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October 01, 2020

Acadica Kratom

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Acadica Kratom is the definition of a humble start-up. This vendor first opened its doors over five years ago, and presently enjoys the patronage of a solid base of loyal customers. And while their online presence might not exude the aura of a high-end brand, their products definitely make up for it.

Many of those who have tried Acadica have nothing but positive experiences to share with curious first-timers. And this, in spite of their limited selection, stands as a testament to the vendor’s dedication to bringing their buyers quality kratom.


Acadica Kratom Product and Service Overview

Acadica Kratom isn’t exactly a ‘new’ vendor. While it’s not entirely clear when they first started out, older reviews on forums like Reddit reveal that they’ve been around for the better part of five years. However, despite their substantial run on the kratom scene, it seems the brand has yet to upgrade their online storefront.

You would think that a brand that’s been around for more than five years would make the necessary changes to keep up with other, trendy vendors on the kratom market. But Acadica seems to place a small value on their branding and web design which both lack and pizzazz.

Fortunately for them, kratom buyers tend to look beyond first impressions. So, despite their clumsy website and forgettable branding, Acadica still manages to maintain relevance. Most buyers who have tried the vendor’s products have nothing but positive experiences to share, most of which can be found on Reddit.

In terms of products, you might say that Acadica’s selection is pretty limited. The vendor only ever keeps a handful of products in stock. They also only sell powders; however, they do kratom capsule supplies so buyers can make their own caps at home.

Powders come in weights of 250g, 500g, and 1kg. If you’re not quite sure which strain to get, the vendor sells a kratom variety pack that brings you three different choices all in little packets of 25g each.

Much of Acadica’s success stems not only from their quality products but also from their dedication to customer satisfaction. The brand offers first-hand assistance to buyers, and works closely with their consumers to make sure everyone gets their money’s worth.

But even with their quality speciosa and their hands-on approach to customer complaints and problems, the vendor isn’t immune to negative reviews. They’ve seen critical feedback during their time, most of which complain that their products are neither third-party lab tested nor AKA-GMP compliant.


Acadica Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

One of the reasons why Acadica has become so popular is because their products are remarkably affordable. Are they the cheapest guys on the scene? Not quite. But even then, their prices are low enough that most customer can buy in bulk without having to put too much of a dent in their wallets.

Here’s how Acadica’s prices compare to their competition:

Powders Starts at $29.95 for 250g Starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $12.64 for 30g
$49.95 for 500g $12 for 100g $22.27 for 100g
$89.95 for 1000g $25 for 250g $39.77 for 250g
$90 for 1000g $75.57 for 1000g

Acadica’s kratom powders sell for between 0.11¢ and 0.089¢ per gram which is well below the average price for kratom by the gram. To put things into perspective, most other vendors offer their products at prices of 0.15¢to 0.20¢ per gram. That means Acadica’s powders are less than half the price of usual kratom products.

Their three strain sample pack sells for $14.95 and brings buyers three packs of different strains at 25g each. If you’re looking to add variety to your bulk purchase, they allow buyers to choose different strains to come up with variety half kilos or variety kilos that sell for the same price.

Aside from their kratom powders, Acadica also offers a capsule kit that lets buyers make their own kratom capsules at home. They offer the empty capsules starting at $3.95 for 100 empty capsules, and the capsule machine for $19.95. You can also get a 0.1g precision digital scale through their store for just $9.95.


Acadica Kratom Reviews

Acadica’s website leaves room for their buyers to leave feedback on each of their individual product pages. Even better is that these reviews are verified since only logged in customers with fulfilled transactions can leave comments on their products.

Although they don’t have a Facebook page, Acadica still manages to get loads of reviews online through websites like Reddit. And despite Redditors being particularly choosy when it comes to vendors, Acadica maintains a positive reputation on the cut-throat forum.

“Acadica has literally the BEST, fluffiest, cleanest tasting, cleanest natural aroma and sense of wellbeing that I’ve ever experienced! I can tell that this company takes their product seriously. […] It’s quite clear that kratom is their passion, and just like another reviewer said, Acadica has a customer for life!” – Acadica website

“The price is what first got me to buy, and I have stayed for the quality and service. I’ve tried only white and green strains, and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them; although I’m partial to greens. Got some ginger candies with my most recent order which was a nice touch. As long as Acadica is in business, I’ll be a customer. Don’t hesitate to order!” – Acadica website

“I have been a steady customer from them for about 4 months and I just recently ordered a half kilo. They threw in an extra half kilo for FREE! I had to go back and check my order to make sure I hadn’t ordered too much. […] They have top notch stuff plus fast/free shipping.”- Reddit user

“I just got my first batch of samples from Acadica a few days ago and I’m very pleased. I also like that Joel only has a handful of strains at a time. Everything I got was quality, I think he must be pretty discriminating about what he chooses to stock.” – Reddit user

“I just got my first order yesterday[.] I tried the red last night and it is good. I will order again. And I ordered on Saturday and it got here Monday. I don’t know how that happened but I’m not complaining.” – Reddit user


Acadica Kratom Complaints

Because of the consistent quality of their product and their dedication to customer support, it’s hard to find complaints for Acadica Kratom. Nonetheless, there are a few that slip through the cracks, although they might not be hard-hitting enough to cause the vendor’s reputation any real damage.

