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September 08, 2021

Botanical Remedies

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If a premium kratom vendor ever existed, Botanical Remedies would be it. Offering close to seventy different products through their website, this vendor hits the diversity nail on the head. But more than just their extensive selection, Botanical Remedies LLC also brings its buyers a truly polished shopping experience.

Backed by loads of authentic, consumer-generated feedback, Botanical Remedies just exudes the qualities of a trusted brand. And because they’re big on discounts, buyers can manage to downsize their expensive prices to compete with other, budget-friendly brands on the market.


Botanical Remedies LLC Product and Service Overview

Anyone paying a visit to the Botanical Remedies website will agree that these guys have it all figured out. Their pristine online store touts layouts and colorways that betray their dedication to branding. The vendor offers customers a relatively seamless online shopping experience with simplified navigation.

Browsing their website also doesn’t require too much of a fuss. In a few clicks, you should find exactly what you need. Perhaps the only downside is that product category tabs exist solely at the bottom of their website. So it can be a chore to sift through close to 70 different products all pooled together.

Botanical Remedies offers powders, capsules, and extracts under their kratom selection. But if you were hoping to hit two birds with one stone, they also offer quite the range of hemp-derived tinctures.

Products at Botanical Remedies come neatly packaged in sealed, standing, mylar bags. Tinctures of course, arrive in brown tinted bottles with droppers. Each of these products’ individual pages showcase reviews from their previous buyers. Do note however that the vendor doesn’t use any software to verify reviews.

That means anyone on the web can leave feedback for their products. What’s more, Botanical Remedies has the final say as to which comments will be published, and which will be rejected and ultimately deleted. So there’s really no way to tell if the feedback on their website truly reflects the whole picture.

Fortunately, information on Reddit remains sufficient. The vendor generates quite a lot of talk on various subs on the site. Generally, Redditors tend to see the vendor in a positive light, which says a lot about the brand considering how picky the Reddit crowd tends to be.


Botanical Remedies Product Cost and Price Comparison

Buyers restricted by a limited budget might find Botanical Remedies’ prices out of reach. To be frank, the vendor’s kratom doesn’t really fall into ‘budget’ category. So if you’re used to buying your kratom for cheap, Botanical Remedies might have you thinking twice about your purchase.

Powders Starts at $7.99 for 28g Starts at $9.99 for 28g Starts at $17 for 100g
$42.99 for 224g $35.99 for 112g $79 for 1kg
$104.99 for 1000g $204.99 for 1kg
$82.99 for 300ct $160 for 1000g

Their kilograms go for 0.10¢ per gram, which isn’t a far cry from the usual 0.07¢ that other vendors like Moon Kratom peddle. Nonetheless, Botanical Remedies may seem like a slightly expensive option especially if you’re a frequent kratom user who needs a constant stash at hand.At $.799 for 28g, Botanical Remedies sells their smallest kratom powder packets at a cost of 0.28¢ per gram. Sure, that might not seem to cheap if you’re looking at things from a dosage perspective. But prices do tend to ease up as you increase your purchase weight.

Keep in mind that the prices listed above represent their cheapest kratom products. They offer an ‘enhance it’ option if you want to bolster the potency of your chosen powder or capsules. This can exponentially increase the cost of your purchase by up to three times.


Botanical Remedies Customer Reviews

Again, Botanical Remedies provides feedback on their website to help customers make a decision. But since there’s no way to verify the legitimacy of these reviews, it’s recommended that you look through alternative sources like Reddit to get the full picture.

“These guys have been nothing but great to me, they answer my emails very quickly, they are polite (which is becoming rare), and I can honestly say that they carry the best products that I’ve tried. Even better than HH and literally a third of the price.” – Botanical Remedies website

“Botanical Remedies will be my go to site from now on, much better than what I had before.” – Botanical Remedies website

“They have the best kratom I’ve ever had, especially the green Maeng Da and the green horned leaf.” – Botanical Remedies website

“I usually order from Botanical Remedies. A little high but I know it will always be good leaf. Tried to go cheaper a few times the quality just wasn’t there compared to BR.” – Reddit user

“I loved it and have ordered more since. Totally different from the pills at the smoke shop.” – Reddit user


Botanical Remedies Complaints

One of the ways you can tell that a vendor doesn’t selectively post feedback submitted to their website is that they still post negative comments. On the web, there are a few critical reviews that talk about their products and services. But even then, none of these comments cause enough damage to taint the brand’s name.

“Botanical Remedies is awesome. Just wish they had better rewards for frequent small orders.” – Reddit user

“Its a little pricey compared to what I pay at the store.” – Reddit user

“Eh, too slow for me. Need something faster. Good if you’re looking for that.” – Botanical Remedies website

“I do like white Borneo, but I think I will stick with the Maeng Das. They are a little stronger.” – Botanical Remedies website


Botanical Remedies Discounts and Coupons

Since Botanical Remedies is a veteran-owned business, expect to get loads of discounts if you’re a military personnel. The vendor offers a lifetime discount to veterans who reach out to them via their contact form. They don’t disclose however just how big that discount might be.

Other ways to save up on your purchase would be to subscribe to their newsletter or to follow them on their socials. And, in case it helps to know, the vendor provides free priority shipping on all orders over $75, which can definitely be a sweet added treat.


Botanical Remedies Lab Testing

Information on their website indicates that the Botanical Remedies brand sends out their products for testing. But as you scour their different product pages and their whole website, you won’t actually find any lab test results.

Take a little extra time to read between the lines, and you’ll also discover that the vendor doesn’t really go into too much detail when talking about lab tests. Instead, they simply say “lab tested by a third party” and nothing more. So it’s unclear what they test for and whether they actually release those results.


American Kratom Association Membership

On their website, the Botanical Remedies vendor has a blog post about the importance of AKA-GMP certification. This typically shows up first in a Google search when you try to research whether they’re compliant. And while it definitely makes it seem that way, the opposite is true.

As of writing, the Botanical Remedies brand isn’t certified by the AKA. So we can’t really declare anything about the safety and sanitation of their facilities and procedures. What we do know however is that the vendor recently made the request for an audit, so they may earn that cGMP badge soon.


Is Botanical Remedies Legit?

Lots of seedy vendors out there use questionable tactics just to boost sales. Scams, fraud, and false advertising make up just the tip of the iceberg. Even more dangerous, some vendors sell contaminated product that can cause serious health complications.

Many of these brands have had their names dragged into messy legal battles, forcing them into early closure. Fortunately, that can’t be said about Botanical Remedies. This vendor has yet to get its name involved in any of these common problems, which makes them a legitimate source of kratom product.


Should You Try Botanical Remedies?

Yes, especially if you’re in military service or if you’re a veteran. The vendor provides some pretty impressive discounts for eligible buyers, helping to dial down their prices and make them more accessible.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to stay within budget and you’re not eligible for their lifetime discounts, you could always try their product in smaller amounts. At the end of the day however, penny pinching kratom buyers might find that there are other vendors out there with similar quality product and much lower prices.


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