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October 01, 2020

Canada Kratom Store

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Ships from: Ontario, Canada
Ships to: Canada

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Canada Kratom Store is a Canadian kratom vendor that supplies a variety of kratom products. As of this writing, their selection includes established favourites like Red Maeng Da, White Thai, and rarer finds like Yellow Vietnam. For new customers, Canada Kratom Store also offers kratom sampler packs, which allow you to sample five strains of your choice.

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  1. glebarr
    Active Commenter

    good prices, fast delivery, good selection, and excellent customer servive

  2. Chris Stanley says:

    Sub par leaf with review manipulation/LIES
    I bought due to good reviews on Facebook, then I was offered 5% off future orders to leave a good review on Facebook, hence why they have good reviews. They also get promoted by who charge for reviews and website traffic. I have confirmed this with 3 others vendors who say they have been approached by “best kratom Canada” for good reviews in return for payment. Dishonest business!!! Sign up for their emails, the 5% payment offer for reviews is right on it (well until they see this)

    • BKC says:

      Hey Chris,

      I operate BKC, thank you for your kinda words. We are sorry to hear about your experience. Canada Kratom is a very reputable store and we have only had positive feedback regarding them.

      BKC is a review website. We order samples from vendors, then based on our opinion of the business, post them on our site.

      These websites offer an “affiliate” program, which allows us to keep our business operating and our site up to date.

      We try to be as unbiased as possible so our visitors have an experience which matches our reviews. We apologize this wasn’t the case for you.

  3. Jay Zee says:

    Ordered Nov 2018 for the first time.

    Pros: Lightening fast shipping, items well packaged and order was delivered and accounted for, communications & order status updates excellent, website easy to navigate, good variety of offerings and has variety packs, product is of very high quality.

    Cons: Not enough additional information in description on their products especially true of their extract: Not sure what it is or how it was prepared other than it is a 50:1 ratio. Payment only by eTransfer – CC’s not accepted. I will continue to order from this outfit and see how it goes.

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