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June 03, 2020

Artisan Botanicals

Ships from: Midwest City, OK, USA
Ships to: United States

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Pure, premium, professional — these are the cornerstones of the Artisan Botanicals brand. Offering a slender assortment of kratom picks, Artisan Botanicals has rightfully earned the trust of its buyers across half a decade on the market. They do this by constantly working to improve their products and services.

Back in the day, Artisan Botanicals struggled to hold on to the interest of its buyers with their steep cost. But with time, the vendor has managed to dial down their prices to match some of the cheapest guys on the market. And with their low cost kratom, it was only a matter of time before they became a fixture on the market.


Artisan Botanicals Product and Service Overview

There’s nothing particularly special about the Artisan Botanicals website. Their online store almost looks like it was put together by an amateur. With strange layouts skewed a little to the right and huge chunks of text, it’s not what you would call navigation friendly.

Nonetheless, you should be able to find their narrow product line-up in less than two clicks. And since they are ‘artisanal’, their product images try to go for that vibe. Of course, the dreamy product pictures definitely look Instagram worthy. But do they clue you in on the actual product quality? Not really.

Because they are an artisan brand, you can’t really expect them to stock up too many varieties of kratom at a single time. The vendor’s range of powders, capsules, and crushed leaf includes just a select number of strains. So for buyers who enjoy trying and buying brand new, exotic finds, Artisan Botanicals might not be it.

Even then, they do include most of the standard picks. So you can expect to find your usual strains through their selection. The vendor sells their powders in weights of 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g. And although they might not sell the cheapest product on the market, they definitely try to stay within budget limits.

In fact, most of the kratom consume base complained about Artisan Botanicals’ prices when they just started out. The vendor’s products were exorbitantly priced. But they what’s laudable is that they listened to their customers and worked to strike up a deal with their suppliers so they could dial down their prices.

So today, Artisan Botanicals enjoys a relatively positive online reputation. Although there are still a few complaints about product quality here and there, some buyers scratch that up to individual preferences.


Artisan Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

Although their prices might not represent the cheapest product around town, Artisan Botanicals keeps its cost well within their buyers’ reach. The vendor worked hard to draw up better deals with suppliers. So today, their prices have gotten much cheaper than they used to be.

Powders Starts at $10 for 50g Starts at $9.99 for 28g Starts at $12.97 for 50g
$30 for 250g $35.99 for 112g $50 for 500g
$50 for 500g $204.99 for 1kg $79 for 1000g
$80 for 1000g
Capsules Starts at $25 for 100g Starts at $20 for 50g Starts at $99.99 for 250g
$217.99 for 1000g

At $10 for 50g, Artisan Botanicals’ smallest kratom powder packet sells for 0.2¢ per gram. Their kilograms dial it down to a mere 0.08¢ per gram, or $80 per pack. Back five years ago, Artisan Botanicals sold their 28g for $24, which makes their present prices a big improvement.

You’ll also notice that their capsules are fairly cheap compared to other brands on the market. At just $25 for 100g (200ct), their capsules cost just 0.125¢ each. Unfortunately, the vendor doesn’t offer any larger packs for their capsule products.

If you’re looking to try their crushed leaf, you’ll spend $9 for 50g or $70 for 1000g. of course, there might be a few other brands that sell their crushed leaf for much less. But even then, Artisan Botanicals’ picks don’t exceed the norm too drastically.


Artisan Botanicals Customer Reviews

Unlike other vendors who provide the option for their customers to leave reviews about their products, Artisan Botanicals doesn’t really collect feedback for their products on their website. So the best way to learn about their products and services would be to read about them elsewhere on the web.

The only problem? Well, it seems the rest of the web just isn’t too interested in Artisan Botanicals’ stuff. At least, not enough to talk about them on places like Facebook and Reddit.

