why Canopy Botanicals has managed to stay relevant despite their basic branding is their pricing. The vendor has some of the cheapest kratom powders you’ll find.

Wondering how cheap is cheap? Here’s a quick comparison with other similar brands:

Powders Starts at $3.80 for 25g Starts at $7.99 for 28g Starts at $13 for 30g
$79 for 1kg $89.99 for 450g $75.57 for 1kg

If you crunch the numbers, you’ll find that Canopy Botanicals sells their powder for just between 0.15¢ and 0.08¢ per gram. Across the board, they might not be the cheapest every time. For instance, Carolina Kratom offers kilograms at a lower cost.

But even then, what makes Canopy Botanicals such a popular choice is because their smaller packets come at more affordable prices. Considering the fact that other vendors sell their 25g – 30g packets at more than double the price of Canopy, it’s not hard to see why retail buyers flock so readily to the vendor.

It’s also worth mentioning that some of their products are cheaper than the prices listed above. Their white Kalimantan for example costs just $60 per kilogram, but they vendor doesn’t provide any explanations for the price difference.

Other than their powders, Canopy Botanicals offers a few other kratom picks like their Pink Elephant blend that sells for $70 per kilogram. The vendor also lists what they call a Pink X Extract that retails for $13 for 10g, however they don’t provide information as to what the product is and how strong its mitragynine content might be.


Canopy Botanicals Customer Reviews

Canopy Botanicals enjoys a relatively positive reputation online. For the most part, their consumers appreciate their low prices and reliable product quality that consistently delivers palpable results.

Unfortunately, however, the vendor doesn’t provide a space on their site for customers to leave reviews. So prospective buyers hoping to learn more about their products may have to check other sources to learn about the vendor’s products and services.

Canopy is consistently good. Good shipping times, good product and good customer service.” – Reddit user

Overall, I would rank my experience 5/5, I have absolutely zero complaints and would recommend Canopy Botanicals to anyone looking for great Kratom at an affordable price from a trustworthy and overall great vendor.” – Reddit user

Not only is there product top notch, but they even listen to my shipping comment. Which was no peppermint ginger chews only mango. Not only did they send me only mango they sent extra. Great company and they always leave a handwritten thank you. It’s the little things[.]” – Reddit user

Canopy is the only one I order from nowadays. He always sends a sample when i ask and his bags are styling. Not to mention I usually order Friday morning and receive it on Monday.” – Reddit user

Yep Alan is awesome. Can’t go wrong with any of their products. Received a sample called White eyes Red Dragon. It’s new and not on his site yet. It was really good, killed that sciatic nerve pain in my leg.” – Reddit user


Canopy Botanicals Complaints

Much like any other vendor, Canopy Botanicals has had its share of complaints. Most of these negative comments claim that the vendor’s products might not be strong enough for veteran users who want hard-hitting kratom.

Bulk Kratom. Pretty much the same shit as bb, RVA, etc. Maybe it works for lower tolerance users, but overall, I’d say it’s trash to the rest of us. Now, will there be a batch of slightly over average from time to time? Of course, but consistency is definitely lacking in bulk buy vendors.” – Reddit user

I got some last week white MD (unopened), green elephant, green Borneo, and 1 oz of royal bent. The royal bent is the only one that tastes good and was good, the rest is junk IMO. I ordered from HS at the same time and love it. I think it’s just full of S&V which makes it bitter and weaker. IDK was very disappointed.” – Redditn user

Green hulu and red hulu were great, I did not like the red Maeng Da.” – Reddit user

I got ounces of most of what was available about 2 weeks ago and didn’t like anything but the white elephant. Everything else was rather low potency. They have been removed from my list.” – Reddit user

I’ve got a big red bag of green Malay and green Hulu and both of them give me a very angry and aggressive “edgy” feeling. […] Both have the same effect which I have not gotten from the hundreds of other strains I have tried. Very disappointed after all the hype. I definitely won’t be recommending them or ordering again.” – Reddit user


Canopy Kratom Coupons and Discount Codes

Scroll to the bottom of their website, and you’ll find a newsletter sign up widget. This lets customers enroll their email address to receive routine updates on sales, discounts, and promotional offers. They also have a private Facebook group where the owner interacts directly with buyers to offer discounts and freebies.

Sale prices are automatically featured through their website, so it helps to check back for discounts if you’re looking for a bargain. It’s also worth knowing that Alan, the owner of the business, has been known to give out freebies, discounts, and other goodies for free to repeat buyers.


