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October 01, 2020

All Natural Artisan

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Vendor Description

Just like many other kratom vendors on the market, All Natural Artisan peddles its product as the highest quality speciosa around. The vendor claims that they curate the highest quality botanicals and other natural products to bring their buyers the best the earth has to offer.

Based on feedback posted online about All Natural Artisan, buyers seem particularly appreciative of the quality and consistency of their kratom. But more than just that, the brand manages to keep customers coming back for more with their insanely low prices that challenge the cheapest names in the business.


All Natural Artisan Product and Service Overview

Most kratom vendors provide paragraphs upon paragraphs of information under their About Us page. But All Natural Artisan takes a different route. It’s hard to really know anything else about the vendor aside from the scant, generic information they post about themselves on their website.

Nonetheless, their anonymity seems to be a non-issue for their buyers. Across the web, All Natural Artisan enjoys a relatively positive reputation. In fact, even throughout the Reddit space, this vendor receives loads of praise which is no easy feat considering how tough the Reddit crowd can be.

While they do have a Facebook page, it doesn’t really get too much action. Even their routine posts get few to zero interactions from their 800+ page likes. On their website, the vendor leaves no room for reviews, which is curious considering how customer generated feedback is the backbone of a trusted vendor.

Nonetheless, their website still provides just enough information to usher you towards a transaction. The easy navigation and minimalist design makes online shopping a breeze. They also provide some pretty detailed pictures for each of their products.


All Natural Artisan Product Cost and Price Comparison

Prices for their products change depending on the strain. But for penny-pinching buyers, All Natural Artisan offers some of the cheapest product you’ll find. In fact, their low prices are the biggest reason for their success in general.

Powders Starts at $3.50 for 25g Starts at $6.78 for 28g Starts at $5 for 28g
$35 for 500g $30 for 200g $49.95 for 500g
$60 for 1000g $120 for 1000g $99 for 1000g
Capsules Starts at $5 for 30ct Starts at $7.77 for 28g Starts at $38.50 for 250g
$60 for 500ct
$100 for 1000ct


Their 25g packets sell for a meager $3.50 or a cost of just 0.14¢. If you’re buying in bulk, you’ll have to pay just $60, which boils down to a cost of 0.06¢ per gram. If we’re being objective, that’s probably the lowest price you’ll find through a domestic vendor.

Big names like Star Botanicals and Kratom Trading Co. sell their products for way more than that. So cost-conscious customers might find that All Natural Artisan’s products prove to be a better choice to stay within budget.


All Natural Artisan Customer Reviews

Even though they don’t collect reviews on their own website, there’s still plenty of feedback to go around. The vendor generates loads of talk on forums like Reddit where customers converge to share their positive experiences with the brand.

“I just got my Plantation Maeng Da order from them and the service is great. Quick shipping. The kratom is some of the best I’ve had.” – Reddit user

“One of the best small vendors out there. Never been disappointed.” – Reddit user

“I just tried them for the first time recently. They had always gotten great reviews. I bought an ounce of the Plantation MD, and it is very high quality.” – Reddit user

“Best when it comes to extracts hands down.” – Reddit user

“I’ve only grown with this company and purchased more. They really can’t be beat.” – Reddit user


All Natural Artisan Complaints

You win some, you lose some. Even with their high quality products and dirt cheap prices, All Natural Artisan still manages to get complaints. On the plus side, this only goes to show that the vendor isn’t out to sanitize their reputation to keep their brand’s name above the rest.

“One quirk about it is that it feels lower on the spectrum for me. Not everyone gets this, but I’ve read at least one other report that I can remember where the person also experienced this.” – Reddit user

“Guys i ordered this on Wednesday and the payment was processed on Thursday. Still no shipping / tracking info. Starting to get a little worried because I’m gonna run out this upcoming Friday.” – Reddit user

“Great kratom, although with the e-check option it takes several days to get cleared, especially for first time customers.” – Reddit user


All Natural Artisan Discount Codes

Perhaps the only downside with buying from All Natural Artisan is that they don’t provide too many options to help you get discounts. Sure, they have a dedicated tab for sale information and coupons, but you’ll rarely find anything posted.

Another thing, the vendor doesn’t have a mailing list and their social media pages are more informational than promotional. Nevertheless, their prices are already hard to beat as is. And because they sell so low, it’s easy to see how they might not have a lot of leg room for discounts.


All Natural Artisan Lab Testing

Information posted under their FAQ’s tab shows that the vendor tests their products for contamination. And because each product description indicates the mitragynine content, we can also assume that they test for that too.

However it’s important to point out that their tests aren’t posted anywhere on their website. It’s not clear whether they willingly send out copies of these reports when buyers make the request, but they do assert that the lab results are available for each batch.


American Kratom Association Membership

Based on information online, All Natural Artisan is not an AKA affiliated vendor and neither is it GMP certified. The purpose of GMP certification (which stands for Good Manufacturing Practices) is that it aims to regulate kratom vendors.

By making sure that all vendors follow specific standards, local governments and authorities can feel more trusting that the industry won’t put its buyers at risk of potentially harmful product.

The AKA visits and audits vendors that submit for GMP evaluation. They check everything from the procedures to the facilities to make sure they meet strict standards. That means that the All Natural Artisan vendor has yet to put itself up for the audit.


Is All Natural Artisan Legit?

Maybe they’re not AKA-GMP compliant and maybe their lab tests aren’t too easy to access. But even then, there’s no reason to think that All Natural Artisan is out here fooling its buyer. Zero customers complain about scams, wrong products, or bunk kratom. Of course, delivery delays happen, but that’s not the vendor’s fault.

We’re also happy to report that All Natural Artisan has no record of FDA product recalls and that they have never gone to court for their products and services. All of that considered, we can say they’re definitely legit.


Should You Try  All Natural Artisan?

Definitely. It’s tough to find a vendor with prices like these. And because they don’t sacrifice quality in the name of cost accessibility, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t give them a try. And hey, if it all works out, the vendor might just turn out to be the brand new go-to you’ve been looking for.

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