October 1, 2020

BKB Herbal

BKB Herbal

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BKB's inventory is a fusion of classic strains and rarer finds. Beginners and kratom enthusiasts alike will appreciate BKB's familiar kratom offerings, which include strains like Red Maeng Da and Red Horn. However, BKB Herbal has also broadened their selection with lesser-known options like Green Tawa and Tidak Takut.

👥 User Comments & Reviews

  1. I'm the owner of BKB and want to address this comment above. This customer complained about what we sent him saying he was "having trouble feeling the kratom", so I sent him a replacement order which I normally wouldn't do for such a complaint. After I did that he complained again, and said it was "stem and vein" which I did not agree with. I told him we had a new batch of Crisp and the quality was outstanding. It was truly some of the strongest kratom we had ever had. I guaranteed him he would like it because it was just that good of a batch. He ordered some of that...

    To my surprise he said the Crisp did nothing for him either. To this day I still think of this guy when I tell customers "even on our strongest batches we sometimes get complaints of no effects". He said he ordered months prior and it was the best kratom he ever had; referring to an inferior batch. After going back and forth with him it sounded like he was having really inconsistent experiences with kratom, which suggests to me he is probably using opiates. Use of opioids will raise tolerance and hinder the effects of kratom. Some users don't want to take responsibility for their own behaviors and expect vendors to take responsibility for their experiences despite their choices. Some ppl literally shoot up heroin the day before and then think kratom is garbage when it doesn't work for them. They will go leave bad reviews and trash honest vendors. Crisp didn't have any noticeable stem and vein in it, and the fact he is saying that about all the batches just shows further he is exaggerating. I am very strict with what we call Crisp and only the best batches are called Crisp. It's unfortunate that we have to deal with people like this who leave dishonest reviews because they are strung out. Normally I wouldn't even bother responding but with Crisp I value the brand and it irritates me to see him spreading misinformation. We received no other complaints on that batch, or even the other batches he complained about.

  2. Hello, I had good kratom from this vendor months ago but lately kratom has been very bad quality from most vendors. I bought a kilo and half of kratom from this vendor and all of it was very weak and had some negative side effects. Also to mention alot of these vendors seem to have stem and vein in thier product, like this one. Then he send a promotion to all the customers because of his horrible customer skills promoting some of his so called best kratom. "Crisp", it sucked, it still had stem and vein and had little to no smell like his other kratom. 1/5

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