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April 24, 2020

Botanical Bunny

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Botanical Bunny offers a limited selection of kratom strains and even more limited information about their company. But despite that, buyers adore the brand and strongly patronize their products that have been consistently rated five stars across the web.

You’d think that their basic branding would drag down their popularity. But the vendor often lands ‘best of’ kratom lists alongside other high-end brands. And because their prices are on point, it’s easy to see why they’ve managed to stay afloat despite their laid-back take on marketing.


Botanical Bunny Product and Service Overview

It’s not entirely clear when Botanical Bunny joined the kratom trade. Some of the oldest reviews for the brand on the web date back four years. And a look into their Facebook page reveals that they first set up their social media presence early in 2017.

Buyers looking to learn more about the vendor might be disappointed to find limited information about Botanical Bunny even on their own website. Interestingly however, the vendor’s address places them in Lisboa, Portugal. They also state on their contact page that all disputes ‘will be handled in the EU.”

That’s not all that’s concerning about their website. The whole online store front seems lacking. Taking the white backgrounds, the lack of web copy, and the ultra-simplified layout all together, you might say that branding is the last thing on Botanical Bunny’s list of priorities.

They also don’t keep their kratom front and center, despite the product being their main offering. Their homepage is decorated with organic soap products and soap making supplies — a common tactic that kratom vendors use to avoid getting unwanted attention.

Unlike other vendors that stock their shelves with loads of kratom options, Botanical Bunny keeps between three to five strains in-stock. Some buyers speculate it’s because the brand works with small farms, so they don’t have the machinery to mass-supply kratom the same way other vendors do.

However, despite offering a limited selection, Botanical Bunny has received an overwhelmingly positive response from its buyers. For the most part, these customers rave about the brand’s ‘high quality product’ that delivers consistent results across batches.

That doesn’t mean though that Botanical Bunny isn’t without its mishaps. Although few, negative comments about the potency of their product exist online. There are also some buyers who express concern over the lack of testing and AKA-GMP compliance.


Botanical Bunny Product Cost and Price Comparison

Botanical Bunny’s prices aren’t remarkably low, but they are low enough to keep buyers coming back. The vendor’s products fall right within the average price for kratom, especially if you purchase their larger bulk bags.

Here’s a quick look at their prices and how they compared to their competition:

Powders Starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $17 for 100g Starts at $12.64 for 30g
$12 for 100g $79 for 1000g $22.27 for 100g
$25 for 250g $345 for 5000g $75.57 for 1000g
$90 for 1000g

Botanical Bunny’s kratom powders sell for between 0.17¢ and 0.09¢ per gram. All things considered, those are some pretty low prices especially since the average price of kratom per gram usually falls at 0.2¢.

In the kilogram department however, Botanical Bunny’s offers pale in comparison to vendors like Moon Kratom and Carolina Kratom that sell their products for less than $90. Nevertheless, Botanical Bunny’s $90 kilograms still don’t cost enough to be considered expensive.

As of writing, there are only about three strains on the Botanical Bunny inventory. They also don’t carry any capsules or extracts, with their powders making up the entire list of their selection.


Botanical Bunny Kratom Reviews

You’d think that Botanical Bunny’s unimpressive branding and limited selection would drag down their reputation. But you’d be wrong. Botanical Bunny enjoys quite the positive response from its buyers, many of which openly share their experience through forums like Reddit.

“The customer service to me is amazing, & the shipping is extremely fast. Pretty cheap compared to a lot of vendors too.” – Reddit user

“They’re my favorite vendor. I’ve been using kratom for about two years, and I’ve ordered exclusively from them for about 3 months. Their premium is great, as is the red Banjar, green Vietnam, wild white, and white Maeng Da, Jong Kong. At least in my experience.” – Reddit user

“It’s pretty awesome for me, I like it after work as it seems to be more sedating. Blending it with the Premium, I feel like I get a broader spectrum of effects, adding a bit more pain relief & euphoria.” – Reddit user

“I’m not quite a veteran kratomite, but I’ve made the decision to stick with BB. If it’s available, try the premium md & the red bent. I also just got some crushed leaf from them, but I’ve yet to try it. BB has had the best stuff (for me) out of anyone else I’ve tried so far.” – Reddit user

“Always been a pleasure! High quality products and you can tell they really appreciate their customers.” – Facebook


Botanical Bunny Complaints

Botanical Bunny isn’t a stranger to customer complaints. While most reviews for the brand are positive, there’s a demographic of consumers who don’t entirely feel the same way.

“Her stuff’s pretty good, but I’ve had some of the weakest batches ever at the same time. 90% of the greens are good, but don’t go anywhere near the reds, they all suck. Vendors tend to just have bunk, brown batches that are marketed as “reds” but it’s really just trash.” – Reddit user

“I just ordered and got some of their stuff about 2 weeks ago, quick shipping. Unfortunately, it was the worst Kratom I’ve ever had.” – Reddit user

“Pretty average, run-of-the-mill leaf.” -Reddit user

“Their kratom is good but I had troubles with the last batch I got. Not quite as strong as it used to be. Hoping the next order will be different.” – Reddit user

“Nothing special.” – Reddit user


Botanical Bunny Discount Codes and Coupons

Since their website isn’t entirely developed, the vendor doesn’t have a lot of provisions for discounts and coupons. They don’t have a mailing list or a rewards program, so even repeat buyers might struggle to get price cuts on orders or incentives for their loyalty.

While Botanical Bunny does have a Facebook page, they’re not active on the platform. According to reviews, the best way to get freebies from the brand would be to send them a message directly. Numerous buyers claim that the vendor freely sends out samples to those who make the request.


Botanical Bunny Lab Testing

The vendor makes no mention of lab testing on their website. So, although they do get a lot of praise for the potency and effects of their products, no one really knows the mitragynine content of any of their kratom powders.

On top of that, Botanical Bunny doesn’t test for contamination. This may be problematic for buyers who are particularly wary of adulterants like e. coli, salmonella, and heavy metals which have often been found in poorly handled product.


American Kratom Association Membership

Adding to the issue of testing is the fact that the Botanical Bunny brand is neither an AKA member nor a GMP certified vendor. That means they have not been evaluated by the American Kratom Association for Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.

This certification is granted to vendors that meet strict standards for sanitation and cleanliness. Vendors that are AKA-GMP certified prove that their products are handled and processed in facilities that meet sanitation standards using safe, ethical techniques.

As of writing, the Botanical Bunny vendor has not been audited by the AKA. Considering the fact that they also don’t send their products to third-party labs for mitragynine and contamination testing, it’s easy to see why some buyers are wary.


Is Botanical Bunny Legit?

Even though the brand has yet to submit itself to the AKA for an audit, and despite the fact that they don’t test their products, there have been zero reports of recalls for any of Botanical Bunny’s products. They also haven’t been involved in any legal cases throughout the duration of their venture.

Considering the widespread acceptance of the brand and their extensive collection of positive reviews, it’s safe to say that Botanical Bunny is a legitimate kratom brand.


Should You Buy From Botanical Bunny?

If kratom quality and cost were your main concerns, then Botanical Bunny might be the right place to visit. Their selection — albeit limited — has garnered the trust and patronage of a solid consumer base that praises the brand for its dedication not only to quality, but to consistency.

Of course, that’s not all there is to buying kratom. Consumers who are concerned about the safety of their product purchases might not be too fond of Botanical Bunny. In not testing its products for contamination or potency, and by refusing to become an
AKA-affiliated vendor, the brand may shrug off buyers who place a high value on tests.

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