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October 01, 2020

Beaufort Kratom

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Offering a wide array of kratom products and other botanicals, herbs, and extracts, Beaufort Kratom proudly claims to offer the freshest speciosa products available. But aside from simply selling their kratom, the brand hopes to help users caught in a bind through a unique initiative called the Helping Hearts program.

In giving away prepaid kratom to users in need, Beaufort Kratom aims to make the herb available to everyone. Needless to say, that has earned the brand significant respect and popularity. Add in the fact that their kratom isn’t too shabby, and it’s easy to see how they’ve grown such a large consumer base.


Beaufort Kratom Product and Service Overview

It’s not exactly clear when Beaufort Kratom joined in on the bandwagon. However, there are mentions of the brand on the web as way back as four years ago. Online, reception of the brand has been mostly positive. But even then, there are a few reports on the web that point to less than ideal experiences with the vendor.

In terms of products, they’ve got quite the spread. Beaufort Kratom sells powders, capsules, extracts, chewable, and merchandise like t-shirts. Aside from kratom, they also offer hemp-derived products such as delta-8 tinctures, edibles, and vape cartridges.

While their selection might get you interested, their prices might not be too enticing. Beaufort Kratom’s speciosa come at a significantly higher cost versus their competition. So, they might not be a suitable go-to, especially if you’re a penny pinching kratom user.

Nevertheless, it seems their buyers are perfectly happy with their product in spite of the prices. On Facebook, the vendor enjoys a positive reputation among its customers. However, reviews elsewhere on the web are scarce, especially since they don’t leave room for feedback on their website.

And that’s another thing. Their online store isn’t exactly easy to navigate. Aside from its confusing layout and clumsy navigation, the website also calls for more than a few clicks to bring you to your desired product. While that might not seem like such an issue, it makes the browsing process a little too tedious for comfort.


Beaufort Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

For the record, their products aren’t the most expensive you’ll come across. But even then, they still exceed the typical average price for kratom products across the market. 

Powders Starts at $20 for 56g Starts at $17 for 100g Starts at
$45 for 250g $79 for 1kg $19.99 for 100g
$80 for 500g $345 for 5kg $139.99 for 1kg
$499 for 5kg
Capsules Starts at $20 for 42g Starts at $25 for 100g Starts at $16 for 36g
$55 for 250g $160 for 1kg $58.99 for 192g
$100 for 500g

By the gram, their kratom powders cost between 0.36¢ and 0.16¢. For reference, most buyers price their products at 0.15¢ per gram, or less.


There are various other products on the Beaufort Kratom line-up, and these include:


    • 10% premium Kratom Extract Powder – Starts at $30
    • 30% premium Kratom Extract Powder – Starts at $60
    • 70% premium Kratom Extract Powder – Starts at $60
    • Extract Gold Chewable 600mg – Starts at $60
    • 15mg Liquid Extract Gel Capsules – Starts at $50
    • Kratom + Kava Chewable 600mg – Starts at $60
    • Blue Lots + Kratom Extract – Starts at $60
    • 50x Formulated Extract 100g – Starts at $175


Beaufort Kratom Reviews

Since the vendor doesn’t leave room on their website for buyers to leave feedback, you’re going to have to check other sources to find information about their products and services. On the upside, there’s more than enough feedback on places like Facebook, Google, and Reddit to help you perform your due diligence.

“I’ve been a customer of Beaufort Kratom for about 5 years now. […] I’ve tried numerous vendors in the past but never again because I’ve not found even 1 other product from any other vendor that can compare to the quality they have. […] They also treat their customers like family & go above & beyond to help figure out what will help me the most.” – Google reviews

“I visited Beaufort Kratom, and I am grateful that I did. Exceptional quality!! Friendly, knowledgeable staff. I will be ordering from this company exclusively in the future.” – Google reviews

“What a great little shop! We were getting from another shop until I found Beaufort Kratom. Knowledgeable, friendly, great product and great prices! You’ve made another customer for life! Thanks so much!” – Google reviews

“I’ve been using Beaufort kratom for almost 2 years now and I can tell you first hand they are top notch! By far the best kratom I’ve had. Always fresh.” – Facebook

“Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Super-fast shipping. Professional packaging. […] I highly recommend giving them an opportunity to earn your business, they have definitely earned mine. Thank you, Beaufort K, for the outstanding service and next level product.” – Facebook


Beaufort Kratom Complaints

There aren’t too many complaints about Beaufort Kratom online. But even then, exploring the depths of the web should reveal a few critical reviews that reflect the other side of the pond.

