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Nirvana (Vendor)

Nirvana is an American kratom vendor based in Florida. Aside from kratom powders, they specialize in kratom-infused chocolate bars and shakes. ...

MitraSpec (Vendor)

MitraSpec’s founders started their business in 2015. Since then, they’ve provided their customers with a comprehensive selection of traditional and novel kratom products. ...

Mirai Botanicals (Vendor)

Mirai Botanicals is an Indonesian kratom vendor that offers kratom directly from Southeast Asia. Bulk buyers will likely appreciate their full inventory of esteemed strains....

Saska Kratom (Vendor)

As an Indonesian kratom vendor, Saska Kratom offers a comprehensive selection of kratom powders at low prices....

iKratom (Vendor)

iKratom is a Portland-based kratom vendor. They specialize in enhanced kratom products that are fortified with additional alkaloids, such as mitragynine....