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October 01, 2020

Austin Organic Village

Ships from: Austin, Texas, USA
Ships to: United States

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Based in Austin, Texas, Austin Organic Village has a lot going for it. The vendor takes pride in their impressive selection of kratom products which includes powders, extracts, leaves, and capsules.

Generally, they get quite the positive response from their loyal customers. And while their products might not be the cheapest, their consistent quality makes the slightly steeper cost a small price to pay.


Austin Organic Village Product and Service Overview

Austin Organic Village started out as Dusty Robertson’s response to what he perceived as a scarcity of choices. With a similar story to other kratom brand owners, Robertson suffered from a condition that required pain management. He turned to kratom to soothe his symptoms.

Discovering a gap in the market for cheap, quality kratom, Robertson took it as his responsibility to fill in the lack. Thus, Austin Organic Village opened its doors. Today, they’re one of the major kratom vendors in the Austin area. However, they also ship their products to various other locations in the country.

Buyers can order their products online through their website. Their official ecommerce store offers a truly seamless shopping experience. Easy to navigate and well-organized, the online storefront exudes a premier vendor appeal that’s not too common among kratom vendors.

Products on their website fall into neat categories for easy browsing. Kratom powders remain the star of the show, which you can purchase in bags of 20g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g. When it comes to strains and color veins, their selection is pretty extensive, covering both the familiar and the rare.

In terms of packaging, Austin Organic Village hits the bull’s eye yet again with neatly branded resealable bags for their powders. Capsules on the other hand, arrive at your doorstep in brown tinted plastic bottles.

Overall, Austin Organic gets a pretty positive response from their consumers. However, it is curious that they don’t inspire too much talk on Reddit, where kratom buyers have been known to converge and discuss vendors.


Austin Organic Village Product Cost and Price Comparison

Austin Organic Village definitely isn’t the cheapest vendor on the market, but their prices don’t stray too far from the norm. They also make it easier for buyers to make a choice by keeping the prices for their kratom powders the same across the board, regardless of strain and color vein.

Powders Starts at $7 for 20g Starts at $15.99 for 56g Starts at $5 for 28g
$66 for 500g $59.99 for 252g $30 for 250g
$121 for 1000g $159.99 for 1000g $100 for 1000g
Capsules Starts at $22 for 60ct Starts at $15.99 for 50ct Starts at $6.99 for 28g
$65 for 350ct $29.99 for 100ct $40 for 200g
$140 for 1000g

By the gram, Austin Organic Village sells their powders at 0.35¢ to 0.12¢. Obviously, the bigger the bag you buy, the cheaper the kratom becomes. Even then, some vendors like Mitragaia sell their kratom kilos for just 0.1¢ per gram. Others still go as low as 0.06¢ per gram.

All things considered, Austin Organic Village’s smaller retail packs come at much steeper prices than the market average. So, if you were looking to buy kratom that’s right within the ideal price range, their 500g and 1000g packs would provide the best value for money.

Austin Organic Village also offers a 60x kratom extract at $82.50 for 28g. For buyers who aren’t sure which kratom strain to get, the vendor sells a starter kit that bundles together six strains of your choice at 20g each for just $42.


Austin Organic Kratom Reviews

This brand provides buyers the opportunity to leave their comments through their website. So, shoppers can learn more about the experiences of customers who’ve tried the product in the past. Keep in mind though that these reviews don’t pass through any verification process, so you can’t really tell if they’re real or not.

“Thank you, incredible white variety. Helps me get through my day with plenty of energy while helping alleviate a decent amount of my anxiety in the process.” – Austin Organic Village website

“Out of all the varieties tried, this has proven to be my favorite. It gives me a ton of energy (especially when made into a tea with lemon) without anxiety like coffee does to me, to combat the daily lethargy I struggle with.” – Austin Organic Village website

“This Kratom is so good! Honestly low dose is a good kick to my day and at night dissolves my anxiety so I can sleep[.] Thank you, AOV! You’re a life saver!” – Austin Organic Village website

“I am a new customer and I have been very satisfied with AOV. The customer service is wonderful and they were very helpful when I was placing my first order and was a little confused. The quality of the products and shipping have also been excellent so far. I am very glad I found them and I hope to be doing business with them for a very long time.” – Google reviews

“This place is amazing! Reliable! Everything I’ve ever wanted in kratom! People like Desiree and Jill are the reasons I keep coming back! (and the quality kratom they supply) [their] shipping is super-fast and if there’s ever a problem, they are the best with communicating and fixing the problem! I recommend 10/10” – Google reviews


Austin Organic Village Complaints

The vendor gets a whole lot of love online from their customers, and bad reviews are rare. In fact, any complaints about their products and services don’t really talk about the quality of their kratom at all which speaks volumes about their dedication to providing premium product.