In fact, a lot of these ‘negative’ reviews might not be quite as negative as they seem since most of them end on a good note thanks to the owner’s stellar customer satisfaction methods.

“So, I ordered a kilo from Badger and he forgot to ship it and ran out of kratom. He instantly refunded my money and sent me a half kilo free of charge. I was irritated when it happened, but shit happens and he made it more than right.” – Reddit user

“By the time I ordered he had run out so he refunded me and promised to contact me when his next shipment arrived.”- Reddit user

“It was good kratom. It wasn’t the strongest kratom I’ve ever had, but it was very well worth his prices.” – Reddit user

“Should I be concerned that none of their products are tested in labs? They’re also not AKA-GMP certified which I find a bit concerning.” – Reddit user


Acadica Kratom Discount Codes and Coupons

For the most part, discount codes and coupons get sent out through the vendor’s mailing list. Buyers can sign up for their newsletter by scrolling to the bottom of their website and then keying in their email address.

If you’re really hoping to get a price cut, the best way would be to talk directly with the owner. He’s typically active on Reddit forums where he interacts directly with his buyers.

The guy (who goes by the name BadgerSilver), has been known to send out free half or full kilos, provide full refunds for orders, and toss in freebies with purchases regardless of whether the buyer is a regular or not.


Acadica Kratom Lab Testing

As a few buyers have pointed out, Acadica Kratom’s products don’t seem to be third party lab tested. The vendor doesn’t make mention of any testing on their website, and neither does he post any reports for tests to detect contamination or mitragynine content.

Even then, since some vendors keep lab tests undisclosed, it’s not possible to rule out the possibility that Acadica might test their products. That said, the best way to verify this would be to ask the owner directly.


American Kratom Association Membership

The Acadica Kratom brand is not affiliated with the American Kratom Association. That means the vendor has not submitted itself to the AKA audit that grants kratom vendors the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate.

The AKA-GMP certificate helps to protect buyers by giving them the assurance that certified vendors abide by strict safety and sanitation protocol. To obtain the certificate, brands must submit their process for an audit, which then assesses whether or not their products are processed in clean facilities using ethical, sustainable techniques.


Is Acadica Kratom Legit?

As of writing, Acadica Kratom has not been involved in any legal cases, and neither have any of their products been recalled by the FDA. So even if the brand doesn’t make mention of lab tests, it seems their products turn out to be safe.

The overwhelming positive response from their buyers also helps bolster buyers’ confidence in the safety and quality of their kratom offers.


Should You Buy From Acadica Kratom?

There’s a lot to love about Acadica Kratom. But their limited selection, their undisclosed lab testing status, and the fact that they have yet to receive AKA-GMP certification might deter discriminating buyers.

However, if prices and consistent quality kratom were your biggest considerations, Acadica Kratom definitely delivers. Their potent herb and their affordable prices have made them the go-to for countless kratom buyers across the web. Plus, with Acadica, you’ll never have to worry about the headaches of a vendor that doesn’t respond to your concerns.


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  1. Martin says:

    I love Acadica! But you need to know that the site is “”. I also love the white Kali, and green Pinoh. It is the freshest, least bitter kratom I’ve ever had. Not many selections, but the quality is consistent, and potent every time. There’s no need for more selections, and they obviously take pride in their products. Sometimes they have more selections than others. so that tells me that they’re picky about great products. It gets to me in a few days, even from across the country. The price is UNBEATABLE for the incredible quality. WHITE KALI!!!

  2. Richard Willsey says:

    Decent product great price.

  3. Angry Customer says:

    Worst customer service I’ve ever seen out of any vendor. Been texting the number and emailing for 2 days now and no response. Will never use them again.

  4. Donnie says:

    Love acadica, the pinoh and kali were absolutely incredible. Always fast shipping. Would definitely use again. Wasn’t too crazy about the Hulu and jongkong strains.

  5. Jon says:

    Horrible customer service! So many better vendors out there. Their quality is ok but you get what you pay for.

  6. Gregory H. says:

    Really love that honesty and integrity is their top priority. Their product is hands down the best I’ve tried, I purchased more after the first burn!!!

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