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Kratom strains for mood

These strains have been noted or recommended by users hoping to feel more social or optimistic.

White Phuket kratom icon

White Phuket

Potentially highly potent and versatile, White Phuket seems to succeed in areas typically uncharacteristic of white strains....
Yellow Bali kratom icon

Yellow Bali

Yellow Bali seems to excel at increasing one’s mood and promoting relaxation....
Yellow Thai kratom icon

Yellow Thai

Yellow Thai kratom seems to be a less stimulating and more relaxing version of White Thai....
Green Thai kratom icon

Green Thai

Green Thai's energizing and versatile nature might have something to offer to everyone....
Green Elephant kratom icon

Green Elephant

Green Elephant may offer the energizing and mood-elevating effects of white strains without being overstimulating....
Yellow Vietnam kratom icon

Yellow Vietnam

Yellow Vietnam may offer a balanced onset of mood elevation and energy....
Red Elephant kratom strain icon

Red Elephant

Red Elephant may offer ample sedation and effective pain relief without the overwhelming fatigue of other red strains....