“Product quality seems fine. Pricing is great compared to the retail stores I’d been stuck with. Had some issues with shipping and customer service though. Took a week longer than it should have. Had several people (3) call me to correct the issue, none of which communicated with one another so I had to repeat myself each time.” – Google reviews

“Waiting on a working “password reset email” to log in… otherwise great product and good price.” – Google reviews


Austin Organic Village Lab Testing

For the safety and confidence of their customers, Austin Organic Village makes sure to test all of the products they put up for sale. What’s even better is that they make these tests available for viewing through their website.

The vendor tests for biological contaminants, heavy metals, and mitragyine and other alkaloid levels. So aside from guaranteeing the safety of their products, they also provide proof of their potency.


American Kratom Association Membership

Austin Organic Village is a proud member of the AKA. The vendor recently submitted itself for a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) inspection and passe the test with flying colors. All of their products are now GMP-compliant.

The AKA-GMP is an evaluation that’s performed to identify a vendor’s dedication to quality and sanitation. Brands that pass the evaluation prove that their facilities and techniques for processing and handling kratom minimize exposure to contamination, thus making their products safer for their customers.


Is Austin Organic Village Legit?

The vendor is one of the most trusted names in all of Austin, Texas, and professionally abides by all rules and standards set forth by the AKA. The vendor has not been involved in any legal cases with customers or federal or local authorities, and they have yet to have any of their batches recalled.

All things considered, it’s safe to say that Austin Organic Village is in fact a legitimate kratom vendor.


Should You Buy From Austin Organic Village?

Their products might not be the cheapest you’ll find. But when it comes to quality and consistency, they’re one of the most reliable. Their rigorous testing allows the vendor to really sift through their batches and offer only the products that match their standards.

However, that’s not to say that they’re better than all of the other vendors out there. If you’re on a budget and need something cheaper, you should find brands that offer similar quality kratom for less. But if money is no object, you can’t go wrong with Austin Organic Village.

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  1. K says:

    it says they ship to canada-they do NOT.

  2. Jared K says:

    Austin Organic Village is my favorite vendor. I’ve had poor quality, excellent quality, and everything in between, and AOV easily ranks among the best. They have a wonderful (large) selection that includes most staple strains, and even some harder to find ones. Their premium blends cover every part of the spectrum, from fast to slow. Their extracts do, as well! I’m glad I found them and took a chance, because I’ve made them my sole supplier due to their low prices, amazing customer service, ease of ordering, and prompt shipping. The website allows you to message customer service, and they always respond immediately. Theyve made a few mistakes with my orders, but they immediately fix them when I message them. They are very accessible, friendly, and no other vendor has exceeded my expectations as much as they have. Give them a try, you wont be disappointed.

  3. Nick Wiggins says:

    AOV is by far the best Vendor I’ve found in close to 5 years now as a consumer! Quality is ALWAYS top notch and support is UNMATCHED! Not only is AOV a vendor but a support group and community of fantastic people! Prices are fantastic and shipping is always super fast! AOV also runs deals/specials regularly and it’s not uncommon to get a “freebie” with your order! Whether your new to the Leaf or a seasoned consumer you cannot go wrong with AOV!

  4. Rachel says:

    Austin Organic is the best! Great quality and great service! The prices are on point! I’m very happy with the product,price and services! You all are great people and thank you for everything! They’re there to help you out with whatever it is you need and because of that I greatly appreciate everything you do for your customers!!


  5. Jill Borden says:

    I have tried so many others, but this company has delivered 5 star service every single time, so I have used them exclusively for almost 2 years now!
    If you have any questions, they’re on it, their website is amazing and easy to use, and my orders get delivered to my door in A DAY! 😱
    Thank you, Austin Organic Village, for always doing a great job!!

  6. Pamela Carneal says:

    I’ve been a repeat customer for well over a year now and AOV is one of the top 3 vendors I recommend to my friends. Here are my favorite single strains, but I keep all of their blends on hand also.

    Green Mahakam – One of my favorite greens (and I do love greens)! I can always count on it for a bright mood and good focus with clean energy! It checks all the boxes you’d want from a green – lifts you up for happy afternoon and smoothly let’s you back down in a few hours.

    Gold MDJK – I have not tried a lot of golds and think perhaps I may need to pay more attention to them. This seems to have all the great aspects I look for daytime reds (moderate pain) & yellows (anxiety/mood) plus a bit of clean energy too boot. It’s what I reach for now on a rainy morning as coffee brews when I’m feeling a bit stiff but need to get moving soon. Lasts well into early afternoon and finishes smoothly without any crash.

    Red Banjar – Perfect for moderate daytime pain relief and muscle relaxation! Does not sedate me and gives a happy mood boost too. I’m able to get at least a full 5 hours relief at less than my normal dose. Bonus! It doesn’t even taste bad and I don’t think I’ve ever said that about any strain!

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