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October 01, 2020

Authentic Kratom

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Just at a glance, you can tell that Authentic Kratom places particular importance on first impressions. Big on branding and fancy marketing tactics, this vendor has amassed a large collection of positive reviews on their website for their ‘high quality’ kratom and their alluring variety.

But for as enticing as their website might paint their kratom out to be, threads on Reddit reveal a different side of the story. Allegedly involved in shilling and spamming, Authentic Kratom loses some of its appeal among buyers who value good, honest advertising.


Authentic Kratom Product and Service Overview

According to their website, Authentic Kratom first stepped on the scene in 2013. Their goal was to provide buyers quality kratom that actually delivered real results — thus their brand name. With time, they earned significant popularity because they were one of the oldest names in the business.

Today, Authentic Kratom’s website leaves a much more professional impression on its visitors. Their online storefront boasts polished layouts, clean lines, and easy navigation that make online shopping effortless and convenient.

Their products tout the same attention to design and detail, packaged in branded resealable bags or bottles that definitely exude that high-end vendor appeal. Products on their range include powders and crushed leaf. These are sold in an array of strains and color veins to cater to every kind of kratom user.

On their website, the vendor leaves room for buyers to leave comments and feedback about their kratom. Needless to say, most of the response has been positive. But it pays to note that the feature is available to anyone on the web, regardless of whether or not they’ve made a purchase.

That’s why most prospective customers turn to sources like Reddit to find genuine reviews about the brand. Unfortunately, Reddit’s painfully honest audience doesn’t take too well to Authentic Kratom, stating that while their service might be stellar, their products aren’t quite worth the cost.


Authentic Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Maybe it’s because they’ve been on the market for close to 10 years, or maybe it’s part of their marketing effort to look more like a premium brand. Whatever the case, Authentic Kratom’s products are expensive.


Powders Starts at $11.99 for 28g Starts at $8.49 for 28g Starts at $8.15 for 28g
$119.90 for 280g $127.95 for 455g $103.95 for 455g

Authentic Kratom’s per gram prices for larger bags significantly exceed the average cost of kratom across the market. If you crunch the numbers, you’ll find that their kratom sells for between 0.07¢ and 0.42¢ per gram. Keep in mind that these prices fluctuate depending on the strain.

Typically, kratom vendors sell their kratom at around 0.1¢ to 0.2¢ per gram. And while Authentic Kratom’s smaller packet sizes might fall below average, their larger bags push prices by up to double the standard.


Authentic Kratom Reviews

The Authentic Kratom website is flooded with positive reviews. Based on their YotPo badge, they’ve accumulated a total of 4,298 reviews as of writing with an average star rating of 4.5 stars.

“I keep ordering from Authentic Kratom because I’m happy with the products and service that they provide and the website for me simple and easy to use. Thanks, Authentic Kratom.” – Authentic Kratom website

“I love Authentic Kratom. Along with having quality kratom, they have EXCELLENT customer service. They always ship quickly, and they have never gotten an order wrong. I love Authentic Kratom.” – Authentic Kratom website

“Friendly and knowledgeable customer service. Fast shipping. And product is of good quality. Great purchase overall.” – Authentic Kratom website

“New customer here and I will be returning many more times in the near future. Product was everything I’d hoped for and more and the customer service is unsurpassed compared to other vendors! This company lives up true to their name. The product truly is authentic!” – Authentic Kratom website

“I have bought maeang da, green boreno, and white Borneo from there and I really like it and they have fast shipping.” – Reddit user


Authentic Kratom Complaints

Complaints about Authentic Kratom mainly exist outside of their website. On Reddit, kratom patrons remain largely unimpressed by the vendor’s potentially dishonest methods of raking in positive reviews.

“The few people that posted positively [about Authentic Kratom] have almost no Reddit history, and downvoted the critics, so I fear we have our answer. the answer being that the product may well be fine, but there is no consumer footprint that will testify to the fact.” – Reddit user

“I’ve been using Kratom for 3-4 years, so I know a little bit. I will agree their service is good, but not the Kratom. They all looked the same color, tasted the same and smelled the same, and didn’t do much, at least anything I could notice.” – Reddit user

“I put the review on their website with 2 stars and 10 minutes later it was removed. Now you know why they have only 5 star reviews on their website, they remove the ones that aren’t so good.” – Reddit user

“I used the “free” yellow vein I received with my order for 2 days and didn’t use any others like I normally do to mix it up. I’m just gonna say it… I had the worst diarrhea for 2 days, I guess it had to get out of my system, but man my stomach was cramping something terrible.” – Reddit user

“The remaining hour or two of dwindling effects from this product produce very heavy, slow and debilitating symptoms on mind and body. [G]iven the price, I’d advise against this. It’s near impossible to go about your day on a dose or two of this.” –  Authentic Kratom website


Authentic Kratom Coupons and Discount Codes

Most of the discount codes and vouchers that the vendor sends out to its customers course through their newsletter. Just like any other brand, their mailing list sign up can be found at the bottom of their home page. Joining gives you access to promos, freebies, and exclusive discounts you can use on eligible transactions.

The vendor also regularly puts their products on sale. Simply visiting their website might give you the chance to cop your next kratom haul at up to 30% off. They do this to routinely clean their inventory and to make way for fresh product. They also have a dedicated promotions and discounts tab on their website.


Authentic Kratom Lab Testing

According to their website, all of their products are individually lab tested prior to being listed for sale. However, they don’t make these tests available to the public. They also don’t disclose whether they test for contamination, mitragynine content, or both.


American Kratom Association Membership

Presently, Authentic Kratom isn’t affiliated with the American Kratom Association. Based on previous reports, the vendor had submitted itself to the Good Manufacturing Practices audit. However, there is no news as to whether they’ve been certified by the AKA-GMP.


Is Authentic Kratom Legit?

Despite being involved in spamming, shilling, and selective feedback approval, Authentic Kratom remains a legitimate source of kratom. They haven’t been involved in any legal battles and none of their products have been recalled by the FDA.


Should You Buy From Authentic Kratom?

There’s no harm in giving their products a try. If you’re looking to explore your horizons, their smaller kratom packets come at reasonable prices. But their larger bulk bags might leave a dent on your wallet.

If you’re particular about lab results and AKA-GMP certification, they might not be the brand for you. Buyers who are cautious of vendors that fake feedback might also have trouble confidently transacting with Authentic Kratom.

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