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October 01, 2020

Bow Key Botanicals

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Ships to: United States, Canada

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Bow Key Botanicals offers a bountiful selection of kratom products. A glance at their inventory reveals dozens of strains, which includes classic favourites like Red Bali and rarer finds alike. Bow Key also keeps a plentiful stock of kratom capsules and extracts for those less fond of the kratom powder format.

Star Light Kratom


  1. MytraGuy9
    Active Commenter

    Excellent quality. Some of the best WMD I’ve had in years. Ordered several batches and all were good quality. Really enjoyed the Green Vein. Gave me a little energy. Green Sumatra helped with a some relaxation. WMD is fast and provides some stimulatjon for a morning coffee replacement. Pricing was on the higher side in my experience but the quality is good enough to search for discount codes if they are available. Highly recommended.

  2. Joeymc1986
    Active Commenter

    I give Bow Key Botanicals five stars! The sliders were acting up on my phone and would only do 4.9 but I give it a whole 5. I am new to this site but have been using Bow Key Botanicals for over a year now and have all ways been satisfied with everything they offer. All of their kratom is top notch and the customer service goes above and beyond other vendors. I have been using kratom for 4 years and Bow Key is by far the best vendor I have ever used. Below I am going to post my three favorite strains and a review on each. I have tried a lot of their strains but these are my top three.

    1) Green Mang Da – Has a very clean taste to it and the grind is super fine to where the kratom goes down very easy and smooth. I know it sounds crazy but it even has a great taste to it. The energy and mood lift all ways hit me first with this one. It has a great mood lift and euphoria associated with it. Then the pain relieving effects hit last and my entire body feels wonderful and pain free with a great amount of energy to go about my busy day at work.

    2) Green Vein- Like the Mang Da this one has a clean and smooth taste with a super fine grind that goes down smoothly. This is my go to kratom for pain relief hands down. The pain relief hits first and my whole body feels warm and pain free. Great for after work . It has a very nice mood lift and euphoria with it and helps me relax. I love this kratom after a long hard day when I need to relax and feel good

    3) Super Green Mang Da- This one as well as the others has a clean taste with a fine grind that goes down super smooth and easy. This one is great for work as well because I get a energy spike first accompanied by a mood lift that makes me ready to go. Following all that the pain relief kicks in and I am in no pain anywhere in my body. This kratom helps me get through my day with ease. I love the energetic effects I get from this one.

    Those are my favorite three strains from them and recommend trying all three. I might add that I have tried other strains from them and they all have been awesome in my opinion. All of their product is extremely fresh and quality. I won’t buy my kratom anywhere else. This company is a true gem!

  3. Amy Frey says:

    In reference to my earlier comment; I made a mistake in judging them after only a couple purchases. I have since tried their red maeng da, and yellow vietnam, and both are excellent. I still have a couple more to try, but make sure to give them a chance.

  4. Amy Frey says:

    I’ve purchased from these guys in the past, and the first time it wasn’t bad, but the second time I was really disappointed.

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