“Worst service ever would not recommend ever going here! There were rats and roaches crawling around […] and owner did nothing to contain them!!” – Facebook

“Tried Beaufort Kratom and it’s okay. But being out of work and with two kids, I need something cheaper.” – Reddit

“Many customers have been having issues with the length of time it is taking the product to arrive.” – Facebook


Beaufort Kratom Discount Codes and Coupons

Like most other vendors, Beaufort Kratom offers discounts through their mailing list. Buyers can sign up for the newsletter by keying in their email address through the little widget at the bottom of their website.

Beaufort Kratom also has a Facebook page where they occasionally post about new offers, promotions, and price cuts. Giving them a follow should get you first dibs on their latest coupons and vouchers.


Beaufort Kratom Lab Tests

Beaufort Kratom is careful to test all of their products. So, they send samples to third-party labs to test for contamination and potency. However, the lab reports posted on their website might be dated, indicating results for older batches.

That said, the vendor encourages buyers to email their request for updated testing reports if they want to see how their kratom products fair. According to reviews for Beaufort Kratom, the vendor sends out reports promptly for the benefit of their buyers.


American Kratom Association Membership

As of writing, Beaufort Kratom isn’t an AKA affiliated vendor. None of their procedures or products have been assessed for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance. However, since they provide third-party tests, many buyers feel that AKA-GMP certification might be nothing more than an added bonus.


Is Beaufort Kratom Legit?

One report on Reddit alleges that the vendor was fined by local code enforcement for issues with zoning of their building and the use of permits. Aside from this, Beaufort Kratom hasn’t been involved in any legal cases or FDA recalls.


Should You Buy from Beaufort Kratom?

Their prices might not be the best, but at the end of the day, Beaufort Kratom delivers excellent quality product and stellar customer support. So, if you’re willing to spend a little extra for your kratom, and you’re big on variety, their wide array of kratom products and other botanicals might be worth a shot.

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  1. Luwanna Chriswell says:

    Beaufort Kratom is the only Kratom I buy. Hands down it is the best!! Also they are the kindest people to deal with. Have always had any questions I may have had answered right away. Fast shipping too.

  2. Robert payne says:

    They are great answers all questions and have helped me so much I can finally be active in life again they have give my life back greatly recommend them great quality kratom the best I have ever had

  3. Greg Walk says:

    I’ve been a customer for over 2 years.
    Not one issue EVER!
    Quality, and excellent service.
    They always are helpful and answer any questions.
    I will continue to use them exclusively!!

  4. KLeighaG1974
    Active Commenter

    I was very skeptical of making the leap to kratom. I called this company probably every other day for two weeks just asking questions, getting more information about the plant, and they educated me about lab testing, and even helped me understand lab tests so that if I decided to go to a different vendor I WOULD KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR! Like, how great is that? That showed me that they didn’t just care about making a sale, they genuinely wanted me to have a good experience with this plant, and want to make sure that the kratom I got was good. This group of people seems to really care about me and I’m sure everyone else that calls. I’m proud to say that I am a BK customer for life now and their products are really good. I was struggling with arthritis, and was so scared to try anything that didn’t come from a doctor, but had heard some great things about kratom and found them on Google. I tried their Evergreen Maeng Da, and I think this is going to be my “go-to” for now. Thankfully I’m blessed to be able to try it financially, but they even have a sort of “pay it forward” program that helps people.

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