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June 19, 2020

Bulk Kratom Now

Ships from: Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Ships to: United States

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Known best for their affordable kilograms, Bulk Kratom Now makes bulk speciosa accessible and affordable to everyone. Having been on the market for a few years, this prominent vendor has joined the upper ranks with their reliable quality and polished customer service that streamlines the shopping experience.

But there’s much more to the success of this Wyoming-based vendor. Aside from their quality, lab-tested products sold at affordable prices, Bulk Kratom Now also provides a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This means anyone who’s trying their stuff for the first time won’t have to worry about any risks.


Bulk Kratom Now Product and Service Overview

That first visit to the Bulk Kratom Now website will tell you that they’re not a low budget brand. This vendor pays close attention to all the little details that contribute to their reputation. Their polished website showcases a minimalist colorway and layout that’s easy to navigate.

If you’re looking to get right into their selection, you’ll find them neatly organized into categories that segregate them by color vein. According to the vendor, they have 33 different kratom strains to choose from. And unlike other brands that only sell a select few in capsule form, BKN offers all of their strains as both powders and caps.

Powders at Bulk Kratom Now come in weights of 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g. Capsules on the other hand are measured by piece, and sell in packs of 150, 250, 700, and 1400 count.

As a major part of the brand’s appeal, their products come at impressively low prices versus many other kratom vendors on the market. Of course, they’re still not the cheapest out there. But even then, their prices fall right within the budget range especially for penny-pinching kratom hunters.

When it comes to their reputation, Bulk Kratom Now enjoys a largely positive customer relationship. There are loads of reviews on their website, as well as feedback posted elsewhere on the web. And while there are occasional complaints now and again, they’re none too damaging to the vendor’s overall reputation.


Bulk Kratom Now Product Cost and Price Comparison

All of their powders and capsules come at the same prices regardless of strain. And as mentioned previously, they don’t necessarily have the cheapest prices. But without comparison, Bulk Kratom Now sells their products at a reasonably low cost that most people should be able to afford.


Powder Starts at $18.99 for 100g Starts at $7.99 for 28g Starts at $10 for 28g
$29.99 for 250g $89.99 for 448g $25 for 125g
$44.99 for 500g $34 for 250g
$79.99 for 1000g $90 for 1000g
Caps Starts at $22.99 for 150ct Starts at $8.99 for 25ct Starts at $16 for 120ct
$49.99 for 350ct $74.99 for 250ct $53.95 for 250ct
$74.99 for 700ct
$119.99 for 1400ct


The smallest available powder packs at Bulk Kratom Now cost $18.99, which is a price per gram of 0.19¢. In the kilogram department, bags sell for $79.99 or 0.079¢ per gram. That’s not too shabby considering the fact that other vendors on the scene go for as much as $180 per kilogram.

If it’s your first time buying from Bulk Kratom Now and you’re not quite ready to shell out on a large bag of a single strain, there’s the sample pack. This super affordable bundle gives you three different kratom strains of 100g each. Retailing for just $34.99 for a total of 300g of product, this makes the perfect choice for the undecided.


Bulk Kratom Now Customer Reviews

And what do their customers have to say? Well, it’s mainly a positive reception for the brand. With their consumer base eager and willing to share their experiences with the vendor across various venues on the web, it’s not really that hard to find feedback about the brand.

“As a 1st time customer, I was hesitant to order bulk so I went with the sample pack. Well, I’m disappointed I didn’t just order kilos of my favorite blends. Everything I received is of serious quality. I don’t care too much for the white blends but that’s what friends are for. Bulk Kratom Now has a new customer for life. Thanks!” – Bulk Kratom Now website

“Top shelf customer service, products, quick shipping, prompt info about shipment and easy to navigate site. You got my business again! Thank you.” – Bulk Kratom Now website

“I give them a 10 out of 10, after trying other vendors, I can safely say that they are the best all-around.” – Bulk Kratom Now website

“Price was very good but the best point is the QUALITY of their product is the highest available! I was going through 4 times as much with the other vendor but on using this, I found how it’s supposed to work. I’ll be happy to share experiences with anyone. This is the best available!”- Bulk Kratom Now website

“I’ve used it 2 times, but it’s pretty good stuff. I would give it an 8/10 or 8.5/10. Affordable, quick shipping, good variety.” – Reddit user


Bulk Kratom Now Complaints

You can’t please everyone. Even with their solid product and dedication to quality, Bulk Kratom Now still gets the occasional complaint.

On the plus side, these critical comments point to potential areas of improvement that the vendor works hard to address. And since they don’t censor reviews, you can tell they’re not faking their reputation.

“Actually, other than the packaging, which is a plastic that is not easy to open neatly and cracks, the product itself was very good.” – Bulk Kratom Now website

“The product was great although I really wish the shipping was a bit quicker on this order like it was on my previous one.” – Bulk Kratom Now website

“I just got some GMD and it’s terrible.” – Reddit user

“I didn’t really feel anything from [green Jongkong] so I’m not sure if it was a bad batch or what happened.” – Reddit user


Bulk Kratom Now Discount Codes and Coupons

The best way to get discounts at Bulk Kratom Now would be to join their rewards program. The vendor gives out points for every dollar spend. And as you collect more points, you get the opportunity to use them to redeem special discounts and promotional offers.

If you’re looking for other ways to save, you can also give them a follow on their socials where they update regularly with information on discounts and sales.


Bulk Kratom Now Lab Testing

According to the vendor, they test all of their products for both purity and potency. This helps guarantee that none of the product that arrives at their customers’ doorsteps are contaminated with any sort of potentially dangerous contaminants.

While these lab test results aren’t available on their website, all of their products come with labels that indicate the specific batches they come from. These then tie up to the specific lab reports for that batch. To get an actual copy of the report, you can reach out to the vendor via their contact form or email address.


American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Association developed the Good Manufacturing Practices certification to help regulate kratom vendors. This aims to assist kratom legislature while working to protect customers from potentially dangerous product.

To receive AKA-GMP certification, a vendor must pay a fee and undergo an evaluation. As of writing, Bulk Kratom Now has yet to initiate the process. But with time, we should expect the vendor to work towards certification especially since they’re keen on keeping a clean image.


Is Bulk Kratom Now Legit?

The thing about kratom vendors is that when they screw up, customers are quick to sling mud around. The fact that there are zero complaints about scams, unfulfilled orders, and contamination pertaining to Bulk Kratom Now anywhere on the web proves that they don’t dip their feet in that sort of mess.

Most importantly, Bulk Kratom Now has never been involved in those nasty lawsuits. The vendor maintains a clean reputation across every area of their operations. And with a complete satisfaction guarantee, there are zero risks when buying from Bulk Kratom Now.


Should You Try Bulk Kratom Now?

If their extensive selection and wealth of reviews doesn’t have you convinced yet, maybe their low prices will teeter you over the edge. This vendor touts a clean reputation and a solid base of constant customers that vouch for their line of products.

With affordable products, a satisfaction guarantee, and tons of kratom options to choose from, Bulk Kratom Now boasts all the makings of a reliable kratom go-to.

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