“[On the topic of pricing] Good on you for listening to the community feedback, then making a change.” – Reddit

“Adam is a good enough friend to sell me his last and not keep it for his own ….he saw me begging to find more Thai, knew I loved his yellow dream and made it my reality!” – Kratom Oklahoma via Facebook

“I mixed the Artisan Pain blend, max energy blend and yellow dream

I was able to make it through my 6 hours of nonstop public relations w/no problem. It has great synergy w/my other herbs.” – Kratom Oklahoma via Facebook

In case you’re wondering, Kratom Oklahoma is a Facebook page that’s operated by a kratom advocate. The page claims that it isn’t owned by any vendor. But they post regularly about Artisan Botanicals since that’s where they get all their stuff.

And while it isn’t technically a review about Artisan Botanicals, it’s worth mentioning that the vendor and its owner have won a few awards during their time.

“In 2016, he founded Artisan Botanicals, which has become the #1 kratom and pharmacist formulated CBD  provider for the state of Oklahoma. He has since been awarded the IonOklahoma Online NextGen Under 30 award in 2018.” – NextGen Talks


Artisan Botanicals Complaints

You can scour Reddit all you want, and you probably won’t find more than a thread or two that mentions Artisan Botanicals. In fact, this single thread also contains all of the internet’s negative feedback about Artisan Botanicals, at least, as far as our research tells us.

“I’m honestly not too impressed right now. Burned an hour ago and it’s not bunk, but I’ve definitely had better at much lower prices than they sell for.” – Reddit

Aside from this singular comment, Artisan Botanicals doesn’t seem to have any other critical reviews on the web. But before you take that as your sign to  make a purchase, a lack of negative feedback might not always be a good thing. In some cases, vendors can censor comments that don’t coincide with their ideals.


Artisan Botanicals Discounts and Coupons

All orders $100 or more automatically qualify for free shipping. That’s instantly deducted from your total purchase cost once the items in your virtual cart meet the requirements.

Unfortunately other than their free shipping offer, Artisan Botanicals doesn’t provide too many other options to save. They don’t have a mailing list or socials. Although they used to have a Reddit user account, they’ve stopped posting on the website.


Artisan Botanicals Lab Testing

Meticulous buyers who don’t like taking risks will be happy to know that Artisan Botanicals provides lab reports for all of their kratom products. The vendor leaves lab reports from third party testers right on their website for everyone to see.

They send their samples to labs to test for both mitragynine content and for contamination. So you can be sure of exactly what’s in the products you’re buying before you even make the purchase.


American Kratom Association Membership

Based on posts from Kratom Oklahoma, it seems that Artisan Botanicals puts in loads of effort to support the kratom cause. But even then, there’s no indication that the vendor has taken the most obvious and important step towards bolstering kratom freedom — and that is AKA-GMP certification.

The American Kratom Association or AKA devised the Good Manufacturing Practices program to audit vendors. They check to see if a vendor practices proper safety and hygiene behind the scenes to minimize the risk of kratom and regulate its production.

Vendors are encouraged to apply for AKA-GMP certification so governments and authorities can feel more comfortable passing laws that support the herb. And even though Artisan Botanicals definitely involves itself in causes that champion kratom, their lack of AKA-GMP certification works against that end.


Is Artisan Botanicals Legit?

Look beyond the non-existent AKA-GMP certification and their lack of substantial, reliable feedback, and you’ll come to the conclusion that Artisan Botanicals isn’t all that bad. The vendor offers what seems to be safe and effective kratom, at least by the standards of some of their buyers who bothered to talk about them online. 

On top of that, Artisan Botanicals has never had its name dragged into any issues. This includes FDA recalls, scam allegations, and legal battles. So although there’s always the chance you won’t like their products, you’re not likely to get into trouble with Artisan Botanicals.


Should You Try Artisan Botanicals?

If there’s one thing that really makes Artisan Botanicals stand out, it’s the fact that they demonstrated true interest in customer satisfaction. These guys could have easily brushed off complaints about their prices, but they chose instead to meet their buyers midway.

Now, they’re not perfect by any means. And it’s still possible that their products won’t work for you. But with their reasonable prices and allegedly effective herb, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try a packet or two of their kratom picks.

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