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Vendor Status Icons

You may notice these status icons when browsing vendors on Kratomaton. Each status changes how we display vendor listings across our site. Here’s what they mean, and what you should know about each.


This vendor has paid us to elevate their vendor listing across our site. They may not be a Trusted Vendor or meet any of our review criteria.

This vendor is recommended by Kratomaton


This vendor consistently offers excellent quality and service. If you buy from them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.


This vendor meets our Trusted Vendor criteria: Their kratom isn’t grossly overpriced; They offer opened product refunds; Support secure online payment; And have a proven track record with customers.

AKA GMP Certified

(American Vendors only)

This vendor has met the American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Process standards. For more details, visit

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