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October 01, 2020

Canada Kratom Express

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Ships from: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Ships to: Canada

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Canada Kratom Express is a Vancouver-based kratom vendor that provides fresh and pure kratom at affordable prices. They offer a thorough selection of kratom strains, such as Red Maeng Da, Green Bali, and more in various sizes. As of this writing, they also award rewards points with every purchase that can be redeemed for free products.

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  1. Malika says:

    I don’t recommend ordering from them. My order was lost in the mail and I been trying to contact customer service for weeks via email and phone. They are not replying back to try fixing the situation.

  2. mervin loewen says:

    Was good for 3 years now he has ripped me off as well as a friend of mine

  3. Jason says:

    Used this company for two years with no issues, but will not be continuing. The last shipment took a month to arrive and the product that came was stemmy, bad tasting, and seemed to have little to no effect.

  4. Mali says:

    Just waste my money with them. Canada post lost the package so I been trying to contact customer for the last 2 weeks and I just being ignored. The only way to get money back from Canada post is for the sender to contact them. I left a few voice mail and sent a few email. Nothing! So be careful if you order it online you might never see your money again.

  5. Jumper272
    Active Commenter

    I was with Canada Kratom Express for 4 years and was very happy with the quality of their products. The owner is more educated in horticulture and Kratom then most owners are and based on experiences and talks with him, he takes pride is what he does and is trying to do. He also has a good selection of strains and offers other botanicals. A lot of Kratom companies are just people running their business out of their living rooms and not testing products or storing or packaging it with cleanliness. He is not like this. It’s actually a business and it’s ran like one from what I can tell. ( a person can only tell so much without actually seeing things for themselves ). I did have some issues with some of the Kratom so I brought it up and he addressed the situation quickly and he said he is taking extreme care that it never happens again. And for the most part made sure I was satisfied on my way out the door. Because I’m a lifetime Kratom user I am going to be buying straight from Indonesia or from the states to save on money.

  6. Chris Stanley says:

    Solid vendor, Great leaf. I highly recommend!
    Been using these guys for year and love them

  7. Melissa Price says:

    Great company to shop for Kratom at great prices! Very quick shipping. Friendly and quick to respond if you have any questions. Great packaging as well. I will definitely be buying lots more from Canada Kratom Express! You will be very happy with your purchase if you choose to buy from Canada Kratom Express!! I know I am!

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