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October 01, 2020

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Star Light Kratom


  1. Halo says:

    I bought from this company for 2 and 1/2 years, they started off on eBay, I was with them when they were terminated on on eBay and got their own business started. I kept in touch with the same individual of the company. At first  their customer service was top-notch! Great prices, great products, some of the best in the Kratom industry, I was with them from 2016 to July 2018, when something odd happened! Communication STOPED! When ever I have place to order, I would always send the individual I dealt with, an email he would message me back, we became friends in fact, something happened where  I stop getting replies to my messages it was really odd, I place my last order then I exchanged the order  in the email I didn’t get a reply but my original order was sent , which let me know they didn’t read the email. After that they stopped responding to emails so I figure if you’re not going to answer emails they’re not going to get my money. What if you have some kind of issue with your money or your order and they are not responding, then I got concerned with the individual I always talk to because he was always prompt answering emails and it was mostly his company, so I always wondered and got concern and something actually happened to him or not. They had problems last year when they PayPal got shut down, then they start using other payment methods and had a hard time also. I think this has a lot to do with their customer service because at first their customer service was excellent. Now this company doesn’t exist at all if you go to the website you’ll see it’s gone, this is disappointing because their products was some of the best and least expensive, I had even given them ideas for the three particular yellow strings to start carrying because they only carried one at that time. I hope whatever happened they can work it out and start their company again.

  2. Angela says:

    We had issues with this vendor. Sometimes we’d order and not get a reply, shipping notice for several days, then not at all. We would contact them and sometimes hear back, sometimes not, even when we paid $10 extra for ‘expedited’ shipping. The product was fine, but the order processing/shipping/customer service sucked.

  3. Vida says:

    Excellent products, excellent service , excellent price!

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