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October 01, 2020


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7Ohm Kratom Vendor Review

A once thriving operation with a promising future ahead, 7Ohm stood as the standard-bearer for one-man kratom businesses. The brand earned recognition across the web for their quality products and prompt customer service. But after falling off of the face of the earth just a few years into their operations, 7Ohm lost its momentum.

At about the same time that the vendor disappeared, a brand named Seven Ohm emerged. Small and simple, this vendor obviously didn’t showcase the same driven potential that 7Ohm used to have. But are they one and the same? Here’s what we know.


7Ohm Product and Service Overview

7Ohm once had a clean, pristine, and seamless website that buyers enjoyed browsing through. Their array of choices enticed customers from far and wide, offering buyers a broad selection of powders to choose from. Their prices also encouraged profitable consumer action since they didn’t stray too far from the norm.

But some time in 2018, the brand fell off the face of the web without warning. One Redditor speculated that the owner had fallen sick. Unfortunately, this meant having to cease his kratom business which also received significant backlash for failing to refund paid, unshipped orders.

Things got quiet for a while until about a few months later, Seven Ohm appeared. This obviously smaller vendor operated out of a free domain and didn’t have the same attention to aesthetic and branding that 7Ohm did. But a little super sleuthing from our friends over at Reddit proved that both brands are in fact, the same.

It’s unclear why Steve (the owner of 7Ohm), decided to move his operation to a different domain or why he closed 7Ohm in the first place. What we do know however is that his newest brainchild offers pretty much the same quality kratom that his original patronage appreciated.

Today, their options include quite a few picks, albeit not quite as extensive as their original line. Package weights come in 25g, 100g, and 250g as opposed to their past offers that allowed buyers to purchase up to a kilogram of product.


7Ohm Product Cost and Price Comparison

If anything, the vendor has maintained its prices despite the domain and slight brand name change. Although they’re definitely not the cheapest option on the web, their prices aren’t too bad.

Powders Starts at $10 for 25g Starts at $12.64 for 30g Starts at $9.99 for 28g
$20 for 200g $22.27 for 100g $35.99 for 112g
$30 for 250g

Each gram of kratom at Seven Ohm Botanicals will cost between 0.4¢ and 0.15¢. Back when they still went by 7Ohm, their 25g packets cost just $5 each which definitely fell within sampler price territory. Nonetheless, if you’re buying their 250g bag, the cost of their kratom comes much closer to the norm.


7Ohm Customer Reviews

Even with all the mystery and mild controversy surrounding the vendor, they still manage to get loads of love from their buyers. Today, the brand has pretty much restored its original reputation, with the troubles of the past nothing more but a shadow.

“I got some green horn from him, and it was excellent. Despite problems in the past, he deserves another chance and I would gladly buy from him. He’s an extremely nice guy too, he sent out free Kratom to many, many people. And as far as I know most of his Kratom is vintage, which in Kratom terms means pre 2017.” – Double M Herbals forum

“There has been a lot of drama centered around 7ohm, including some past problems with unfulfilled paid-for orders that have left a lot of people understandably wary of ordering from him. My understanding is that he had a personal emergency and has tried to compensate all the people he left hanging in the past. Whatever happened in the past, everything seems to be running smoothly now. The only criticism I have at this point is that his website is difficult to use.” – Double M Herbals forum

“The quality is really good but you don’t want to order if you want it delivered in two days and it tells you that in the email they send. My last order took about 8-10 days but it is well worth the wait.” – Reddit user

“The kratom is INCREDIBLY POTENT! […] Not only did I get incredibly fast shipping but I got a superior product that was EVERYTHING they said it was and more. […] Excellent customer service here.” – Reddit user

“Great company with a great variety of strains cured in a variety of ways. I love the choices they offer.” – Reddit user


7Ohm Complaints

Even with all their attempts to bounce back and do right by their customers, 7Ohm still gets quite a bit of criticism online. These typically point to poor customer service, long ship out times, and unfulfilled orders.