Canopy Botanicals Lab Tests

The vendor doesn’t mention anything about lab tests on their website. Take to Google and you’ll find that there aren’t any reports about Canopy Botanicals submitting their samples to third-party testing centers either.

According to kratom sleuths, the vendor’s extensive disclaimers on their website about their kratom not being intended for internal use may shed light on their lab testing status. Nevertheless, we can neither confirm nor deny whether they test their products prior to sale.


American Kratom Association Membership

It’s the American Kratom Association’s goal to make sure that all vendors abide by strict production protocol to prevent the presence of harmful substances in kratom products. Vendors who are members of the AKA will have a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate that they can use on their website and products.

Canopy Botanicals is not presently approved by the AKA. Nonetheless, there haven’t been any reports of their products causing any serious health problems in their buyers. But even then, their lack of GMP certification might take a toll on their reputation.


Is Canopy Botanicals Legit?

Canopy Botanicals has not been involved in any legal cases with the feds or the FDA. Despite not providing any lab tests on their website, the vendor does what it can to keep their buyers properly informed by listing information on intended usage throughout their website.


Should You Buy From Canopy Botanicals?

Offering affordable product and impressive variety, it’s easy to see how Canopy Botanicals has managed to stay relevant despite having serious competition online. Alan, the brand’s owner, takes an intimate approach to customer support which definitely makes buyers feel valued and respected.

It’s important to keep in mind though that the vendor doesn’t offer lab reports, and neither are they GMP certified. So, it’s all a matter of weighing what matters most — a balance of quality and cost, or products that are proven safe and contamination-free.

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  1. Andy Smith says:

    Awesome product, only a few duds like pink elephant and green malay but it’s different for everyone, great price too and nice guys

  2. Anondir says:

    My consistently amazing vendor for 3+ years now! No one else’s product even comes close to the quality of Canopy’s. Not to mention their amazing customer service, fair pricing and quick shipping!

  3. Albert Wright says:

    Just placed my 1st order with these guys/gals & it was a very smooth experience. Placed order late on Friday night & order shipped 1st thing Monday morning. Orders ship via USPS, mine got here today (Wednesday) so took less then 3 days to arrive. I’m in Pennsylvania & the source is located in North Carolina. provided a tracking number same day it shipped via email & you are also able to track on their site as well. The quality is pretty good. I just received today & only tried the White Maeng-Da, ordered Red Maeng also but didn’t get to try it yet. I didn’t ask for any samples or anything but when I received my package a few hours ago, there was 2 small sample packs as well, which was amazing, shows they actually care. Samples I was sent are Green Maeng -Da (powder) & Red Vein Remahan Maeng-Da (crushed leaf), the latter which I have never even heard of but am excited to try some tea with it (I actually received an email from them Friday as well, after I played for my order, advertising this blend saying it was new and due to that fact is currently on sale for only $17.50 for 250grams! (Usually it’s $25.00)). Their communication is top notch. Sent emails to them about payment procedure & they replied immediately. Although I only ordered once so far I’m pretty sure I found my new, dependable, vendor. Plus their prices are pretty damn good too. This place, so far, has done nothing but impress me. I’m a very big personal Kratom advocate & it for sure takes top notch quality, pricing & cusromer service to impress me & rite now I’m pretty impressed. Let’s just hope it all stays like this. I’ve been here before where vendors act grade A+ at the start but then a few orders deep the shady true intentions veer their ugly heads. But I’m pretty sure this vendor is not one of them (of course I’m not 100% but my gut is usually spot on). Another plus is their payment procedure. They offer multiple options including instant options for those who are not into crypto currency (like myself) & that, trust me, is not all that common. They accept all major credit/debit cards as well in the form of an invoice, which you receive minutes after placing order & has an almost instant vendor verification procedure as far as I can tell. If I HAD to provide one thing that was not to my liking I guess it would be the shipping price. There is no free shipping (maybe if you purchase a higher amount of product there is, but that option did not show up for me, I purchased $50.00 worth of product) the onle option that was present on my order screen was USPS Priority @ $6+. BUT…….that by no means is a negative in my eyes. I don’t mind at all paying for shipping if I’m purchasing good product from a reputable vendor.

    Over all impressions of Canopy Botanicals: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 stars.

  4. Maleana says:

    Awesome! Love the little ginger chews sent with my package too! Lovely touch 🙂

  5. Angela Cuffie says:

    always awesome products and alan and his team are awesome

  6. Sarah says:

    I purchased some extracts and was sent a sample of royal bent. I took some royal bent with some full spectrum extract and my pain is mostly gone. I’m having unusually bad nerve pain today so this is very good. I would definitely buy from Canopy Botanicals again.

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