“I’ve had bad experiences with him. I’m not trying to throw him in front of a bus but man, it’s like he takes Xanax 24/7.” – Double M Herbals forum

“Confusing my orders with other people’s orders, sending me the wrong stuff, sending me the wrong INVOICE, his emails make no sense, and his handwriting on the bags is unintelligible. His leaf was okay, didn’t blow me away, which sucks[.]” – Double M Herbals forum

“I used to get good product from them, months ago. Recently they were having shipment issues, then claimed to be getting hacked, I was getting weird email responses from 2 accounts which seemed to be 2 different people, one warning me of the other? But, I had already paid for an order. Now I’m not hearing anything back and the last website update was over a week ago.” – Double M Herbals forum

“Dude sent me a whole kilo by mistake and then accused me of tricking him into doing it even tho I hadn’t contacted him at all since my first order.” – Double M Herbals forum

“I think Steve of 7ohm has got some serious personal issues happening. Yeah, he’s got great leaf but whatever is going on with him is having a serious adverse effect on his ability to maintain a professionally run business.” – Double M Herbals forum


7Ohm Discounts and Coupon Codes

Although they don’t offer a mailing list sign up, the vendor does have its own Facebook Group. Here they post exclusive discounts, offers, sale information, and promotional perks to members of their tight-knit group. The owner has also been known to send out the occasional freebie “to make up for past mistakes.”

Other than that, however, it seems there’s no other way to cut back on your 7Ohm purchase total. Of course, you could always try reaching out to the owner through his email address, but past customers can’t guarantee a prompt response.


7Ohm Lab Testing

According to copy on their website, the vendor tests all of their products for heavy metals, biological microbes and contaminants, and other adulterants. They even claim to treat their kratom with gamma rays to ensure the safety and sanitation of their product.

Despite all of these lofty claims however, they do not post any of their lab reports online. So, the best way to determine whether they truly test their product or not would be to send the owner an email. As of writing however, no one can confirm whether the vendor actually agrees to send buyers copies of the lab reports.


American Kratom Association Membership

Visit the Seven Ohm Botanicals website and you’ll find that the vendor is pending GMP-certification. This means they’ve likely submitted their brand for audit, and are awaiting the results of the examination.

The American Kratom Association functions as the regulatory body that keeps vendors in check. Brands that receive the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate from the vendor prove that they comply with strict standards for sanitation and safety. So, when you buy from an AKA-GMP vendor, you know you’re getting clean kratom.


Is Seven Ohm Kratom Legit?

While it’s not entirely clear what the owner behind the brand is going through, some speculate that he might be struggling with mental illness. This explains all of the mix ups, wrong product shipments, unintelligible handwriting, and random kratom deliveries to people who didn’t even place an order.

All things considered, however, Seven Ohm tries to make things right. Since having left the scene the first time, the vendor has attempted to refund all unfulfilled orders albeit at a snail’s pace. In terms of run ins with the authorities or the FDA, Seven Ohm maintains a clean track record.


Should You Buy From Seven Ohm Botanicals?

If you’re willing to wait a while before you get your order shipped, and if you’re willing to risk getting the wrong product, then there’s no harm in giving them a try. Altogether, the vendor is owned and run by a guy who’s just trying his best. So, it really pays to serve up an extra portion of patience when buying from Seven Ohm.

On the other hand, their products do seem pretty high quality, with most complaints centered on their customer support and order fulfillment. Price-wise, they’re also not too shabby. So, all things considered, ordering a sample or two might not be too bad of an idea.

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  1. Chris Reynolds says:

    7ohm labs has more strains than you can shake a stick at. lol. I seriously think he has like 100. They import from a bunch of different places including Thailand. It is def some of the strongest Kratom I’ve ever had. I was turned onto 7ohm from reddit back in 2017. He’s is known for having leaf with the highest levels of 7ohm. He disappeared for like 2 years but is now back on the scene and has still has bomb 2017 leaf. Prices are relatively competitive at $90/kilo spit 5 ways. They were just giving out free 50 gram samples of supergreen maeng da hulu. Not sure if it’s still going, but it is now my favorite strain. He’s pretty active on fb and actually writes very informative articles. This vendor knows a lot about kratom and his leaf is unbeatable. There’s a reason he has so many reviews on reddit.

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